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Metal gazebos with a fabric canopy are perfect for garden relaxation as they’re sturdy, provide water-resistant protection and most include curtains or mosquito nets.

This type of outdoor shelter is a great compromise from the more expensive polycarbonate gazebo (hard roof) and pop-up gazebos that are slightly weaker and less sturdy.

Best Metal Patio Gazebos in 2022

Metal framed gazebos with fabric canopy





Original Gazebo Company


Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.6 x 3 x 3.6 metres

3.05 x 3.05 x 2.79 metres

2.90 x 3.90 x 2.86 metres

2.5m x 2.5m x 2.6 metres

2.98 x 2.98 x 2.6 metres









Steel Frame, Polyester Roof

Alluminium frame, polyester canopy

Steel frame with polyester canopy

Steel frame, PE canopy



Steel Frame, Polyester Roof

Alluminium frame, polyester canopy

Steel frame with polyester canopy

Steel frame, PE canopy

Water Resistant

Side Panels


Release Date

13 April 2014

26 Dec. 2019

24 Feb. 2020

3 Aug. 2020

18 Mar. 2014






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My Metal Frame Gazebo Reviews


Horwood Hexagonal Metal Gazebo Review

This Horwood hexagonal gazebo is actually a pop-up gazebo.  However, because it has 6 frame legs it is much sturdier and stronger than square and rectangular pop-up gazebos.

So, with the ease and speed of build, strong 6 legged frame, and frame struts supporting the roof section, you can be assured you are buying a strong and well-made patio gazebo.


Garden Classics® HORWOOD GARDEN METAL Gazebo


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The polyester canopy fabric weighs 180g/m2 and has a polyacrylic coating (PA) which provides water resistance, adds extra strength to the canopy fabric, and prevents yellowing.

To increase the waterproofing effectiveness further you could buy a waterproof spray just in case you encounter any future problems or to add much higher water resistance to the fabric.

To build it, lift the legs off the ground, walk backward to stretch out the frame, secure the canopy, extend the frame legs and push up the roof section.  It takes approx 10 minutes to build.

The curtains are attached by wrapping the strong velcro connectors around the top section of the frame and the curtains can then be zipped together to prevent drafts or flying insects.

Pros and cons


  • Powder-coated to prevent rust
  • Easy to build pop up style
  • Curtains/bug nets included
  • Ideal for patio or lawn use
  • Good value canopy
  • Excellent quality


  • Doesn’t have a bag included
  • Instructions not clear

Best KEXMY Gazebo Features

Powder-coated steel frame

Steel structures often rust unless they have a protective coating applied.

The steel frame of this garden gazebo has a dark copper brown powder coating applied to it that looks stylish but more importantly protects against rust developing.

To ensure that this coating is most effective, handle it with care when erecting or taking it down to prevent scratches.  Deep scratches remove the coating and therefore its effectiveness.

Curtains and Bug Nets

Nothing can be more annoying than having friends round for drinks or food and you end up attracting more wildlife than you thought lived in your area.

Sweet, sugary drinks attract wasps, bees, flys and carbon dioxide from human breathe attracts mosquitos so what better way to eliminate them, than zipping the bug nets together.

Should you find it gets a little dark inside with the curtains closed you could buy hanging gazebo lights or maybe your party has just continued into the evening.

Gazebo Weights for Anchoring

Although a set of gazebo weights aren’t included in this package, I highly recommend buying a set because they provide a huge amount of extra sturdiness and stability in breezy weather.

Personally, I find this set of sandbags perfect for pop up gazebos as they can be filled with a range of materials, used with any shape of gazebo leg and have alternative uses afterwards.


AsterOutdoor Metal Frame Gazebo Review

This AsterOutdoor 10x10ft gazebo is a premium, high-end patio gazebo that exudes quality, strength and is fully equipped to protect you against rainfall and has UV ray protection.

This soft top gazebo (fabric canopy gazebo) is perfect for fixing to patio, deck, or other hard surfaces and left outdoors year-round.  Remove the canopy to prevent tearing in high winds.


AsterOutdoor 10x10 Gazebo for Patios


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The steel frame has purposely been coated with a wood-style coating to make it look like wood.  This gives it a very natural look which suits decking or patio areas.

The roof is a double-tiered roof vent section that is excellent at allowing air to circulate in hotter weather by providing ventilation but also increased stability in windy weather.

The gazebo cover material is UPF 50+ protected, 99% UV blocked, water-resistant, CPAI-84 US Standard fire-retardant, and is perfect for providing shade or rain protection.

Pros and cons


  • Leave outdoors all year round
  • Blocks 99% Uv Rays
  • CPAI-84 Certified Fabric
  • Hanging hook for light or fan
  • Holes in feet for anchoring down
  • 6ft 8in walk in height
  • 2 tier roof for ventilation
  • Sloped roof for rain runoff
  • Ideal for hard or soft ground


  • Quite expensive

Best AsterOutdoors Gazebo Features

Wood Grain Finish to Frame

There has been a wood grain finish applied that not only transforms the steel to give it a much more stylish look but also adds further protection to the steel uprights.

The coating helps prevent the chipping, peeling, scratching, rust, and corrosion of the steel frame and uprights which will help maintain the overall strength of the frame and help it last longer.

Holes in feet

At the bottom of each frame leg, there is a footplate with holes pre-drilled ready to stake the leg down into soft surfaces.  The stakes are provided in the package.

If you are anchoring this gazebo to a hard surface then you’ll have to purchase your own screws to drill into your harder surface.  Order the screws once you’ve checked out the hole size.

Built-in Hanging Hook

This is a great feature because of the number of times that we have wanted to add lighting, heating, or a fan in our gazebos but don’t have anywhere strong or suitable to hang them from.

