Best Heaters for Outdoors & Why…

Don’t just limit yourself to the summerhouse, these outdoor heaters work well in any log cabin, shed, and outbuilding too.

If you’re going to invest in a heater, you need one that is going to work for more than just one winter. See my list of the most durable and effective heaters.

Best Outdoor Heaters In 2022

Heat your log cabin, summerhouse, home office, or garden shed





Amazon Basics


Log Fire

Oil Radiator














W: 59cm H: 56cm D: 28cm

51.9 x 21.8 x 64 cm

17.5 x 13.5 x 22.8 cm

20 x 20.5 x 30.5 cm

Remote Control


Safety Cut-Off

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My Outside Heaters Reviews


LIVIVO Log Fire Effect Heater Review

This heater by LIVIVO is a beautiful addition to any of your outside spaces because the company has really thought about creating a heater that is functional and attractive.

The heater is lit with modern LED lighting that gives the impression of a glowing fire, without any of the hassles of a gas fireplace. Simply plug it in and sit back and enjoy the view.


LIVIVO Log Fire Effect Panoramic Heater 1800W


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The adjustable thermostat features and temperature control means that you can make your outbuilding temperature suit you. If it starts to get too warm, just turn it down again.

LIVIVO has thought about the safety features of the product. This heater comes with an automatic shut-off feature that means you can never leave it on to overheat.

This heater is also incredibly lightweight too. Just pick it up and move it with minimal effort whenever you need to, or move it to other rooms/buildings as required.


Eye-Catching Design

This heater is probably one of the most visually appealing on the list. Who doesn’t want the effect of a burning log fire, with none of the mess or safety concerns?

The large windows on the heater allow for a truly panoramic view. The light seeps out in every direction so it warms the room and brightens it at the same time.

Safety Features

Not only does this heater shut off if the internal temperature is too high, meaning your new heater won’t ever overheat, but it also has sensors that will shut it off if it is toppled over.

Children and pets can easily knock over products by accident, so knowing that the heater will turn itself automatically means you don’t need to worry about a potential fire.

Powerful Fan Heater

The heater operates on a fan-based system that means you will get equal distribution of heat, whether you’re in a small space or a larger one so you’ll always feel the benefit.

The heater is also relatively quiet when operating, which means you can continue your conversation or relaxation uninterrupted by the sound of a noisy heater.

Free Standing And No Installation

Some traditional heaters require expert installation, but this electric heater by LIVIVO can be installed in minutes by simply plugging it in and switching it on.

It’s also free-standing so it doesn’t require installation in a specific spot. Once you’ve plugged it in, you can move it to wherever the plug can reach if you prefer it elsewhere.

TaoTronics Fan Heater Review

The heater above could certainly be described as traditional, but this one by TaoTronics is anything but! It utilises a modern design and technology for a top-performing heater.

It comes with safety features like overheating and tip-over shut off – but it also has a 12 hour shut off so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch it off.


Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater 


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Its ceramic heater means it warms up instantly and can reach 21 degrees in just 3 seconds. The fan heater then distributes the heat to any small space in seconds.

The TaoTronics heater design is both sleek and modern. It has been designed quite simply so that it can fit into any room, decorated in any way, and still look great.

The handle at the back of the product means that it is safe to transport even when it’s switched on, if you decide its placement needs to be changed slightly for better heating.


Targeted Heating

Using its modern technology, the TaoTronics fan heater is capable of heating at a 65-degree oscillation and on a 7-degree tilt, so the room heats quickly and evenly.

This is great because you are able to heat a space evenly without wasting any heat, so you always know you are getting a heater that is performing at its best.

Three Different Heating Modes

Depending on your requirements, you can set the heater to High, Low, or ECO mode. The high and low modes are obviously self-explanatory, but they are effective.

The ECO mode means that the heater will respond to the temperature of the room to try and keep it at 24 degrees. It will switch between High and Low to save energy.

Compact Size

Normally a heater is designed to stand out and take centre stage in a room or outbuilding, but TaoTronics have designed a heater that is supposed to blend in.

At just 18 inches high, this heater can be placed on your desk in a garden office, on the floor in your summerhouse, or anywhere else for that matter and you won’t notice it.

Remote Control

Maybe this is lazy, or maybe this is genius – we’ll let you decide. The point is, a remote control comes as standard, so you can change the heat from the comfort of your chair.

Seriously though, if the point of a heater is to make you more comfortable and cosy, then surely the addition of the remote control is something to be welcomed!

ANSIO Oil Filled Heater Review

This ANSIO heater is slightly more industrial in design than the other two listed so far, but it is something that is welcome. Its sleek black design is definitely attractive.

Again, this heater seems to have gone one step further on safety. As well as the other functions, this also comes with a child lock on the remote so they can’t change anything.


ANSIO Oil Filled Radiator Heater with 11 Fins and Remote


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This heater might also be one of the most easily transported on the entire list, thanks to the wheels at the base that have been incorporated into the design.

The ANSIO oil-filled heater also has a memory function that remembers the last used settings, so you never have to play around to find the perfect temperature again.

