The Best Gazebo Spray & Why…

Shaun Bird | Affiliate | 31 May 2020

Firstly, you ‘ll need to purchase a bottle of Scotchgard Outdoor Fabric Protector (400ml) to spray onto the fabric of your canopy.

Personally, I would purchase a couple of bottles as they’re not expensive and you can keep one as back up.

Honestly, this is the best waterproof spray and will form an invisible barrier to help repel water and oils to ensure they just run off the fabric.  Spray evenly for best results…

If you live in the US, then click here for the US version

This spray is already proven to waterproof tents and is therefore ideal for EZ up canopies, event shelters and pop up gazebos.

Once you have sprayed the liquid onto the surface you must allow it to dry, whilst ensuring that your pets are kept well away until fully dry.

Not only will this product improve the level of water resistance but it can help to keep the fabric of the canopy cleaner and help prevent mould.

Mould often appears when the fabric is kept moist for a prolonged period and as this protector spray repels moisture the rainwater will just run off the fabric.

How to Use Scotchgard Waterproof Spray on Your Canopy

  1. Firstly, spray a small section of the canvas of your EZ up canopy.  Apply by holding the can 8 inches away from the product and use a gentle sweeping motion to apply evenly.
  2. Leave to dry and then apply a second coating.
  3. Before you attempt to spray the rest of the canopy try tipping a small amount of water onto the fabric that has just been applied with Scotchgard and checks to see if it beads and runs off.
  4. If your 1st 2 coatings have proven to be successful then attempt to cover the rest of the canopy top.
  5. Be sure to pay close attention to seams as they are quite often the weak spot for leaks or stitching breaks.

Please be aware that leaving any type of fabric shelter outdoors permanently or even for long periods, eventually the waterproof or water-resistant fabric will be reduced in its effectiveness at keeping you dry.

This applies to all levels of waterproofing (waterproof, water-resistant, rainproof, showerproof).

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