The hanging hook is strong enough to hold up to 50lbs (approx 22kg) in weight.  Therefore, this should be ample enough strength to hang a light, fan, or heater from the roof.

Outsunny Rectangle Patio Gazebo Review

The Outsunny 3x4m aluminium frame gazebo is an affordable, smaller metal gazebo option, perfect for those who wish to entertain in style with limited space in their gardens.

It’s stable and sturdy, with a rust-resistant coating on the frame, and 10 steel top ribs and reinforced aluminium crossbars in the roof for extra durability for year-round use.


Outsunny 3 x 4 m Aluminium Metal Gazebo


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It may not be the most stylish metal gazebo, but the mesh curtains are appreciated to keep bugs out and allow air in, and in many ways, this added comfort is more important than style.

The gazebo cover is PA coated for protection against the rain, and also offers excellent protection against UV light, making this gazebo a viable option whatever the weather.

Pros and cons


  • Mesh curtain for privacy and bug protection
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • 2 tier roof for air circulation
  • Crossbars & steel ribs for stability


  • Remove canopy in bad weather

Best Outsunny Gazebo Features

Mesh Curtains

It may seem a small thing, but these mesh curtains are a great way to add extra privacy, whilst also protecting you from any bugs whilst sat outside too.

The mesh curtains are also anti-fade (along with the polyester curtains) so you won’t notice any change in the product’s quality in terms of the way it looks either.

Ground Stakes

You’d expect every gazebo to come with ground stakes, but the reason it’s so important here is that 8 for a gazebo that is only 3x4m is actually very impressive.

It’s clear that Outsunny has thought about durability with this design, and when you consider how affordable this option is, you have to really appreciate the care that Outsunny has put into creating this gazebo.

Drainage Holes

These 8 drainage holes allow you to use the gazebo when it’s raining, as the holes allow the water to drain away and reduce the risk of pressure on the gazebo roof and frame.

It is still advised that you take it down during heavy rain or extreme weather, but this gazebo is perfect for use in light rain so you don’t have to stop your outdoor fun.

TOGC Metal Frame Gazebo Review

The TOGC luxury steel framed gazebo exudes quality. The 2.5×2.5m design may be small, but they pack a lot of features into this perfectly compact metal gazebo.

The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy, and TOGC even claims that it is able to be left up in strong winds because of the durability and strength of the frame.


Original Luxury Steel Framed Gazebo with Mosquito/Fly Curtains


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It’s an incredibly stylish design, with the square design creating a cosy, intimate space for you to share with friends and family. The grey design will also fit well in any garden.

It is showerproof, and offers large amounts of shade from the sun too, meaning you can stay protected beneath it no matter the weather. It also has mesh curtains to prevent pests.

Pros and cons


  • Luxury design
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame
  • Mesh curtains to prevent pests
  • Resistant against strong winds
  • Easy construction


  • Showerproof, not waterproof

Best TOGC Gazebo Features

Strong Frame

The steel frame is powder-coated and strong enough to be left up in strong winds, which is an added benefit if you live in the UK and are struggling to find a gazebo that is sturdy enough.

Whilst the fact that it is showerproof, not waterproof, the robust frame is enough to reassure you that you can leave it up year-round, even if you’re not using it when the heavens open.

Luxury Stylish Design

You can’t underestimate the importance of an excellent design, especially one that is able to be left up all year, because the need for it to look stylish is even more important.

Thankfully, the grey color and intricate design add a touch of luxury to your garden, making it blend seamlessly with your outdoor space, no matter how much you have available.

Perfect Summer Companion

The slightly closed-off design allows for slightly more privacy and shade when the sun is out, making it a perfect place to centre your summer activities.

It allows you to relax in comfort and is easily large enough for a table of four to fit under, so can become your own social hub for the summer months!

Outsunny Fabric Roof Patio Gazebo Review

This 3x3m Outsunny steel frame gazebo is incredibly stylish, whilst remaining on a reasonable budget for most people to afford to help upgrade their outdoor space this summer.

The design is deliberately lightweight so you can move the gazebo around your garden as you require, so finding the perfect spot doesn’t need to be a stress.


Outsunny 3 x 3 Metres Patio Garden Metal Gazebo


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It is both waterproof and able to protect against UV light, and they reinforce the canopy with 8 screws to make it even more sturdy when the wind picks up.

Its stylish design is the perfect centrepiece for any garden, and the 180g/m2 of waterproof material means you can sit back in style no matter the weather!

Pros and cons


  • Modern, stylish design
  • 180g/m2 waterproof protection
  • Reinforced canopy
  • Strong steel frame
  • Easily transportable


  • Not suitable for high winds

Best Outsunny Gazebo Features

Decorative Design

If you’re going to invest in a gazebo, then style is often just as important as durability, and not every manufacturer out there understands that – but thankfully Outsunny does.

This gazebo is modern and beautiful, and is the perfect centrepiece for your garden, no matter your personal style. It being easily transportable also means finding the perfect spot for it is easy.


180g/m2 means that for every square meter of fabric, 180g of water can fall on it without it being able to leak through, and that’s quite a substantial amount.

Again, this gazebo is slightly smaller in design, but being able to huddle beneath it, no matter the weather, is a huge plus for it and makes it an attractive option for every buyer.

Reinforced Canopy

Reinforcing the canopy with 8 screws means that there is less chance of the canopy being damaged when the wind picks up, so you can have confidence in this product.

The steel frame adds additional protection against bad weather, although with it being so lightweight, taking it down in the worst weather is still a straightforward job to keep it protected.

If you enjoyed our review on metal gazebos but have a need for something more portable, you can find more info here on The Best Pop up Gazebos & Why…


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