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4 All Seasons Gazebos They’re Extra Strong…

All Seasons Gazebos is a UK  gazebo brand that is based in east tilbury in Essex and owned by Rohen Ltd.

All Seasons Gazebos Brand

All Seasons are well known for selling high quality, premium products that are built to last whilst also being able to withstand poor weather conditions.

Currently, you can buy All Seasons pop up gazebos, hot tubs and they are now venturing into the garden furniture niche.

Shortly they will be introducing a range of tables, chairs garden swings making their way to the market shortly, which will be well worth keeping an eye out for.

Below, we have reviewed their range of pop up gazebos to help you buy the most suitable type of instant shelter for your event.

Top-Rated All Seasons Pop up Gazebos

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All Seasons 2x2m | Premium Pop up Gazebo without Sides

All Seasons Gazebo 2x2m

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If you’re looking for a gazebo with a strong frame, a protective canopy that has a high level of waterproofing and doesn’t have side panels then this could well be a great option for you.

The concertina style frame ensures that this product can be popped up in a matter of seconds which makes building and taking it down simple and quick.

The canopy section is easy to attach over the top of the frame with the velcro straps and can be left attached when you decide to pack it away.

There are 24 struts in the roof section and these provide incredible support to the roof section and extra stability without the use of wind bars.

There are 3 different height settings to choose from and each leg also has a hole where you can screw the legs into decking or hard surfaces.

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What Included in the Package?

If you decide to purchase this All Seasons 2×2 gazebo you will receive the following items.

  • 260gsm Fully Waterproof PVC coated polyester roof
  • Heavy-duty mat black powder-coated concertina frame
  • 260gsm PVC coated polyester carry bag
  • 4 x Sandbag leg weights
  • 8 x tent pegs
  • 4 x guy ropes

Everything you need for a protective shelter is included in the package.


Roof struts

The roof struts ensure that there is more support in the roof section and can also help prevent pooling in the top section by keeping the frame rigid which will help keep the canopy nice and tight.


The canopy fabric is 260gsm which means that for every square metre of fabric it weighs 260 grams.  This particular weight adds further proof that the canopy can be regarded as ‘heavy-duty’, good quality and fully waterproof.

Sandbag weights

These leg weights help to better anchor the canopy in breezy weather.  Please remember though that they are not to be used instead of guy ropes, they should be used as well as the ropes.

These weight bags will arrive empty and can be filled with rocks, soil or sand and are attached to the legs via the velcro straps that are stitched onto the bags.

Hard or soft ground use

This popup gazebo can be used on hard or soft ground, which includes; grass, sand, soil, decking, concrete, tarmac, block paving and patio slabs.

For added strength, you can drill the feet into the hard ground but ensure you always use the guy ropes and weight bags whenever possible.

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Whether you’re looking to buy a small pop up gazebo that can be used in your garden or one that can easily fit into the boot of your car for picnics or days out, then this one is ideal.

If strength, reliability, ease of build and full waterproof protection are important to you and you’re wanting a 2x2m gazebo then I’d recommend buying this product.

This 2x2m gazebo isn’t the cheapest but when you’re looking to buy such an important piece of equipment that can be used for years to come and won’t let you down then paying a bit extra should be expected.

After use, it can be stored away until it is next needed in the waterproof bag that is provided when you purchase this product.

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All Seasons 2.5×2.5m | Heavy Duty & Waterproof Pop up Gazebo

This 2.5×2.5 gazebo is ideal if you’re looking at inviting the neighbours or having family round as there’s that bit of extra room compared to that of the 2m version.

All Seasons 2.5x2.5 Gazebo

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There are 6 great looking colours that will complement any garden or patio area that you may wish to cover, as well as it being strong enough to take camping or being used as a market stall or for craft fairs.

If you’re looking to use this product as a hot tub gazebo then you’re in luck as there a are 4 side panels included that add extra privacy should you require it.

All of the side panels are fully waterproof and to the same high level of the canopy (260gsm).

You can easily fit a small table with chairs underneath the canopy and the gazebo can hold approximately 4/5 seated people.

If you decide to use this size gazebo for camping then I would choose a dark colour as it hides the dirt better than the brighter coloured ones.

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What’s Included in the Package?

If you decide to purchase this All Seasons 2.5×2.5m gazebo you will receive the following items.

  • Rust-resistant, mat black, powder-coated steel frame
  • 260gsm fully waterproof PVC coated canopy roof
  • 4 leg weights to anchor down the frame
  • 8 tent pegs
  • 4 guy ropes
  • Heavy-duty carry bag with wheels
  • 1-year frame warranty

Everything you need for a sturdy pop up gazebo that offers great stability, fully waterproof protection and a private enclosure is included in the package.


