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6 Premium Pop-up Gazebos with Sides & without

When buying a pop-up gazebo for entertaining or commercial use, it should be strong enough for windy weather, 100% waterproof to keep your guests and event dry and easy to build.

The canopies below are all capable of keeping your event dry and have heavy-duty concertina frames which make assembling simple, whilst knowing you have a well-made product.

With my jargon free-reviews, the large clickable buttons that go to the Amazon listing and with no queues to join, what could be easier?

Take a look at the 6 products that are explained in further detail below if you’re in a rush…

Maximus 3x3m Heavy-Duty Pop-up Gazebo with Sides

This particular canopy has a denier of 600D which ensures that you are receiving one of the highest levels of protection against wet weather there is on the ‘pop up gazebo’ market.

The canopy (and the sides) will also last much longer due to the thicker fabric and therefore, more resistant to tearing, stretching and shrinking of the fabric.

Not only will the canopy protect you against heavy rain but it also provides protection against harmful UV rays which can cause sunburn and long-term skin problems.

There are 3 height settings which are all controlled by the pull-pin technology where you just pull the pin and then slide to adjust the height, it’s that simple…

You will receive the 3x3m concertina pop up frame, waterproof canopy, 4 sides including 2 zipper doorways/walls and 2 windowed sides to provide natural light, tent pegs and guy ropes to help anchor it down too.

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Pros and cons


  • The frame is Powder-coated for rust prevention
  • Carry bag to keep everything together
  • Ideal for hard & soft surfaces
  • Sides can be attached in any order
  • No tools required to build
  • Lots of possible uses


  • Just 2 colours to choose from
  • No leg weights provided

Best Features of the Maximus Gazebo…

Suitable for hard & soft surfaces

This pop-up gazebo can be used on hard surfaces like concrete, patio and deck, whilst also being just as effective on a softer surface like grass or sand on a beach.

For hard surfaces, you still need to try and find a way to use the guy ropes to hold the structure down as the wind can still get underneath and lift or blow the gazebo away.  Alternatively, you could buy a set of anchor weights.

Heavy-duty carry bag

There’s only one time that you truly appreciate having a carry bag and that is when you don’t have one…

Honestly, trying to transport all the parts in a large box would be an absolute nightmare and therefore, knowing at the end of the season that all the parts are stored tidily inside a heavy-duty waterproof bag is very reassuring for when you next need it.

No tools required to build

All that you need to assemble this pop-up gazebo is a couple of pairs of hands.  With the help of a friend, this canopy can be easily put together in just a couple of minutes and about the same to take it down.

The sides are attached to the frame with strong Velcro, the height is adjusted by hand with a pull pin mechanism and the tent pegs are simply pushed into the ground by standing on them and all with not a tool in sight…


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Gorilla Gazebo 3x3m for Garden, Business or Commercial Use

As with all of the gazebos on this page, the strength of the frame and level of waterproofing of the canopy is extremely important.

For commercial and business use you have a responsibility towards your customers to ensure their safety whilst they’re underneath and to ensure that your business or stall is shown in the best light possible.

As you can see in the image, especially with the 5 guys hanging from the roof frame that this Gorilla gazebo is extremely strong.

Gorilla Gazebo ® Pop Up 3x3m Heavy Duty Waterproof Commercial Grade Market Stall 4 Side Panels and Wheeled Carrybag

The roof section is really important because there’s no point having strong frame legs and a waterproof canopy if the roof will collapse in light winds.

Well, this canopy (does include side panels but not shown) has an extremely waterproof canopy with 650D which means the fabric is really dense and has a PVC coating to provide a waterproof and UV protective layer.

The canopy and sides are also available in 7 different colours as you can see in the image above.

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Pros and cons


  • Ideal for many types of events
  • Includes 2 doors/walls & 2 windowed sides
  • Push-button height settings
  • Hammerite coating for rust protection
  • No Wind bar needed
  • Cross truss roof for extra strength
  • Walk-in height of minimum 6ft 3in


  • Only 1 size available to buy (3x3m)
  • No anchor weights included

Best Features of the Gorilla Gazebo…

100% Waterproof & Really Strong Frame

The canopy can easily be described as waterproof as it has a denier of 650D which consists of lots of densely woven fibres and the outside layer has a PVC coating applied to it to give it a really high level of waterproofing.

This canopy is then supported by a very strong cross truss frame which is pushed up from the centre and clicks firmly into place.

This cross truss provides lots of support to the canopy and the frame legs and will prevent water pooling in the canopy roof should you encounter very heavy rain.

