The Best Summerhouses & Why…

With more of us spending extra time at home either relaxing or working, it’s time to update our gardens so we can spend time outdoors rather than inside.

Summerhouses provide a welcome escape from your home.  Whether it’s relaxing with friends with a glass of wine or an outdoor office to work from home.

5 Best Summerhouses in 2022

The Best Summerhouses for small gardens or work from home


Project timber

Mira Timber


Forest Garden




3.88m x 2.98m

4.20m x 3.33m x 2.49m



Pressure Treated


Door Type

French doors

Double doors

Double doors

Double doors

Long Side Windows

Long Side Windows







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Project Timber Cannes Summerhouse Review

This Summerhouse by Project Timber is perfect for bright sunny days to work or relax in your garden where you can open the doors and breathe in that fresh air and relax with nature.

The wood is pressure treated for extra durability and also repels insects and other wood-boring insects from damaging the wood.  It also comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.


Cannes Tongue & Groove Shiplap Summerhouse


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The sliding french doors allow you to let fresh air inside and they’re perfect for regulating the temperature during those long hot summer months…

This summerhouse is straightforward to build and realistically, you’ll require 2 people to build it and it can be assembled easily enough in one day.

The tongue and groove shiplap panels make it easy to fit the summerhouse together and the multi-foil insulation and smooth cladding help keep the heat inside in winter.

The external cladding is primed ready for you to paint it with a protective wood coating and it’s recommended that you do this within the first 6 months of ownership.


French Double Doors

The French double doors allow fresh air to circulate inside.  They fold back so they won’t take up much room and there’s no worry of the wind blowing them about.

Both doors have a handle each to help open or close them which makes operating easier but also prevents dirty hands from tarnishing the wood over long periods.

Full-Length Side Windows

Not only can sunlight protrude via the open design of the windowed french doors but you also have 2 large and pretty much ‘full length’ windows for extra natural light.

The windows are made from styrene which is a great alternative to glass because it’s extremely strong, doesn’t shatter and is much lighter and safer.

Ideal for Furniture & Accessories

You can easily add your own furniture to make it more comfortable, alternatively, you can add office furniture if you intend to use it to work at home.

Accessories such as a small dining table with chairs, office desk, sofa, rocking chair, bean bags, some will connect an electric supply for lighting, heaters and game consoles, etc

Felt Apex Rooftop

The roof has felt protection to provide waterproofing, a level of protection between the wood exterior of the roof and the outside.  The felt is included in the package.

The apex roof is a popular feature with these shelters.  The apex roof primarily helps to protect the roof section by ensuring water runs off and doesn’t damage the wood.

Mira Timber Log Cabin Shed Review

Don’t let the name fool you. The Mira Timber Log Cabin Shed is an excellent summerhouse that’s perfect for sitting in on a lazy sun-filled afternoon.

Whilst the wood isn’t pressure-treated like the Project Timber option above, it is a wonderful-looking spruce wood frame that’ll look great in any garden.


Mira Timber Log Cabin / Work at Home Office


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The double doors have a lock and handle as standard so security is a high priority, and the single glazed windows mean you’ll never be too hot as you sit inside.

Instructions and a helpful assembly kit are included and easy to follow but as with most summerhouses, you will need 2 or more people to build it.

The tongue and groove wall boards are easily slotted together, however, the floor is not included and the roof is made of Bituminous Felt instead of the more stylish shingles.

It’s also important to remember that the wood arrives untreated, so will require an application of good timber preserves to keep the summerhouse looking great.


Single Glaze Glass

One of the worst things about sitting in a summerhouse when it is hot outside is the uncomfortable warmth inside. The single glazed windows mean you won’t face that problem.

The windows are on the doors and a half window to the right of the shed. This allows for plenty of light to pass through, giving the summerhouse a comforting glow.

Bituminous Felt Roof

Whilst it may not be as stylish as shingles, this style of roofing is incredibly robust and capable of dealing with harsh winters and downpours of rain when it needs to.

This is a welcome addition because it means you can be confident that your summerhouse will be protected all year long thanks to it being waterproof.

Lots Of Space Indoors

This summerhouse may not be the biggest I’ve reviewed but it’s certainly large enough for you to fill with the furniture you have in mind. You’ll find it surprisingly spacious.

The manufacturers suggest using it as a garden office, playroom, or for extra storage. The amount of room available here means that you could definitely use it for these purposes.

Excellent Value For Money

Considering its large size, this summerhouse really is great for the money you pay. It looks incredibly stylish in the garden and it is large enough to be functional.

Some summerhouses of this size can be sold for much more money, so it’s good to see an option that is both affordable, secure, and great to look at too.

Rowlinson Work at Home Office Review

This Rowlinson summerhouse is marketed as a garden office, but it’s large enough to use for whatever you like and it has an almost home feel that makes the place look great!

The double doors open out onto a porch area that makes the summerhouse look stylish and works well as an area to take off muddy boots etc. before you step inside.


Rowlinson Office, Natural


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It has interlocking walls, but the veranda/porch area does mean that construction could take longer because there is slightly more work to put it up.

The opening windows might take a little longer to build, but they’ll be worth your time. Opening the windows to let a cool summer breeze blow through will be welcome in summer.

The glass has been reinforced for safety, and this is great to see considering its playful style could easily mean that this summerhouse could work as a playhouse for children too.

