The Best Polycarbonate Gazebos & Why…

Polycarbonate gazebos or ‘hardtop gazebos’ as they’re also known are perfect for spending quality time in your garden or patio area, whatever the weather…

The strong uprights that support the polycarbonate roof panels provide extreme strength and ensure that you can safely hold parties or relax on your property.

Best Hardtop Gazebos in 2022

Good Quality & Extra Strong Polycarbonate Gazebos



Palram Martini




Dimensions (L x W x H)

3 x 3 x 2.6 metres

4.3m x 2.95m x 2.74 metres

4.3 x 3.6 x 2.65 metres

3m x 3m x 2.7 metres

3.05 x 3.05 x 2.74 metres (10ftx10ft)


Aluminium alloy, PC board, Polyester, Mesh

Alluminium, Polycarbonate, Plastic

Alloy aluminum, polyester, mesh

Alloy Steel, Aluminium, Polycarbonate

Polyester, Aluminium, Metal

UV Protection












Side Panels












Release Date

21 Mar. 2016

28 Mar. 2015

6 Jan. 2020

27 Mar. 2020

8 July 2020







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My Hardtop Gazebo Reviews

Understand more about permanent outdoor gazebos


Outsunny Hardtop Gazebo 3x3m Review

This 3x3m hardtop gazebo by Outsunny is ideal as long as you have the room for it and once built, it’ll do pretty much everything you want it to.

The solid roof is made up of an aluminum frame that holds the polycarbonate boards in place and protects against heavy rain and the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

Outsunny 3x3m Aluminium Patio Gazebo


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These types of panels are much lighter in weight compared to glass and are shatterproof which is much safer than having a glass roof above your head.

Once the polycarbonate roof section is fixed onto the uprights and it’s fixed into a solid surface you’ll then see exactly how sturdy and windproof this product is.

The curtains and mesh nets are on separate tracks so you can decide whether you close the curtains or the bug nets or both at the same time.

Pros and cons

Things I Like...

  • It Will last for years to come
  • Doesn’t need maintenance
  • Resists rain, snow & UV rays
  • Protects against flying insects
  • Move furniture or hot tub inside
  • Durable long-lasting frame/roof
  • 3 layer roof protection

Not so good...

  • Needs 3 people to build
  • Not cheap (but good value)

Best Features of the Outsunny Garden Shelter

Full Weather Protection

The polycarbonate roof is solid which ensures the rain runs off onto the floor  It’s also a good idea to close the curtains to prevent splashback as it hits the ground.

You can use the gazebo all year round, although it’s advisable to buy a patio heater to go underneath.  When it snows I recommend you clear the roof to prevent it from settling.

This can easily be done with a sweeping brush and it’ll just prevent any unnecessary downward pressure on the roof.

Bug Protection

The bug nets, which are also called mosquito nets, are perfect at keeping the wasps and flies out of your comfort area should you decide to eat and drink outdoors.

During the evening the nets are better used to keep out mosquitos and moths that are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, our body heat, and our outdoor patio lighting.

Multi-Surface Permanent Outdoor Metal Gazebo

As long as you fix this gazebo down properly then you can place it pretty much anywhere in your garden space.

It’s ideal for fixing it to a lawn, patio, deck area, or screwed down to concrete or tarmac.  Before you fix it down, consider the type of ground you’re fixing it to.

For example, fixing it into a lawn may prevent you from using it in winter or during very wet weather.

Palram Martinique Gazebo 4300 Review

The roof section consists of an aluminium frame that holds in place 6mm polycarbonate panels that will protect against snow, wind, hail, rain, and the sun.

The panels ensure light is not blocked out during cloudy spells and provide protection during sunny weather but act as a buffer to prevent overexposure to bright sun and UV rays.

Palram Martinique

Gazebo 430


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The roof section also has ventilation sections built-in and they’re at an angle that will prevent rain from leaking through them and inside.

These ventilated areas will ensure the free flow of air and can help get rid of stale air whilst also regulating the temperature inside the gazebo when in use.

The roof section has a gutter section along the edge where rainwater will collect in the four corners where you can add a downspout/drainpipe for easy guidance to the floor.

Things I Like...

  • Anthracite Powder-coating
  • 100% UV Ray Roof Protection
  • Extremely Sturdy & Strong
  • Will Last for Years to Come
  • Unique Bronze Colour Glazing
  • Gutters for Easy Rain Runoff
  • Maintenance Free

Not so good...

  • Can Take a While to Build
  • 2 People to Assemble

Best Palram Martinique Gazebo Features

Time-Defying Engineered Structure

The gazebo is crafted with study and heavy-duty aluminum profiles coated with high-end finishes which resist corrosion while giving the frame tent a refined look.

Ideally, manufacturers include sophisticated bronze polycarbonate roofing, which ensures the durability of these roofing structures is unquestionable.

It is built with wind-resistant sturdy anchoring, and your gazebo will sustain even periods of harsh weather elements.

The fact that the frame tent is 100% waterproof shows that it is worth the investment.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels

The roof panels are virtually indestructible as the polycarbonate material that is used as an alternative to plastic or glass is shatterproof and impact resistant.