The frame is described as ‘high tensile’ which, so far I have not seen any other pop up gazebo frame described like this and high tensile is extremely strong.

Oversized Wheeled Storage Bag

Not to be understated just how important having a storage bag is but one that you can comfortably fit your canopy in with the roof still attached without having to squeeze or force it in.

There is plenty of room inside this bag for all the parts you have without there being too much room that seems excessive.

Plenty of room without having to duck

There’s nothing more annoying than having to go in and out of a gazebo and every time you have to duck underneath the eves of the canopy.  The minimum walk-in height is 6ft 3in and this is more than ample for most people.

However, should you have friends that are taller then you can simply adjust the height to one of the other 2 settings which can provide walk-in heights of 6ft 7 and 6ft 11 inches.

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All Seasons Gazebo 2x2m | Premium Pop up Gazebo without Sides

All Seasons 2x2m Pop up Gazebo with Sides (Sides not Included)

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If you’re looking for a gazebo with a strong frame, a protective canopy that has a high level of waterproofing and doesn’t have side panels then this could well be a great option for you.

The concertina style frame ensures that this product can be popped up in a matter of seconds which makes building and taking it down simple and quick.

The canopy section is easy to attach over the top of the frame with the velcro straps and can be left attached when you decide to pack it away.

There are 24 struts in the roof section and these provide incredible support to the roof section and extra stability without the use of wind bars.

There are 3 different height settings to choose from and each leg also has a hole where you can screw the legs into decking or hard surfaces.

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Pros and cons


  • Easy to Transport Around
  • Taped Stitching to Prevent Leaks
  • Sandbags Included for Stability
  • Strong Enough without Windbars
  • Build in 60 secs


  • No sides included
  • Can sell out in Summer…


Roof struts

The roof struts ensure that there is more support in the roof section and can also help prevent pooling in the top section by keeping the frame rigid which will help keep the canopy nice and tight.


The canopy fabric is 260gsm which means that for every square metre of fabric it weighs 260 grams.  This particular weight adds further proof that the canopy can be regarded as ‘heavy-duty’, good quality and fully waterproof.

Sandbag weights

These leg weights help to better anchor the canopy in breezy weather.  Please remember though that they are not to be used instead of guy ropes, they should be used as well as the ropes.

These weight bags will arrive empty and can be filled with rocks, soil or sand and are attached to the legs via the velcro straps that are stitched onto the bags.

Hard or soft ground use

This popup gazebo can be used on hard or soft ground, which includes; grass, sand, soil, decking, concrete, tarmac, block paving and patio slabs.

For added strength, you can drill the feet into the hard ground but ensure you always use the guy ropes and weight bags whenever possible.

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ABC Canopy 2.5×2.5m Small Pop up Gazebo (No Sides)

ABCCANOPY 2x2 Small Pop up Canopy without side panels

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The ABC Canopy is from the company by the same name (ABCCANOPY) and renowned for selling high-quality pop-up gazebos that are really strong and more than capable of standing up to breezy weather and heavy rain.

The concertina frame is easily stretched out to assemble and you can choose between 2 height settings to set the legs too via the push-button technology.

It also includes a wheeled bag for storage but makes transporting to your event so much easier with the attached wheels.

Included is also a fully waterproof canopy which boasts a 300 denier polyester with PU coating (polyurethane) to provide the waterproof protection.

There are also 4 weight bags (empty), 4 tent pegs and 4 guy ropes to help anchor the frame and canopy down and I recommend to use all of these, all of the time.

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Pros and cons


  • 100% Waterproof Canopy Top
  • 6 Great looking colours
  • Everything you need is included
  • Easily built by 2 people in 60 seconds
  • Vent hole for air circulation and stability
  • Weight bags add lots of stability


  • Do not leave outdoors overnight
  • Sides not included

Best Features of the ABCCANOPY…

Ridiculously easy to build

All you need to do is, take the frame out of the bag, with a friend then lift the gazebo off the floor by holding 2 frame legs each and walk backwards and it will stretch out.

Attach the canopy to the frame using the velcro straps and then extend the legs with the push button system to one of the 2 height settings.

Even if you’ve never set up one of these types of canopies you have nothing to worry about.  Pop up gazebos have moved on considerably since the 80’s when you used to have to connect poles together to assemble it.

High level of waterproofing

The canopy material is classed as 300D which is generally known in the fabric industry as a lightweight and versatile material whilst also commanding recognition as ‘heavy-duty’ for its strength.

