All Seasons Pop-up Gazebo 6x3m Review

Larger pop-up gazebos are great for summer use as it means you can hold your own parties, functions, corporate events or maybe you want to use them for a sporting event or a craft fair.

The concertina style frame just needs stretching out with the help of a friend, whilst the canopy is easily attached to the frame before lifting the legs to your preferred height setting.

All Seasons Gazebos 3M x 6M Waterproof Gazebo Party Tent

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The canopy can be left attached to the frame after using it and it will still easily fit into the storage bag for future use.   Leaving the canopy attached makes it easier and quicker to build next time.

The gazebo itself can be used either with or without sides the sides and on the highest height setting, it has a walk-in height of 7ft which means no ducking for your guests.


This 6x3m gazebo by All Seasons will come with the following pieces of equipment when you purchase from Amazon.

  • Matt Black, Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame with struts
  • Fully waterproof, heavy-duty gazebo canopy (260gsm)
  • Fully waterproof, heavy-duty side panels (260gsm)
  • 13 Tent pegs & 4 pieces of the guy rope
  • 4 leg weight bags (empty)
  • Heavy-duty storage bag with wheels & additional storage bag for sides
  • Include warranty and care guide

Everything you need for a large, sturdy and waterproof pop-up gazebo is included in the package.


Canopy and sides are both 260gsm

This is a huge indicator that this pop-up gazebo is heavy-duty, well made and shows that the manufacturer understands the importance of keeping your event dry.

Quite often you will find that the side panels of other gazebos are lower ‘gsm’ than the canopy, this means they weigh less than the canopy which means that the material may not be as waterproof, strong and durable as the canopy.

‘GSM’ means ‘grams per square metre’ and the number represents the weight of the fabric with the waterproof backing.

For example, 260gsm means that for every 1 square metre of the canopy or side panel fabric it will weigh 260 grams.

4 Full-Length Side Panels (Windows & Doors)

The windowed sides are both full length and are only zipped together in the corners where they then attach to the doors.

This is great because the last thing you want is lots of side panels that all connect individually and therefore reduce the possibility of drafts or lots of broken zips in the future.


All of the sides have overhang and will lie on the floor at the bottom where they can then be pegged into the ground via the grommets in the material to prevent flapping and help stop drafts.

The side panels and doors are attached to the gazebo with the strong Velcro straps that simply wrap around the frame.  They’re very easy to attach and detach and will hold firm when in use.

Rustproof Frame

When you’re spending a large amount of money on a product you expect it to be good quality but probably most importantly, you want it to last a long time.

The steel concertina frame of this gazebo is powder-coated which means that the steel is protected against wet weather and oxygen by an external coating.

This plastic coating prevents oxygen and moisture creating rust which will weaken your frame and eventually cause it to snap and break.

Plenty of Dry room underneath

With such a large area sheltered from rain and breezy conditions, it means that you can make your gazebo much more comfortable inside without too much of a risk of your furniture getting wet or damaged.

Gazebos as large as this are ideal for adding folding chairs, tables, cooler boxes whilst they can also be used as changing rooms for sporting events, craft fairs for showing off your creations and even pet shows for dogs and cats, etc.


A heavy-duty pop-up gazebo can provide so many options for use especially when you know that it is extremely strong, waterproof and reliable.

Important events are no longer stressful because you don’t have to worry about your gazebo blowing away or breaking easily which means you can concentrate on ensuring your guests or customers are having a great experience.

As with all the All Seasons gazebos, it is easy to build and take down and can be transported all together in the storage bag provided, which in this case it has wheels to make things even easier.

You can choose from 15 different colours which to me is absolutely insane as so many manufacturers normally only offer a choice of up to 5 and normally a couple of those don’t look great.

We’ve told you everything we know about this product but if you want to know more or buy it then click the button below.

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