Palram Patio Cover Reviews

Palram is a world-leading company developing thermal plastic sheets for outdoor use that are resistant to all weather conditions. Palram Patio Covers are a great way to provide shelter to your backyard or patio area and provide an area for outdoor furniture or a spa/hot tub.

Best Palram Patio Covers In 2022

Good quality rain and shade patio covers by Palram












555 x 300 x 305 cm

426.9 x 285.3 x 327.5 cm

307 x 295 x 305 cm

546 x 295 x 305 cm


Grey or White


Grey or White


Powder Coated

UV Protection





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Palram Sierra Patio Cover Review

The Palram Sierra patio cover is as sturdy as it is stylish. The product is available in grey or white, so you can pick the one you prefer, and it looks impressive in any garden.

It will need a solid exterior wall to be attached to, but once it’s up there is very little maintenance required for this product, so you can relax knowing it is fuss-free.


Palram Sierra Patio Cover (3X5.46, Grey)


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The legs can be adjusted in two ways – the distance from the wall, and the distance from each other – and the roof attachment’s height can be adjusted to suit your home too.

Palram’s Sierra patio cover also comes in a variety of different sizes to suit your patio area, just size up before purchasing so you know you’re getting the best one for you.

Putting it up couldn’t be simpler too, thanks to its sliding panel installation system. It was designed for two people to construct, without any need for specialist tools or experience.

The roof panels are all 6mm thick polycarbonate, so they are high impact, shatter-resistant, and completely clear to let the light through, whilst protecting you from UV rays.

The sturdy aluminium frame is rust-resistant, and it won’t discolour over time, so you know that your product will be looking its best for years to come after purchasing.


Anchor Kit Included

One of the best features about this patio cover is that everything you need to install it against your wall comes with it, so you can construct it easy, stress-free.

The anchor kit contains instructions for how to build, and how to adjust the patio cover to fit your particular exterior wall, so it really covers all scenarios that you might face.

6mm Polycarbonate Roof Panels

So many patio covers are only offered with glass roofing or metal roofing. The problem with those is that glass is susceptible to breakage and metal blocks out the sun.

You might be in the U.K. but you still want to see the sun when it does come out. Polycarbonate is shatter resistant and can deal with high impacts without breaking, all whilst letting the light through.

Adjustable Drain Pipes

This patio cover comes with two drain pipes at either end, but one of these can be inverted so you can make one of the drainpipes the primary one and stop the other.

This is a really helpful feature because, during heavy rainfall, you might have a side where draining is preferable to avoid flooding different areas of your garden.

100% UV Protection

Patio covers don’t all offer 100% UV protection, but the Sierra one does, thanks to its roof panels capability to block all UV light from affecting anybody sitting underneath the cover.

On top of that, the roof panels do not discolour, become brittle, or fracture over time as with some other roof panel options, so you’ll always have see-through, protective roof panels.

Palram Joya Patio Cover System Review

Palram’s Joya patio cover is, well, a joy! It’s available in only one colour scheme: white/clear, but it looks great and its slightly curved roof makes for a great feature against your home.

Palram has really thought about easy installation with this one, and they market it as a ‘Place, Press, and Tighten’ installation system that couldn’t be simpler to follow.


Palram Joya Terrasen Canopy – White


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The roof panels here are slightly thicker, at 8mm, and are still polycarbonate so continue to protect against UV light, and are shatter resistant and capable of withstanding high impacts.

This patio cover is also incredibly robust and durable, and it is corrosion-resistant, and the aluminium frame has been powder coated for added protection against weathering effects.

Palram also offers their Joya patio cover with a ten-year warranty, so they are clearly confident that their galvanized steel connectors and aluminium frame are built to last.

The best part is that the patio cover has zero maintenance so that 10-year warranty is still valid even if you put it up on the first day you get it and leave it outside all year round untouched.

It does only come in one size though, so measure up your patio area before buying. But, the wall mounting plate and legs are adjustable to fit your specific building too.


10 Year Warranty

When you’re spending money on a product like a patio cover, you need to be certain that the product is built to last outside, in all manner of weather conditions.

Palram is clearly confident that they have created a product that can do just that, so you know you can leave the product up all year round, risk-free, for 10 whole years.

Attractive Design

Of course, you might prefer the slightly more angled structure of the Sierra option above, but the curved roof panels on the Joya model really do add something to the patio cover.

Once it has been constructed and placed against an exterior wall, the curved roof panels will be a feature that others are impressed by when they see it, and it’s great for rainwater to slide right off too.

‘Place, Press, and Tighten’

As mentioned above, the construction of this particular patio cover might just be the easiest on the entire list. It really is as simple as Palram implies here, so that’s great.