Heavy-duty storage bag

This really strong and fully waterproof carry bag is the part of the package that’s importance is often overlooked.

It makes keeping everything together much easier, helps to ensure that bits don’t go missing and prevents you from having to keep it or store it in cardboard boxes.

It also makes transporting it to events much easier as you can pull it behind you, rather than having to carry it.

4 Side panels

You will receive 4 side panels that include 2 full-length doors and 2 church style windows.  They can all be zipped together and this prevents drafts and helps to keep the warmth inside on cooler days.

The centre of the walls can be rolled up to create doors and entrances/exits and you can use any number of the sides in any order you wish.

All you have to do to connect them is to use the velcro straps that are attached to the sides and tie them around the top of the frame section.

Good Quality Fabric

The fabric that is used for the canopy and the side panels is thick (260gsm) and really good quality.

With some brands that are cheaper, you can often find that the walls are really thin, are poorer quality and not as waterproof as the canopy, however, that is not the case with this brand.

Extremely Waterproof

The canopy and sides are both have weights per square meter of 260, this means that for every sq metre of fabric it weighs 260 grams.

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Another high-quality canopy from All Seasons but this time you have sides included which provides many more potential uses.

Personally, this size (2.5×2.5) is one of my favourites as it’s so versatile as it offers that ‘in-between’ alternative to the 2×2 and 3x3m gazebos that can often be too small or too large.

It can comfortably house a medium-sized round table with a few chairs which means you can entertain or just eat breakfast outside under the canopy.

Should you take it camping you can use it to store things in that would normally just clutter up your tent but please bear in mind it obviously doesn’t lock, so don’t store overly expensive items inside.

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All Seasons Gazebo 3x3m | Pink Pop up Gazebo (more colours)

Pink 3x3m pop up gazebo

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The 3x3m gazebo is the most popular size that is purchased in the UK as it is so versatile and can provide more room for guests.

It will enable you to have tables, chairs and even a hot tub inside, while the included sides can add privacy to your event should you need it.

All seasons pop up gazebos are simple to build like all of the products from this brand as it is a concertina style frame which is easily stretched out and then it’s just a matter of popping the frame legs up.

The large church style windows of this gazebo let quite a lot of natural light in and prevent you from having to use artificial lighting whilst its light outside.

The canopy can be a bit fiddly to attach initially and you will probably need a hand connecting to the roof frame but once it’s attached you can keep it permanently on (even when packed away inside the bag).

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What’s Included in the Package?

This 3x3m gazebo by All Seasons will come with the following equipment.

  • 260gsm Waterproof Polyester PVC coated canopy
  • 210D PU Waterproof Side panels (x2 windows & x2 doors)
  • ‘Matt Black’ Powder-coated steel concertina frame
  • Waterproof storage bag with wheels
  • Tent pegs & guy ropes
  • Weight anchor bags
  • Warranty & care guide

This waterproof canopy can protect you and your guests or vehicles from strong winds, heavy rain and the bleaching effects that bright sunlight can cause to outdoor furniture.


Heavy-duty storage bag

You won’t realise just how handy it is to have a strong waterproof storage bag with wheels included until it breaks or you speak to a friend that doesn’t have one.

Just imagine the alternatives you have such as carrying the gazebo and accessories in 2 large boxes or maybe you have a large holdall to put it in but then having to cart it over your shoulder and carry it to your desired location.

Let’s bear in mind that this gazebo weighs 25kg and whilst the total weight adds extra sturdiness when erect, it doesn’t make help when you’re having to carry it on your shoulder for a few hundred yards.

Quick to Build

The pop-up design of the frame is known as a ‘concertina’ frame and is basically stretched out, the legs are then raised, the waterproof canopy is attached and then the frame legs are clicked into one of the 3 height settings.

High Walk-in clearance

Quite often this aspect is overlooked by manufacturers and it’s quite hard to find the walk-in heights on their websites but here I can reveal that the walk-in height is 1.95m which is high enough for most people to walk into without ducking.

Once you’re inside there is even more headroom which extends by another 10cm’s to 2.05 metres to provide your guests with more headroom.  The highest point of the gazebo is 3.2 metres and that’s to the apex (highest point).

Large Variety of Colours

With 17 different colours, this brand really does allow you to choose a colour that can be very specific to your type of event.

