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4 Airwave Pop-up Gazebos We’re Sure You’ll Love…

This range of Airwave gazebos is just one of a line of products that are available to buy from Garden Comforts who are based in Northampton, here in the UK.

Airwave Gazebo Range

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Over the last few years, they have grown from a UK company that sells pop up gazebos to a popular multi-product garden furniture and equipment business.

Here we’ll be reviewing their Airwave gazebos to help you buy the best one for your money, whether it’s a small garden gazebo, a larger type so you can host parties on your property or one for camping, car boot sales or a hobby of yours.

Below you can go straight to the reviews or if you scroll down just a little further you can view our info table.

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Last update was on: January 2, 2021 1:21 pm

Airwave Gazebo 2x2m – Small Pop up Gazebo for Your Garden

Airwave gazebo 2x2m

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This 2x2m pop-up gazebo is ideal for up to 4 people and can easily be built in less than 1 minute with the help of a friend to extend the frame section.

Gazebos of this size are very popular for residents that have small gardens or backyards as it makes it an easy and more affordable way to enjoy time outdoors.

It can protect you against the hot sun and wet weather as it has UV protection and a high level of waterproofing.

This product is available to buy in 7 different colours, therefore, you can choose one that will suit your occasion or one that will match the colour scheme of your garden.

This particular size (2x2m) is perfect for couples or small groups of people that enjoy dining outdoors, going for picnics, visiting the beach or just relaxing inside during hot or wet weather.

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Pros and cons


  • Can be built in less than 60 seconds
  • Protects against wet weather and offers UV protection
  • Side panels can be used in any order
  • Guy ropes & pegs make it very sturdy
  • Can be used for lots of smaller events


  • Caution advised in windy weather

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this gazebo suitable for beach use?

The gazebo itself is fine for beach use and you can even dig holes in the sand where you can sink the frame legs then recover with sand for extra sturdiness.

However, with beach use, you would normally expect quite blustery winds which could easily snap the frame, so, at the end of the day it’s up to you, I’ve just highlighted what could go wrong.

Also, it would be difficult to use the guy ropes and pegs in the sand to offer canopy support and even if you did manage to use them, it could prove a little dangerous if it’s a busy beach you are using with the ropes trailing outwards.

Can I remove the side panels?

The great thing about all of the airwave gazebos is that the side panels with windows and doors can be used in any order and don’t even have to use at all if you don’t want to.

Just attach them or detach them using the strong Velcro straps that connect easily around the top part of the frame section.

Are all the colours the same strength and shape?

All the 2x2m airwave gazebos are of equal strength and exactly the same shape, the only difference between each product is the colour itself.

Can this Airwave gazebo be left outdoors all year round?

The manufacturer recommends that all their gazebos are not to be left outdoors all year round and even recommend bringing them inside after use even in the summer.

You’ll find that most manufacturers will remind you that the reason this type of gazebo is a ‘pop up’ is to make building and dismantling it easy so there should be no reason to leave it up.

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Airwave Pop up Gazebo 2.5×2.5m with Sides (Fully Waterproof)

This 2.5×2.5m pop-up gazebo by Airwave is ideal for entertaining, whether it be on your own garden or whilst away camping or on holiday.

Airwave Gazebo 2.5x2.5

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The included heavy-duty carry bag ensures the entire gazebo and included accessories can be kept together.

This makes it much simpler to transport it to your chosen destination and makes packing into the boot of your vehicle or roof box much easier.

There are 7 different colours to choose from which means that not only do you have plenty of choices but you can choose a colour for a specific event where there may be more of a likelihood of it getting dirty.

For example, darker coloured gazebos tend to be chosen for events such as camping, changing rooms for sporting events, whilst, lighter coloured gazebos tend to be chosen for weddings, christenings, craft fairs and market stalls etc.

Take a look at what you’ll receive below when you order from Amazon.

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Pros and cons


  • Quick to Build
  • Good Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Offers UV Protection
  • Storage Bag Included


  • Do not leave up overnight

How waterproof is the canopy?

The canopy material is described as 420D and has an outer coating of PVC applied.  Simply put, the 420D implies the thickness of the polyester fabric and for a pop-up shelter, 420D is a more than adequate thickness.

This fabric then has a PVC coating applied to the outer and this is what keeps you dry and ensures the rain just runs off when you are faced with unpleasant wet weather.

The canopy should be able to resist short downpours and long spells of persistent drizzle as well as offering you and your guests protection against UV rays.

Can it stand up to strong winds?

Let me be perfectly clear, you shouldn’t be of the mindset that it’s blowing a gale outside so let’s get the gazebo out.

Pop up gazebos, no matter how strong shouldn’t be subjected to really harsh weather, especially wind.

They’re meant for spring to summer months and to provide a quick to build shelter and protect against passing showers that can be accompanied with stronger winds.

How many people does it take to build it?

I recommend two people to build this popup gazebo, not because it’s difficult or hard to build but because of the way in which you have to pop it up.

The frame needs to be stretched out to provide the full width and length and this is done by two people walking backwards with the frame legs in their hand and off the ground.

The canopy then needs to be attached if it isn’t already (sometimes comes with canopy already attached to the frame) and then the legs need raising up into position.

This is so much easier with 2 people but one person can just about manage by themselves.

How long will this gazebo last?

It entirely depends on how well you look after it and how regular you use it.  If you’re pressing me for a timeframe then I’d say that you could expect 2/3 years use out of it, some people will, however, get more and others less.

