The Best Parasol Bases & Why…

There have been many incidents where a gust of wind has lifted the umbrella parasol from your table and it’s knocked over the table or it’s blown over the fence.

So, whether you’ve bought a parasol and then realised it didn’t have a base or you’re looking to upgrade or even buy a base with wheels, be sure to see these first…


Best Parasol Bases In 2022

Parasol bases to weigh down your parasol umbrella



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Total Weight (Anchor)





















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** Check the pole diameter of your parasol to ensure its small enough to fit into the stand/base

My Parasol Base Reviews


Outsunny Plastic Parasol Base Review

This solid foundation to support your umbrella is perfect for days where there may be a gust of wind that may catch you by surprise.  Don’t let this spoil your relaxation.

The steel cross frame (which you cannot see in the picture) is supplied together with the black empty containers that need to be filled and then placed on top of the frame to anchor it down.


Outsunny Fillable Parasol Base


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The steel upright tube can support any type of umbrella pole that has a maximum diameter of 48mm and there are 2 plastic screws to hold it in place and can be tightened by hand.

The weights are triangular in shape but when they are placed correctly over the steel cross frame that sits on the floor they create a solid and sturdy square weighted anchor weight.


Easy to fill

The 4 plastic containers can be easily filled simply by adding water or sand.  Just remove the twist cap on the side of the container and fill it up with your preferred anchoring material.

Personally, I’d fill the plastic containers with water as it’s much easier to empty water away after use or should you require extra anchoring weight then add sand as it weighs more.

Each container can hold a maximum of 15 litres each which is equivalent to 15kgs, so, therefore, adds 60kg in total once all 4 weights are in use.

Made from HDPE Plastic

This type of plastic is used in a wide range of garden and beach products.  It is extremely strong and can resist temperatures up to 130.8 °C before softening happens.

This kind of temperature is highly unlikely to be reached in the UK as more often than not, temperatures do not even reach 100 °C never mind 130.8 °C.  Therefore,  it won’t disfigure.

HDPE plastic is easy to clean should it become dirty whilst being used in the garden.  To clean it just throw a bucket of water over it or you can hose it down if necessary.

GMP Granite Parasol Base Review

This granite base arrives at a lofty 30kgs and will, therefore, add much greater stability to your shaded area.  No filling or emptying away, just place your parasol pole inside and tighten!

The granite looks really stylish and will quickly woo your neighbours who will be impressed by your smart-looking anchor that is more than capable of adding stability and a touch of class.


Garden Market Place Granite Parasol Base


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This granite weight can be carried around with the strong metal handle that is connected to the side of the circular anchor base.  This makes moving it around much easier.

The tube that your parasol frame pole slides into is stainless steel which will prevent corrosion and therefore, maintain the strength, which will lead to increased longevity.

This parasol base also has 4 built-in wheels to help you position or reposition when necessary.  It is also suitable for parasols with a pole diameter between 35-50mm.


Very heavy

Weighing 30kgs, this parasol base is capable of stabilising your parasol umbrella when breezy which makes it ideal for areas that are prone to surprise gusts or strong breeze.

The effectiveness of this granite base will ensure that even parasols as big as 4 metres in diameter can be easily anchored using this Garden Market Place parasol base.

Looks Smart but Effective

This granite parasol base does the job that you want it to do…  It’s capable of anchoring your garden umbrella in position without any real chance of it rocking in the breeze.


The wheels won’t move the base when in place.  The wheels make it easier to slide into a better position for shade but won’t allow it to shift around as it’s simply too heavy to roll about.

Schneider Fillable Umbrella Stand Review

This Sneider fillable umbrella stand has a more traditional look about it.  It’s one that you’d expect to see underneath a patio table with a hole for your patio umbrella to stick out.

Fillable with sand or water, this base will provide support to your patio umbrella and ensure your drinks with friends or relaxation time are not at risk by the umbrella tipping over.


Schneider PE umbrella stand, anthracite 45 ltr.


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When this base is full of water it can provide 40kg of extra support to your patio umbrella.  Should you have a large patio table, it will provide your table with more stability and sturdiness.

This container can be easily emptied after use or just moved out of the way until you need it again.  It’s not really necessary to keep emptying and refilling unnecessarily.


Large Base

Measuring 50cm square (half a metre) and 25cm high it is quite a beast of an anchor base.  If you’re using it with a patio table it will massively reduce legroom underneath.

As a standalone patio base, it is very effective and can anchor down a large parasol but it also just as good for using it as a washing line pole holder or similar structures with a pole.

Water or Sand, but Water is better…

One thing I do suggest is to not use sand as a material.  Sand can be quite difficult to remove after you’ve filled it.  If you don’t intend on emptying it then sand is fine to use…

You will be able to fill this container with 40 litres of water which equates to 40kg of extra anchoring weight.  Using sand will add approximately 65-70 kgs of additional weight.

Kingfisher Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base Review

This Kingfisher cast iron ‘effect’ parasol base is perfect for garden areas that have a more rustic, ‘ye olde’ look to them and this stylish anchor is equally at home on hard or soft surfaces.

Unlike some of the other bases, this base has only one tightening screw but this is not something that should deter you from purchasing as it’s still effective at holding your pole.


Kingfisher 9kg Cast Iron Effect Parasol Base 


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This parasol base can hold parasol poles ranging from 40mm to 55mm and due to the product being lighter than some of the other bases, it is much easier to move around your garden.

As first mentioned, this stylish base is perfect for more traditional types of garden and the rose pattern gives an air of sophistication that will add extra class to a wide range of garden types.


Doesn’t need filling

As this parasol stand is made of metal it doesn’t need constantly filling or emptying.  You simply purchase it, place it in an area of your garden, patio or deck and it’s there ready to use…

I’m not knocking refillable bases as all of these have their place on the market but for a convenient way to hold up your parasol then this simple to use base is ideal.

Lots of uses

They’re often called parasol bases but let’s be honest, this type of product can support all types of products that are pole based items that normally go into the ground.

For example, this base can be used as a washing airer that rotates in the wind outside or maybe you have a bird feeding station that needs support.  Check pole diameter first though…

Jarder Parasol Anchor Weight Review

This type of parasol base is ideal if you own a hanging or cantilever parasol but just need a set of anchor weights without any accessories which can be laid over your existing steel stand.

These weights are easy to fill with water or sand and like all of the above bases, when full of water it can add a staggering 62kg of extra stability to your cantilever parasol.


Jarder Parasol Base - Sand Or Water Fill


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Each of the 4 sections that form the square measure 50cm by 50 cm with a depth or height of 7cm.  Each section adds 15.5kg of extra dead weight to place on the parasol stand.

Be aware you are buying these weights for an existing parasol that has a connecting upright pole connection and supporting frame stand for these weights to overlap and sit on.

There is a handle that’s built into each of the plastic weights which make them easier to carry around whether they’re full or empty.  Don’t underestimate the benefit of this…


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