It is treated with bronze glazing, which allows transmission of natural sunlight, and provides adequate shade but also offers excellent UV protection when you’re sat underneath.

The strength of the polycarbonate panels means they can withstand harsh weather, which means you can leave this Palram gazebo standing in your yard during winter.

Robust Anchoring


The gazebo comes with footpads and a robust anchoring system. Typically, you can relocate the frame tent to a new position and anchor it to multiple types of surfaces.

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Outsuny Polycarbonate Gazebo Reviews

This Outsuny gazebo is ideal for large families who want to hold outdoor gatherings or BBQs. It offers adequate shelter and ample dry space for relaxation.

Since it is engineered with premium materials such as a robust aluminium frame and hardtop roof panels you can leave the gazebo permanently outdoors for convenience..

Outsunny 4.3 x 3.6m Patio Aluminium Gazebo


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This gazebo is relatively straightforward to set up, but you’ll need an extra pair of hands to make setting it up easier and quicker.

The polycarbonate panels also offer consistent levels of light and adequate shade. It ensures that direct UV rays don’t penetrate directly into the sheltered area.

There are 4 curtains and a mesh screen which provides privacy for you and your guests, whilst also helping to keep insects and bugs at bay.

Things I Like...

  • Plenty of sheltered space
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Waterproof protection
  • Corrosion-free frames
  • Keeps Mosquitos and bugs out
  • Curtains for privacy

Not so good...

  • Snow needs removing in winter
  • 2 People to Assemble

Best Outsunny Gazebo Features

Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate is a robust material that is resistant to impact and damage. This material is also lightweight and will make the handling of the frame tent relatively straightforward.

These panels allow consistent lighting into the tent while offering adequate shade. Ideally, there are the best components to prevent the penetration of harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate panels give the gazebo a polished finish and stylish look.

Easy Maintenance

The four gazebo curtains are simple to clean and maintain. You can wash the curtains using a standard washing machine. Wash on a cool temperature setting.

The aluminum frame can be wiped clean with a cloth or sponge and warm soapy water.  Clean the roof panels with a soft brush to prevent the build-up of dirt or debris.

Velcro Fastenings

The Velcro offers excellent strength and is a low-maintenance option for frame tents, and it is also easy to maintain and install.

Swanbourne Polycarbonate Gazebo 3x3m Review

The Swanbourne design is constructed using powder-coated aluminum materials with premium steel sections and elegant, well-made curtains, including mosquito nets too.

The curtains also add elegance to the frame tent, making it the best to incorporate in outdoor parties.

Luxury Swanbourne Garden Party Gazebo


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It contains full triangular posts to support the roofing frame and gives your tent a rigid and robust structure.  Assembly time is expected to be around 5-6 hours.

The steel frame of the gazebo effectively bolts together and comes in two different sizes. This ensures there is precision in the setup process and makes your tent immune to harsh weather elements.

Things I Like...

  • Integrated Reinforced design
  • Powder Coated frame
  • Provides full privacy
  • Pefect cover for hot tubs

Not so good...

  • Decking not included
  • 2 People to Assemble

Best  Swanbourne Gazebo Features

Polycarbonate roof

The gazebo is engineered with polycarbonate roofing which provides a robust and rigid structure. This roofing allows sufficient natural light and minimizes direct UV rays.

This excellent roofing comes in handy during scorching summers and is waterproof. It also increases the durability of this awesome gazebo.

Contains Privacy Sides

If you are looking for privacy during your outdoor endeavors, this is the best gazebo to invest in. The zipped mocha curtains are aesthetically appealing and offer privacy.

Vevor Hardtop Gazebo 10x10ft Review

The Vevor gazebo is a premium frame tent that features a rustproof frame, and the metal gazebo is engineered to offer stability and excellent shelter.

It also features sturdy rods with sheets that are rustproof to withstand all weather conditions.

This elegant gazebo can accommodate multiple people and offers sufficient space to move around. Essentially it can accommodate an average of 8 people.

VEVOR Patio Gazebo 10x10ft Hardtop Gazebo


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The gazebo has a robust mosquito mesh with waterproof fabric, which helps protect you from water seepage and mosquitos. Se tit up on your patio, backyard, or garden.

Since it is crafted with premium materials, the warranty of this gazebo is extended. The materials don’t fade and will retain their natural texture for many years.

Things I Like...

  • Constructed with premium materials
  • Easy installation
  • Spacious design
  • Vented roof for air circulation
  • Curtains can be tied back

Not so good...

  • None as yet…

Best Vevor Gazebo Features

Rustproof Frame

The gazebo has a frame crafted from rustproof aluminum. This frame can withstand harsh weather elements and offer durability while providing adequate shelter.

Despite being exposed to high moisture levels, the rustproof frame does not rust or change its natural appearance.

Robust hardtop roof

The sturdy roof will protect you in all weather conditions. The manufacturer also includes robust ground stakes, which increase stability and durability.

Even in harsh weather elements, you will be perfectly protected due to the robust roof. You can relax while enjoying your party or any outdoor activity.


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