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Airwave 3x3m Pop up Canopy without Side Panels

This 3×3 pop up by Airwave is ideal for those of you that want a shelter that can protect against drizzle and UV rays from the hot summer sunshine.

Airwave Gazebo 3x3m No Sides

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The 420 denier canopy has an outer PVC coating that ensures that any rainfall just runs off the canopy section rather than soaking in.

This level of waterproofing will protect you from short sharp showers and persistent light rain.

The frame is powder-coated to help prevent against rusting which will, therefore, ensure that the frame lasts longer and will prevent any weak spots caused by corrosion.

To help improve the longevity of this gazebo it is best used as a summer canopy whilst trying to avoid windy weather whenever possible.

The range of Airwave gazebos is now seen as a value for money range that can be afforded by most without a huge upfront cost.

Take a look at what you’ll receive and the latest Amazon prices below.

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Pros and cons


  • 6 great looking colours
  • Cheaper price as no sides
  • Simple pop up design frame
  • Can be built very quickly
  • Ideal for lots of different events


  • Not great when very windy

Can I leave it up overnight?

Pop up gazebos are meant to be dismantled after use.  That’s the whole reason they’re designed to be easy to build and takedown, so there’s no need to leave it up overnight.

I understand sometimes it can be quite late at night when your party has finished or maybe you’ve had a bit to drink and you don’t fancy taking it down.

However, fetching it out of your neighbours garden or from the bottom of the campsite is not much fun (for you or your neighbours).  Normally, it’ll be behind repair and could even have damaged your neighbours’ property.

How much rain will this gazebo stand?

This 3×3 airwave gazebo is described as a ‘420D polyester canopy’ that has a PVC coated exterior and this provides a very good level of waterproofing.

You can expect to be protected against short sharp downpours, as well as constant light rain or passing showers.  Just be careful during prolonged heavy rain that the canopy roof doesn’t begin to pool water and sag.

To prevent this from happening just get a yard brush and gently lift the roof up to push off any build-up of water.

Do I need to use the guy ropes and weight bags?

Once you’ve erected this pop-up gazebo, the next thing YOU MUST do is to fill up the leg weights with sand or rocks and place them around the frame legs and then attach the guy ropes to the canopy section and knock into the ground.

The weights will anchor down the gazebo and stop it lifting up as well as preventing the frame legs from shifting from side to side.

The guy ropes and weights must be used together because both add huge amounts of extra stability and sturdiness to the frame legs and canopy section.

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Airwave Hexagonal 3.5m Gazebo with 6 Sides

This Airwave 3.5m gazebo stands out from the crowd because unlike most types of pop up gazebos, its actually a different shape than the more common sizes you see.

Airwave 3.5m Hexagon Gazebo

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The hexagonal shape adds much more sturdiness than the square and rectangle due to the shape, as well as the 6 frame legs adding more stability and support.

The canopy is 190g which is more than adequate at keeping you protected from heavy rain and showers and the weight and thickness ensure that it will last a long time to come.

As with all the concertina gazebos by Airwave, it is straightforward to erect and can be stretched out and popped up in less than 2 minutes.

There are 5 great looking colours to choose from including, green, blue, black, white and beige.

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Pros and cons


  • 6 legs provide better stability
  • Good quality fabric (soft touch)
  • Can be fully enclosed if necessary
  • Legs can be pegged into the ground


  • Should not be left outdoors overnight

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are hexagon-shaped gazebos stronger?

Hexagonal shaped gazebos are generally stronger due to the design because to have 6 sides they must have more legs to create the 6 sided effect.

All 6 sides can be pegged into the ground with the pegs provided or screwed into a deck and can also have weight bags attached to help anchor for added stability.

However, having 6 sides will not guarantee extra strength unless the frame legs are of good quality and powder-coated to help preserve the strength of the steel (This Airwave hex gazebo has both).

How long will the canopy stay waterproof?

Over time, as with all outdoor camping or waterproof equipment, the overall level of waterproofing will gradually deteriorate and depends on how frequently you use it and subject it to wind, rain and sunshine.

A good quality pop-up gazebo canopy that is used from spring to early autumn and is brought inside after use and not left outdoors overnight can be expected to retain most of its effectiveness at keeping you dry for between 2/4 years.

There are waterproof fabric sprays that can help re-waterproof your canopy to give it a helping hand, check out this Mountval waterproof enhancer on Amazon.

If you have troublesome areas on your canopy then this product is ideal as a temporary measure.

Are hexagon gazebos harder to build?

Hexagon gazebos aren’t really any harder to build but they definitely require the help of a friend.

The only reason you will need help is when you stretch the frame out as it requires lifting the legs slightly off the ground when walking backwards with the frame.

This prevents the legs from being dragged or scraping along the ground and will help protect the feet/footplates.

Can you use this pop-up gazebo on hard ground?

The simple answer is yes you can use this Airwave gazebo on hard ground but you need to be mindful of the following scenarios.

If the weather is extremely nice and there is no wind at all then it is fine to place it on your hard ground area but I advise caution if the wind picks up.

If the wind picks up then this gazebo must be anchored down and to do this you need to purchase a set of gazebo weights that can be filled with water and suitable for round frame legs.

These are supplied by Airwave in sets of 4 but not included in the package and simply attach by hand around the legs of the frame and the weight of the water in each container (4x8kg) will hold the gazebo down.

I also recommend using the guy ropes to help stabilise the gazebo and I understand it can be a little difficult to peg them down using the tent pegs on hard ground but you could tie them around something very heavy as a temporary measure.

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