*The wood hasn’t been pressure treated so you will need to invest in some good quality wood treatment to stop the wood from rotting or becoming damaged.


Two Way Tilt Opening Windows

This means that the windows can be opened out or opened in, so you can do what is best for you in terms of letting the breeze in or keeping the rain out.


You can open them in on yourself to welcome in any passing breeze, or if the rain sets in and you still want fresh air, simply push the window out.

Veranda/Porch Area

This is the only summerhouse on the list that comes with this feature and it’s a huge selling point because it really does look great and it adds a lot to the structure.

Having that extra space outdoors means you could put a small stool outside to breathe in the fresh air, or simply use it as an area to leave your shoes before you walk inside.

Maybe you’d like to hang artificial or real hanging baskets

Double Lock Doors

If you are going to spend all that money on a garden office, then you need to be sure that it is completely secure when you leave it at night time and this one is.

It comes with double lock doors with a lock and key as standard, and the toughened glass means its more difficult to break accidentally, and on purpose.

You Can Decorate How You Want

Whilst this might seem obvious, some summerhouses come built with wood that won’t thank you for painting over it because it really only needs timber treatment.

This summerhouse welcomes all comers though, from staining to painting, you’ll be able to take this beautiful summerhouse and turn it into something of your own!

Forest Garden Oakley Summerhouse Review

This summerhouse by Forest Garden is about as traditional as summerhouses get. Large windows from almost every side mean you can really let the summer in with this one.

The wood is pressure-treated for durability and is capable of standing up to harsh winters. You can be confident that your summerhouse will be ready for use next summer.


Forest Garden Oakley Summerhouse Pressure Treated 


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Construction has really been thought about here, and they have overlapped the boards to encourage rainwater to run off the sides of the buildings to prevent rot.

The windows are all made of lightweight shatterproof acrylic, allowing the light to flood in from every angle, but also increasing the safety of the building.

It has barge board roofing that provides a really attractive gabled finish, but it also protects the wood further from rain damage so it’s functional and nice to look at.

*This has been pressure treated and has a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal damage. Treating the timber with high-quality preserves is always a good idea though.


Three Quarter Length Windows

The biggest selling point about this summerhouse has to be the large windows on the doors, and the two smaller ones to the side. Light floods in from every direction.

The whole point of a summerhouse is to get outside and enjoy the weather from the protection of a building and this lets all of the natural light in that it can.

Timber Boarded Floor

This is a reinforced timber floor capable of dealing with quite heavy loads. This was included to accommodate the furniture that you might want to put inside.

Because of this solid floor, it is a much better option for people looking to use the building as a summerhouse so they can put everything they want in there.

Wide Opening Double Doors

For when sitting inside and watching the world from the window just isn’t enough, you can push the large double doors wide open and let the outside in.

This is great for sitting inside reading a book or a glass of wine as it gives you the impression of being outdoors whilst protecting you from sunburn or heat stroke.

Water Tight

Its mineral-felted roof doesn’t just look great, it’s completely watertight too, meaning you can safely leave furniture inside the summerhouse all year round.

This coupled with the board design means that water damage is far less likely, so the company really can stick to its 15-year guarantee with confidence.

Waltons Wooden Corner Summerhouse Review

If the last summerhouse we looked at was a traditional one, then welcome to the new age! This corner summerhouse is cleverly designed in a very modern way!

The space-saving design is appreciated, but its large double doors are a huge selling point thanks to their full-length windows filling the space with natural light.


WALTONS Wood Corner Summerhouse 7x7


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The windows to the side are also full length and all of the windows are made of shatterproof styrene that makes it safe for children to be around and enjoy too.

This summerhouse is multi-functional and is marketed as a garden room, sunroom, studio, and office, so it really can be anything you want it to be when you get it.

The cladding is tongue and groove again for fast construction and it is 12mm meaning it is strong and durable so you can be confident in your finished product.

*This comes with a ten-year anti-rot guarantee and the timber is FSC certified.

In order for the company to honour your ten-year guarantee though you must treat it with high-quality timber preserve on arrival and every year thereafter.


Unique Design

Most summerhouses have the tendency to look quite similar, but this modern design means you’ll save space, and it’ll look really great in your garden too.

Because of the unique design, you’ll be able to really appreciate the natural light as it pours in at an angle, meaning every corner of the summerhouse is well lit.

Sturdy Roof And Floor

Both of these are made of a 9mm solid sheet board, meaning it can withstand quite a fair amount of weight. The roof and floor will be protected for years to come.

You don’t know what may happen outside of your summerhouse too, so it’s nice to see the manufacturers are thinking of everything and protecting both roof and floor.

Easy To Build Shiplap Cladding

It is recommended that two people build this summerhouse and it can definitely be done in a matter of hours if you follow the instructions carefully that come with it.

Slotting the tongue and groove cladding into place is easy enough for 2 people to do and is minimal effort. It only takes a few hours because of the size of the summerhouse.


This summerhouse is marketed for many different uses that it shows its versatility. You can be confident putting any furniture in here and know that the summerhouse can hold it.

Because of its versatility and durability, you will be able to switch the purpose of the room if you decide to do something different with it as the years pass.

Have you thought about buying a heater for your summerhouse or log cabin?


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