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Types of Gazebo To Leave Built All Year Round

Varying Weather

Varying Weather Conditions

Are you thinking of leaving your gazebo up all year round and you’re unsure whether it will survive the winter and bad weather?

The quick answer is, it depends on the type of gazebo that you own.

This is because there are several different types of a gazebo and they all come in varying strengths.

This means that some types can be left assembled all year round whilst others have to be dismantled in autumn to prevent damage.

Check below to find out if your type of gazebo can be left outdoors all year round.

Understanding the Differences Between Gazebos

As you begin to learn more about the gazebos out there, you will come to realize that there are quite a few different kinds, with each one having its own type of care compared to the next.

Knowing what type of gazebo you have is going to be important if you are trying to decide whether or not you should leave it up all year.

The three main types of gazebos out there are hardtop gazebos, canopy gazebos, and wooden gazebos.

Hardtop Gazebos (Pergola with a roof)

This is a hardtop gazebo

This is a hardtop gazebo

Typically, hardtop gazebos do not have a floor built-in, and they have a hard roof supported by four supports at the corners of the gazebo, hence the name “hardtop” gazebo.

Generally, these are made out of materials that can withstand the changing of the seasons and the differences in temperature and weather.

The hard roof can withstand a snow load during wintertime but will occasionally need you to brush it off to reduce the impact on the supporting uprights.

With that being said, because of their structure, they can typically withstand the brunt that most summer storms and winter blizzards bring.

More often than not, you are going to be perfectly safe leaving a hardtop gazebo up throughout the year.  See our hardtop gazebo reviews HERE

Soft Top Gazebos (Material Canopy Gazebo)

This is a Soft Top Gazebo

This is a Soft Top Gazebo

Canopy gazebos, in theory, are quite similar to hardtop gazebos. The structure is nearly the same, with the canopy being supported by four supports in the four corners of the gazebo.

However, the big difference here is that the roof of these gazebos tends to be a different, softer material than hardtop gazebos.

The exact type of material used depends on the manufacturer, of course, but most of them cannot withstand the changes that the shifting seasons bring.

Storms can rip or tear softer materials, there may be too much rain for the cloth to handle, and the frigid temperatures of winter can cause all types of damage to the roof of the gazebo, meaning that they generally cannot make it through a whole year without some issue.

Typically, it will be suggested by the manufacturer that you should remove the canopy roof from the frame and leave the frame in place throughout the year.

If you believe that the frame section can withstand the range of weather in your state then feel free to leave it up but make sure you remove the material canopy as a precaution.  See our soft top gazebo reviews HERE

Wooden Gazebos

This is a wooden pavilion

Wooden Gazebo/Pavilion

Last, but most certainly not least, are the wooden gazebos. As the name might suggest, these gazebos are traditionally made entirely out of wood. In some cases, they tend to be more detailed, larger, or more ornate than other gazebos.

Whether or not they have a floor installed with them is optional and depends on the manufacturer.

Some people might worry that the rain and snow will damage the wood of the gazebo, but when you purchase from a reliable supplier, you can expect that the wood has been treated to be able to withstand these elemental problems.

Unless the wood is untreated, which is quite uncommon, almost all wooden gazebos can withstand being installed throughout the whole year without any issues.

Pop up Canopy Tent

The answer to this type of a gazebo is a very quick no, no you cannot leave your pop up canopy up all year round.

The reason for this is in the title of the canopy, ‘pop up’.  This type of canopy has been made extremely easy for you to build and just as quick to dismantle and is meant as a ‘temporary shelter‘ only.

Do not leave your pop up canopy outdoors all year round. Otherwise, it may break or blow away and potentially damage your neighbour’s property.  See our pop up canopy reviews HERE


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