Palram Hardtop Gazebo Reviews

Palram is a huge global company that specialise in extruded thermal plastic sheets and panel system, so you can be assured their hardtop gazebos are high quality.

Their outdoor shelters are able to hold up during strong winds, can be left outdoors all-year-round and will protect you from heavy rain and snowfall.

Best Palram Gazebos in 2022


Milano 3000





Metal & Polycarbonate

Aluminium /Polycarbonate

Plastic / Polycarbonate

Plastic / Polycarbonate








Mesh/Bug Nets






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Palram Martinique Gazebo Review

This very solid structure is perfect for all year round use and can be left assembled in your garden or patio area with very little care or maintenance required.

Initially, it will take around 6-8 hours each day over a full weekend because as you can imagine these types of outdoor gazebos must be assembled properly.

Palram Canopia Martinique Hardtop Garden Gazebo (5000)

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The aluminium uprights are very strong and all have pre-drilled holes in the footplates which makes screwing it into deck or concrete easier and all screws are included.

This gazebo doesn’t have any welded parts which are a key feature, especially amongst Palram gazebos as this prevents any unnecessary rusting and potential weakening of the structure.

The roof section has a ventilated top section to help keep clean air circulating inside the gazebo and also helps to improve stability as it provides an escape route for air at windier times.

The polycarbonate roof section slides together snugly into an aluminium frame whereas other types of hardtop gazebos have what’s called ‘segmented glazing’ which can lead eventually to leaks.

The roof has a snow load of up to 120kg/m2 and wind resistance of up to 90km/h which means it’s more than adequate at standing up to a UK winter.


6mm Polycarbonate Roof Panels

What’s great about a polycarbonate roof section is that it protects against the Sun’s harmful UV rays but also lets in natural light, unlike metal-roofed gazebos.

These 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels also protect against snow, hail and heavy rain and have an impact rating 200 times higher than glass which means it’s far less likely to be damaged and need replacing than glass too.

Integrated Gutters

These allow for the easy collection of water and prevent rainwater streaming over the sides during heavy rainfall.

Not only do these gutters prevent water splashing on the ground and into the gazebo but it also looks much more professional and shows that this kind of problem has been engineered out of it rather than the consumer having to either put up with it or find a way themselves.

Straight-forward to Build

You must have a minimum of 2 people to properly and safely assemble it but personally, I recommend 3/4 because although it’s not ‘hard’ to build it’s time-consuming and you’ll need an organised approach otherwise you’ll find yourself undoing section and starting again.

If you’re familiar with the IKEA type of builds then you’ll be ok, however, it may be a good idea to get a local builder to assemble it for you if you have that kind of budget.  Doing this also frees up your weekend too.

Ideal for Patios & Deck

Installing a polycarbonate gazebo on your patio or deck is an ideal way to spend spring to autumn relaxing on your own property.

Not only does it open up the option to you entertaining friends, family or neighbours but it can also be used to cover a hot tub and even be a focal point of your garden and the envy of you neighbours…

There are screws included to help bolt down the frame into either deck or your patio slabs.

Why not buy a Palram Carport and use it for your car and to relax underneath?  Click HERE

Palram Monaco Hexagon Garden Gazebo Review

This is a garden gazebo that you can feel confident will stand the test of time and as one of the larger Palram products, you want to be sure that it won’t weaken or topple over in harsh conditions.  Thanks to Palram’s unique approach to design, this won’t be a concern.

Palram Canopia Monaco Hexagonal Garden Gazebo

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The first line of defence from the elements is the ‘no welding’ design which, unlike other brands will prevent rust from forming.  Moreover, the sturdy aluminium frame is extra thick.

Many other gazebos use a thickness that is substandard resulting in the quick demise of their garden display, however, this one will serve you for many years.

Additionally, the roof design which features no screws won’t fall victim to leaks, meaning that no matter what the weather, you are free to enjoy your gazebo.

In the UK, it’s no secret that a hot summer doesn’t last very long, but when it does make an appearance – it can be a scorcher! A lot of gazebos are made with metal roofs which can attract heat and make being inside the gazebo nothing short of miserable.

But you needn’t be worried about that with the unique Palram design that keeps the air inside the gazebo cool and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the shelter all year round.


Wind Resistant

One of the most common problems faced by gazebo owners is that when the winds pick up, the gazebo often goes with it. This can be irritating at best, costly at worst.

But thanks to the way in which this garden gazebo has been designed, you can feel safe in the knowledge that, provided the wind doesn’t exceed 90kmph, your gazebo will stay put.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, Palram has had the gazebo independently tested to prove its sturdiness in even the windiest conditions.


Rust can be one of the primary causes of the premature demise of a gazebo, it seriously weakens the structure and can ultimately cause the gazebo to collapse.

The Palram garden gazebo is made using specialist techniques including no welding, which seriously removes the risk of rust as well as being built with powder-coated aluminium and galvanised steel connectors.


