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4 Strong Metal Gazebos for Patio & Deck Areas

Polycarbonate gazebos or ‘hardtop gazebos’ as they’re also known are perfect for spending quality time in your garden or patio area, whatever the weather…

Polycarbonate Gazebo with Hard Roof Top

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The strong uprights that support the polycarbonate roof panels provide a real sense of extreme strength and ensure that you can hold parties or just relax on your property.

Polycarbonate is extremely strong and unlike glass, it does not shatter and is proven to be resistant up to 200 times more than glass too.

The roof panels provide protection against UV rays that can damage your skin and will also provide a dry environment for you to sit under as rain, whatever the strength will just run down the sides.

Some of these metal gazebos also have gutters built into the frame section where the rain will roll down the roof into the gutters and then run into the uprights where they act as a kind of funnel to hide the runoff water until it hits the floor.

Another good thing about these types of outdoor shelters is that they have built-in bug nets, also known as mosquito nets to keep flying insects out and stop them from spoiling your event (especially in hot weather or at night time).


Outsunny Hardtop Metal Gazebo with Mosquito Nets & Curtains

Outsunny 3 x 3 Meters Patio Aluminium Gazebo Canopy Marquee Party Tent Hardtop Roof Garden Shelter w/Mesh & Side Walls

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Straight away I’ve gone for this 3x3m hardtop gazebo by Outsunny because as long as you have the room for it on your patio or garden space then it’ll do pretty much everything you want it to.

It has a solid roof that is made up of an aluminium frame which holds in place the polycarbonate boards that protect against heavy rain and the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

These panels are much lighter in weight compared to glass and are shatterproof which is much safer than having a glass roof above your head.

The entire gazebo only weighs 41kg which would make you think just how strong is it?

I can tell you it’s really strong and extremely sturdy once it’s fixed into the ground.

Once the polycarbonate roof section is fixed onto the uprights and it’s fixed down you’ll then see exactly how sturdy and weatherproof this product is.

The curtains and mesh nets are on two different tracks so you can choose which you close and when and can do them separately or close them both at the same time for ultimate protection against bugs, cold drafts and even torrential rain that may get blown in your direction.

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Pros and cons

  • Will last for years to come
  • Doesn’t need maintenance
  • Protects against wind, rain, snow & UV rays
  • Protects against flying insects
  • Move furniture or hot tub inside
  • Durable & long-lasting frame and roof
  • 3 layer roof protection

  • Tricky to build (need at least 3 people)
  • Not cheap (but good overall value)

Best Features of the Outsunny Garden Shelter

Full Weather Protection

The polycarbonate roof is solid which means that the rain just runs off the edge and onto the floor, therefore it may be worth closing the curtains so you don’t get any splashback but apart from that, you’re protected.

During the winter you can still use the gazebo, although it may be advisable to get a patio heater that can go under a gazebo and when it snows I recommend that you also clear the roof of any snow that may have settled.

This can easily be done with a sweeping brush and it’ll just prevent any unnecessary downward pressure on the roof.

Bug Protection

Regarding bug nets, which are also called mosquito nets, they are perfect at keeping the wasps and flies out of your comfort area should you decide to eat and drink outdoors.

During the evening these nets are better used to keep out mosquitos and moths that are attracted due to the carbon dioxide we exhale, our body heat and our outdoor patio lighting.

Multi-Surface Permanent Outdoor Metal Gazebo

As long as you fix this gazebo down properly then you can place it pretty much anywhere in your garden space.  It’s ideal for being sunk into lawn or grass, fixed to a patio or deck area or screwed down to concrete or tarmac.

Before you fix it down, just consider the type of ground you’re fixing it to and whether you’ll be able to use it in bad weather.  For example, fixing it into a lawn may prevent you from using it in winter or during very wet weather.

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Palram Martinique Hardtop Gazebo 4300 for Year-Round Use

When you view all the extra images on Amazon of this product, I’m convinced you’re going to fall in love with this summer gazebo.  I said summer because as there are no curtains I class it as more of a pleasant weather gazebo.

Palram Martinique Grey Garden Gazebo - Robust Structure for Year-Round Use (4300)

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The roof section consists of an aluminium frame that holds in place 6mm polycarbonate panels that will protect against snow, wind, hail, rain and the sun.

These panels will ensure that light is not blocked out during cloudy conditions but will provide protection during sunny weather and act as a buffer to prevent overexposure to bright sunlight and harmful UV rays.

The roof section also has ventilation sections built-in and they’re at an angle that will prevent rain from leaking through them and inside.

These ventilated areas will ensure the free flow of air and can help get rid of stale air whilst also regulating the temperature inside the gazebo when in use.

The roof section has a gutter section along the edge where rainwater is encouraged to collect in the four corners where you can add a downspout/drainpipe for easy guidance to the floor.

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Pros and cons

  • Anthracite Powder-coated for protection
  • 100% UV Protection via the Roof Section
  • Extremely Sturdy & Strong
  • Will Last for Years to Come
  • Has a Unique Bronze Colour Glazing
  • Built-In Gutters for Easy Rain Runoff
  • Maintenance Free

  • Can Take a While to Build
  • Minimum of 2 People to Assemble