*Please note that the manufacturers stress that this heater should be plugged into the mains plug socket ONLY. Do not plug this into an extension lead because damage may occur.


Timer Function


This ANSIO heater comes with a timer function that can be set for anything from 1 hour up to 24 hours, so you can make sure your space is heated consistently.

But don’t worry, the safety features still work whilst the timer function is on, so it will switch off if overheating, or if it has been tipped over, so you know it is safe to leave on the timer.

Temperature Variation

Unlike some other heaters that come with a specific temperature, this heater can be changed from anywhere from 5 degrees to 35 degrees depending on your needs.

This means you can alter the temperature to your preferred range, and can easily change it again if you need to with the remote control if it becomes too warm or too cold.

Three Year Warranty

This is a welcome addition because it shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product and that it is built to last for a while, so you can be confident too.

A heater that can last for three years guaranteed is great because you will likely be using it most days in winter and autumn, so that’s a lot of risk-free usage for the customer.

Heat Distribution

The heat is distributed evenly from both sides of the heater, so you can heat up the room with maximum efficiency and in a very timely manner to create a cosy space.

With its ability to release heat from both sides, you can place the heater wherever in a room and be confident that the heat will reach you wherever you are.

ANSIO Ceramic Space Heater 2000W Review

Another heater from ANSIO now, but this time a ceramic one. It’s slightly smaller than the ANSIO oil heater above, so it might be more convenient for you.

This heater is intended to be used as a portable heater in small spaces, which could mean that it would be perfect in your summerhouse, log cabin, shed, or outbuilding.


ANSIO Heater Ceramic 2000W Mini Electric PTC Fan Heater


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It works by heating air through a PTC filter, so whilst it may be slightly noisier than fan heaters, it does heat a space incredibly quickly and it is very safe to use.

Two power modes come with this heater, either low or high. The low power mode will heat the room with 1200W, whilst the high power will do so with 2000W.

Its compact all-black design means that you could put it anywhere with a little bit of space and it would blend in, heating the room without standing out too much.


Different Power Modes

The two power modes are actually a great feature for those who may be quite conscious about the amount of energy they are using, and switching between the two is easy.

You can simply use the manual controls to change power mode. Low power will produce a gentle heat, and high power will be slightly more intense, so you can change to suit you.

Super Compact Design

At just 8 inches tall this heater can really be used for efficient heating without having to find a large space for it. Stick it in the corner of a shed and you won’t have to look at it much at all.

This means it can easily be placed in any room and it’s easily transportable if you think of a better place for it once you have plugged it into the main plug socket.

Unique PTC Filter

The other heaters we have looked at so far have either been fan heated or oil heating, so it’s nice to see another different option on the list in case you prefer it.

By simply heating the air through the PTC feature, the heater is able to distribute hot air around the room evenly and allow the small space to heat incredibly quickly.

Useful Thermostat

Having a thermostat on a heater with a PTC filter means that the air will constantly be kept at the temperature you desire for as long as the heater is left on.

You could just switch it on in the corner of the room and forget about it. You will just be warmed comfortably without having to change anything about it until you leave.

AmazonBasics Portable Surround Fan Heater Review

Few heaters will provide you with full 360-degree heating in quite the same way as the AmazonBasics heater listed here can, and it is completely effective at doing so.

It comes in a very stylish black design, and it is relatively compact for easy transportation to new places, and for blending seamlessly into already decorated rooms.


Amazon Basics Portable 360° Surround Fan Heater 1800 W [UK Plug]


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The design of the product means that it is comfortable to hold the ergonomic handle at the top of the heater, so you can move it easily wherever you need it…

For the guaranteed safety of this project, it comes with overheating protection as with the others, but it also has a helpful red light indicator to show when power is on.

The fan heater is also incredibly quiet, so it can easily be placed in the centre of a group of people sitting around it to warm everybody evenly whilst conversation still flows.


360 Degree Heating

This is one of the most impressive features of this heater by far because few other heaters have it. It warms a room up so quickly because of the 360-degree feature.

This means that heat is spread completely evenly throughout the space, so you don’t have people fighting over the warm spot to sit in when you are outside in your summerhouse.

Unique Design

Because of the AmazonBasics 360 degree heating capabilities, they have also had to think carefully about the design of the product too, in order to suit this feature.

The result is a very stylish little black heater that is shaped in a cylindrical way, and it makes for a very interesting-looking heater compared to some of the other standard options.

2 Heating Modes And Thermostat

This heater couldn’t be more simple to use. After plugging it in, simply choose the low or high power setting and twist the thermostat to suit your specific needs.

The thermostat works on a scale of ‘Min’ to ‘Max’ so whilst you won’t know the exact temperature, you will be able to turn the dial to a temperature that suits you easily.

Great Value For Money

Some fan heaters can end up costing you quite a bit of money if you want one with all of the mod cons, but this one is able to keep the cost down thanks to its simple design.

Whilst it may be simple though, the little heater is incredibly effective too, so you really do get a top-performing product for a fraction of the usual price you would pay.

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