Both of these techniques are used to coat the metal with either powder or zinc and can drastically increase the lifespan of the metal, in some cases galvanised steel is known to last for up to a century!

Anchoring Kit Included

If you are going to be leaving your gazebo up all year round, you are going to need to be sure that it stays in one place.  This product comes with an anchoring kit that makes securing the gazebo to your deck, patio or other outdoor space a breeze.

Not only will this keep it in place but since the anchors are easily removed, you are free to relocate the product without any hassle.

Treated Bronze Glazed Roof

As we have already discussed, the lack of a metal roof on this product means that becoming too hot will never be an issue whilst under the gazebo. That being said, what about not getting enough sun?

Evidently, Palram has gone the extra mile to ensure that their unique treated bronze glazed roof provides just the right amount of sunlight on those cooler, cloudy days and a good amount of shade when it is required.

Palram Palermo 3600 Gazebo Shelter Review

This Palram is much easier to build than the Palram Martinique but is a smaller and simpler version of the previous model.

The gazebo is 3.6m x 3.6m which is plenty big enough for most UK gardens and patio areas and can provide a very large dry area for you to relax in or entertain under.

Palram Canopia Palermo Garden Gazebo

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The polycarbonate panels are extremely strong, fit together very well and prevent any leaking, unlike other manufacturers that use a different method.

The panels have a unique bronze tint to help prevent bright sunlight from overpowering you or your guests whilst also enough to let natural light brighten up your relaxation area.

You can purchase mosquito nets and curtains should you need them but more often than not a citronella candle near the perimeter of the frame should keep mosquitos and other flying insects away.


Sturdy in High Winds

As long as you’ve used the included screws to anchor the frame’s legs into a hard surface then this outdoor gazebo is fine in bad weather conditions.

The entire shelter, once it’s all assembled, weighs approximately 75kg which is liftable by a couple of people but together with the screws in place will provide a formidably strong environment that will be fine for use in strong winds and snowfall.

Will last for years to come…

With this type of shelter, you can expect an absolute minimum of 10-15 years of regular use barring any accidental impact damage that you may do to the frame and just basic maintenance.

By clearing the roof of snow gently with a regular yard bush will help lessen the weight on the frame.  It’s been made very clear that this product is extremely robust but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t lend a helping hand by removing snow from the roof section.

No planning permission needed

A frequently asked question is whether a permanent gazebo needs planning permission but the simple answer is no, you do not need planning permission for this type of hardtop gazebo.

Although I have classed this outdoor shelter as a permanent gazebo, it’s actually not a permanent gazebo in the eyes of the law because clearly, it can be taken down.  I simply referred to this product as permanent to emphasise its robustness and durability.

What about a metal gazebo with a fabric canopy?

Palram Milano 3000 Gazebo Review

An extremely simple but very effective garden shelter that is ideal for patios, decking, concrete, grassed areas and as it’s so easy to build it’s a great choice for back gardens and at a reasonable price.

Palram Canopia Milano Hardtop Gazebo

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With a walk-in height of 210cm (2.1 metres), it’s ideal, especially for taller people that are fed up of shelters that don’t accommodate for them and make them duck when entering.

The large polycarbonate panels make assembling the roof section much easier than most other types of shelter as it’s not as fiddly.

The gutters ensure that rainwater doesn’t drip over the sides and make the shelter look much more professional than alternatives on the market.

Each frame leg has included with it an attachment plate that ensures that it can be fixed to most types of hard surface and makes the whole shelter much sturdier and stable.

There is a curtain rail but curtains and bug nets aren’t included but they can be bought separately via Amazon so just click the button below and do your search inside of Amazon to see the available curtains and nets.


Simple roof design

With gazebos, sometimes simplicity is best…  The roof section is screw-free, rust-free and comes in large panels that fit neatly without having to use any tools to connect them.

This makes assembly really easy, helps reduce any chance of potential damage whilst fitting as no heavy tools are required and as they are large they are simple to replace should you have too.

Please bear in mind that replacing these panels is very rare because polycarbonate is 200 times stronger and more resistance than glass to impact damage.  Over time, polycarbonate can get a slightly yellow tinge but this is years rather than weeks and also it’s the roof so it is less noticeable than if it were windows etc.

Can be used for outdoor storage

If you live in an area where theft is unlikely then you can use this as a simple storage area for outdoor furniture or ornaments.  Please, bear in mind that as there are no sides included, everything you store underneath will be visible to passersby.

Maybe, an outdoor hot tub can be stored underneath or perhaps a motorbike with a cover over the top can be stored underneath, basically, you have a 3 metre by 3 metres of outdoor storage space.

Rust Resistant Frame

The frame is made from heavy-duty aluminium which has galvanised steel connectors which connect the frame section together, whilst the frame exterior is powder-coated with a granular anthracite coating for rust protection and additional longevity.

What about buying a summerhouse instead?  See my top 5 here…


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