The outer side of the polyester canopy is applied with a PU (Polyurethane) coating which provides the waterproof effectiveness and this is standard practice amongst most popup gazebo and camping manufacturers.

Ventilation hole in the roof section

There are very few pop-up gazebos that have a ventilation area in the roof section and is more commonly seen on the hardtop and soft top gazebo models.

Not only does the ventilation section help air circulate better and prevent stale odours by having an exit point but it also adds more stability.

Stability is increased by the vent preventing the wind from getting underneath the canopy and potentially lifting it off the ground.

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All Seasons 2.5×2.5m Strong Pop-up Gazebo with Sides & Windows

All Seasons Gazebos 2.5 x 2.5m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof Pop up Gazebo With 4 Side Walls (Navy Blue)

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All Seasons are an established brand with a reputation for manufacturing heavy-duty and basically, well-made pop-up gazebos that won’t let you down.

This brand provides pop up gazebos in a range of sizes and I could simply list all their products in this ‘best guide’, however, I do prefer to give you a choice.

2.5×2.5m gazebos have become more and more popular because they fit well in UK gardens and obviously provide more room than the 2x2m alternatives without taking over your garden as a 3x3m would.

This popup gazebo is available to buy in 8 different colours and every one of the colours will include the same features and equipment.

Here’s what you’ll receive; heavy-duty pop-up canopy and frame, side panels that all interlock with zips, 4 weight bags to attach to the frame legs, 4 pieces of guy ropes and 4 pegs to hold the guy ropes in place and prevent the gazebo taking off when windy.

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Pros and cons


  • Reputable Brand
  • Choice of 8 Colours
  • Simple to Pop up
  • Includes Anchor Weights
  • Walk-in Height of 1.9 metres
  • Apex (Highest point) is 3m High
  • Good in Bad Weather


  • Do not leave outdoors overnight
  • Simple to Build but easier with 2 people

Best Features of the All Seasons 2.5×2.5m…

The 2.5m Size Is Perfect for UK Garden Use

The 2.5m size provides that little bit of extra room than the 2x2m pop-up gazebo and trust me, it is definitely noticeable.  The additional room allows for a couple of extra guests or extra garden furniture to go underneath.

The really long side panels are more suitable for use on a grassed area because they overhang by quite a bit and therefore, they can be pegged down, whereas on a hard surface they may flap around a bit.

Also, the tent pegs with the guyropes are easier to use on a soft surface as they can be pressed down into the turf, whereas, on concrete, you’d be looking for something to tie them around.

Use With or Without the Sides

I always recommend that pop up gazebos are bought with sides included.  The reason behind this is at some point you may need a set of sides for your canopy and it can often be quite difficult to get a set to fit your existing gazebo.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use them regularly, at least you have them as back up, whether it’s to keep out bad weather or cold drafts if you’re using your temporary shelter later into the night.

These particular side panels of this All seasons gazebo can be zipped together to keep drafts out and they also help keep bugs out too.  You can use as many of the side panels as you wish and in any order as the gazebo is square.

This includes none at all, 1 side placed on any corner, 2, 3 or you can use all 4 at the same time which adds much more privacy and that’s ideal should you wish to cover a hot tub and have full privacy with the door down too.

260gsm Waterproof Canopy

Whilst the 260gsm might not mean a great deal to you, I can assure you that when it comes to a ‘waterproof pop up gazebo’ then this level of waterproofing is definitely one of the highest protection available.

If you’re wondering what 260gsm means then basically if you got a full side panel and cut a 1-metre square box (1-metre high x 1 metre across) and then weighted it, the material should weigh 260 grams (260 grams per sq metre).

On Amazon, you will tend to find a wide range of pop up gazebos with a gsm range of 120-280gsm, so as you can see it’s definitely at the top end of the premium range.

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Hercules Gazebo 3x3m Extra Strong Frame & Fire Retardant


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Finally, you’ve arrived at probably the strongest pop-up gazebo we’ve seen and also one that has a fire retardant canopy, can also protect against a sun factor of 50+ and is fully waterproof.

The high-quality fabric is fire retardant and also very durable which means that it can last a long time without the concern of it being damaged or torn easily.

Like most other pop up gazebos, it does have the ‘cross truss’ roof support design which provides lots of support and maintains the integrity of the canopy fabric.

The cross truss adds really helps during breezy weather whilst also being able to prevent pooling in the roof section during very heavy rain.

Also, they have included their very own set of anchor weights with this product, the Hercules water weights which fit perfectly around the feet and frame of this gazebo.  So no worries about trying to find a set as these are custom made for this canopy.

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