For example, should you decide to take one of these 3×3 gazebos camping then you can choose a darker colour which helps to hide any dirt or discolouring with what you would expect to encounter whilst camping in wet and windy weather


This 3x3m gazebo by All Seasons can provide a large dry area to the hard or soft ground which makes it ideal for family get-togethers and party’s, either on the tarmac, patio, block paving or grassed area.

For the hard ground, you have weight bags and guy ropes provided that will help anchor the frame down.

These add huge amounts of stability and should be used whenever possible, sometimes it can be difficult to use the guy ropes on hard ground as the pegs will struggle to go into concrete or similar surfaces.

In this case, you may want to tie the guy ropes around a heavy object or tie them to part of your fence or railings if you have them.

The storage can fit in most vehicles, whether it’s in your boot or laid across the footwell in the back of your car.

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All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m | Large Waterproof Pop up Gazebo

Larger pop-up gazebos are great for summer use as it means you can hold your own parties, functions, corporate events or maybe you want to use it for a sporting event or a craft fair.

All Seasons 6x3m Gazebo

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Whatever the occasion, you can be assured that you are buying a good quality concertina gazebo and this really does open up many options when using in unpleasant weather or having to quickly assemble or disassemble.

The frame is a once piece concertina style which just needs stretching outward with the help of a couple of friends.

The canopy can be attached to the frame before lifting the legs to your preferred height setting and the canopy can be left on afterwards when you decide to pack it away into the bag.

The gazebo itself can be used either with or without sides the sides and on the highest height setting, it has a walk-in height on 7ft which means no ducking for your guests.

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What’s Included in the Package?

This 6x3m gazebo by All Seasons will come with the following pieces of equipment when you purchase from Amazon.

  • Matt Black, Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame with struts
  • Fully waterproof, heavy-duty gazebo canopy (260gsm)
  • Fully waterproof, heavy-duty side panels (260gsm)
  • 13 Tent pegs & 4 pieces of the guy rope
  • 4 leg weight bags (empty)
  • Heavy-duty storage bag with wheels & additional storage bag for sides
  • Include warranty and care guide

Everything you need for a sturdy, waterproof, large popup gazebo is included in the package.


Canopy and sides are both 260gsm

This is a huge indicator that this pop-up gazebo is heavy-duty, well made and shows that the manufacturer understands the importance of keeping your event dry.

Quite often you will find that the side panels of other gazebos are lower ‘gsm’ than the canopy, this means they weigh less than the canopy which means that the material may not be as waterproof, strong and durable as the canopy.

‘GSM’ means ‘grams per square metre’ and the number represents the weight of the fabric with the waterproof backing.

For example, 260gsm means that for every 1 square metre of the canopy or side panel fabric it will weigh 260 grams.

4 Full-Length Side Panels (Windows & Doors)

The windowed sides are both full length and are only zipped together in the corners where they then attach to the doors.

This is great because the last thing you want is lots of side panels that all connect individually and therefore reduce the possibility of drafts or lots of broken zips in the future.

All of the sides have overhang and will lie on the floor at the bottom where they can then be pegged into the ground via the grommets in the material to prevent flapping and help stop drafts.

The side panels and doors are attached to the gazebo with the strong Velcro straps that simply wrap around the frame.  They’re very easy to attach and detach and will hold firm when in use.

Rustproof Frame

When you’re spending a large amount of money on a product you expect it to be good quality but probably most importantly, you want it to last a long time.

The steel concertina frame of this gazebo is powder-coated which means that the steel is protected against wet weather and oxygen by an external coating.

This plastic coating prevents oxygen and moisture creating rust which will weaken your frame and eventually cause it to snap and break.

Plenty of Dry room underneath

With such a large area sheltered from rain and breezy conditions, it means that you can make your gazebo much more comfortable inside without too much of a risk of your furniture getting wet or damaged.

Gazebos as large as this are ideal for adding folding chairs, tables, cooler boxes whilst they can also be used as changing rooms for sporting events, craft fairs for showing off your creations and even pet shows for dogs and cats, etc.


A sturdy large pop-up gazebo can provide so many options for use especially when you know that it is extremely strong, waterproof and reliable.

Important events are no longer stressful because you don’t have to worry about your gazebo blowing away or breaking easily which means you can concentrate on ensuring your guests or customers are having a great experience.

As with all the All Seasons gazebos, it is easy to build and take down and can be transported all together in the storage bag provided, which in this case it has wheels to make things even easier.

You can choose from 15 different colours which to me is absolutely insane as so many manufacturers normally only offer a choice of up to 5 and normally a couple of those don’t look great.

We’ve told you everything we know about this product but if you want to know more or buy it then click the button below.

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