You will of course still require a minimum of 2 people to help construct it (though the more the merrier with jobs like this), but it will still be easily installed against your house.

Durable Structure

Just because Palram only offers a 10-year warranty doesn’t mean it will only last for ten years. The structure of the patio cover is built to be sturdy and stand up against all weather conditions.

Thanks to it’s galvanized steel connectors, treated aluminium frame, and 8mm thick polycarbonate roof panels, your patio cover could very well be standing after those ten years are up!

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Palram Olympia Patio Awning Cover Review


The product name really does suit this patio cover, because the Olympia is a strong structure that has been built to last, and you’ll be using it for years to come.

The design is much more similar to the Sierra patio cover that we reviewed first, so if you like that style then this is a great alternative to that one, and it looks just as sleek.




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The roof panels on the Olympia are made of a 16mm polycarbonate high impact material, and natural light is still able to shine through with all of the same protections as before.

2 rain gutters come with the Olympia patio cover as standard, so you can fit them to collect rainwater and for thorough drainage to an area of your garden that suits you.

The whole structure comes ready to assemble with predrilled profiles and screws, all you really need to do is slide the roof panels into place and secure the structure to the wall.

The aluminium frame is reinforced again for added structural integrity, and it is designed to be resistant against rust, so you don’t need to worry about it being compromised.

Different sizes are available again here, so you can use it as a porch covering for a door, all the way up to a large entertainment/dining outdoor space if you have the room.


16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof Panels

What’s better than 6mm multiwall polycarbonate roof panels? The 16mm version of course. It’s still shatter-resistant and UV protected too, but just thicker.

This added peace of mind might be great for you if you have children practising their football or cricket skills nearby because a few extra mm will definitely come in handy then…

Stylish Structure

It’s available in grey or white, and both look great. The grey one does look a little sleeker with the clear panels between the frame, but it really is a personal preference.

The angled design is nice to look at, and it’s great for sending rainwater right down the drainpipes that are at either end of the guttering, so it’s functional too.


Speaking of guttering, the manufacturers actually suggest collecting the rainwater rather than letting it run down the drainpipes and off into your garden.

This is an excellent idea for a self-sustaining irrigation system that you can use to water your garden and keep your plants and shrubs looking as great as the patio cover does!

Anchoring And Foot-Pads

These come included in the box on delivery, and it allows you to anchor your new Olympia patio cover to any surface that you need to, so you aren’t limited here.

Some patio covers need to be anchored to a specific surface, but Palram has created a product capable of being installed on any level surface regardless of material.

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Palram Feria Pergola Patio Cover Review

When you first read what today’s review was all about, you probably imagined a patio cover that was similar in design to the Feria, because it is the most traditional option on the list.

That’s not to say that the design is dated in any way because the white structure is truly timeless and it looks great against even the most modern of buildings today.


Palram Pergola Patio Cover Feria 3 x 5.46m


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The roof panels are 8mm polycarbonate again, so continue to be shatter resistant and protect against UV light, so you can sit under the patio cover all day long with confidence.

Palram’s Feria patio cover can be constructed with two people in an hour or two easily because the roof panels just need clipping into the frame and the structure just needs drilling to the wall.

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The frame is still rust-resistant and Palram actually claims that the Feria is completely maintenance-free with no risk of corrosion, rust, rot, moss, or fungus.

You can also adjust the width and depth of the poles to suit you, even once it has been installed. This means you can extend the patio cover for more guests if you need to.

The different sizes make this a truly versatile product too. You don’t just need to use it as a patio cover, it can be used as anything from a carport to an enclosed dining area.


Optional Sidewalls

This is a great option for if you are wanting to create a slightly more intimate or weather-resistant space. Just simply attach the optional sidewalls to close off the area.

It would be great to do this in the winter months where wind and rain might mix to find their way into your patio covered area, so placing the sidewalls up could protect you against that.

Traditional Design

Sometimes it’s nice not to break from tradition, and a patio cover that looks this great deserves to be kept around for years to come, so it’s a nice investment piece.

You already know that it won’t age badly, because patio covers have looked this crisp and clear for years now, and they are still one of the most popular choices today.

10 Year Warranty

Again, you don’t want a patio cover that will need to be replaced after a year or two, so a warranty is always welcome, especially if it lasts for ten whole years!

The structure is durable, and once it is secured to the wall and the panels have been clicked and locked in, the patio cover will be sturdy against strong winds and heavy rains.

Step By Step Construction

The box will contain step by step instructions upon arrival, so building the Feria patio cover is very easy if you have 2 of you working together to hold the structure in place.

Each step is clear and concise, so you can follow along easily without getting confused. Two people could very easily install the patio cover at a steady and careful pace in a couple of hours.

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