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Best Hardtop Gazebos with Reviews & Ratings

A Hardtop gazebo is a great way of spending time outdoors whilst being protected against wet weather that quite often disrupts most other outdoor events.MASTERCANOPY Hardtop Gazebo on Amazon

It can be left outdoors all year round due to the solid polycarbonate, steel, or wooden roof section and requires little maintenance to keep it in good order.

Initially, it will take a fair bit of effort to get it built, however, with the help of 3 or 4 friends you’ll have it built in no time at all and ready to use in just a few hours.

Hardtop gazebos will last a long time if they’re assembled properly and the curtains and bug nets are removed as winter approaches to prevent damage from snow or strong winds.

Take a look at these 6 hardtops that I believe are the best on the market and I’ve listed a variety of sizes and brands to choose from, together with my very own reviews.

SOJAG DAKOTA Gazebo 8×8 Review (Outdoor Sun Shelter)

This 8×8 Sojag Dakota hardtop gazebo is ideal for smaller yards that don’t have the room for larger versions.

Sojag 8' x 8' Dakota Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, Black, Brown

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Although it is one of the smaller models, it is just as strong and robust as the larger models and can be left outdoors all year round without any worries.

The galvanized steel panels create a strong roof section that won’t leak and as the panels are hard, there isn’t any sag like you could see on a soft top gazebo.

Supporting the powder-coated roof panels are 4 strong aluminum beams that provide a very strong foundation and offer great support for the roof section.

As the frame and roof sections are powder coated this means that they are rust and corrosion resistant which helps your investment in this product last much longer.

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Pros and cons

  • Very durable roof & support beams
  • Bug nets to keep Mosquitos out!
  • 77 Inch walk-in height (6.4ft)
  • Extremely Sturdy when built
  • The roof has Snow load of 2500lbs
  • Has curtains & mosquito nets
  • Ideal for cooking underneath

  • Easy to build but needs 2 to 3 people


Ideal for Cookouts & Hot tubs

This steel gazebo can be used for lots of types of events due to its sheer strength and reliability which means you can be confident enough to invite friends and family around knowing that this pavilion will not let you down.

This hardtop can easily protect you and your hot tub if it begins to rain and equally protect you and your guests against UV rays whilst you relax in your spa without getting sunburnt.

Cookouts are also suitable because the roof and frame sections are steel and aluminum so they won’t ignite, although, you will have to make sure the curtains and nets are taken down or tied up away from the naked flame.

Straightforward to Build

As you can imagine, this product has heavy parts which you would expect given the strength of the roof and frame.

This, therefore, means that it’s not practical to attempt to construct this hardtop gazebo yourself and you should ask a couple of friends to help you.  You can expect it to take around 5-6 hours with help.

Snow load of 2500lbs

If your state has high levels of snowfall then you’ll be pleased to hear that this hardtop gazebo has a snow load of 2500lbs.  Even though this is a high level of protection it is still recommended that you gently sweep off snow accumulation as it starts to build up.

You can do this with a regular yard brush.

Mosquito nets

The Mosquito nets are much more important than you might imagine, especially if you intend on using your gazebo in the evening for something like a romantic meal or relaxing with a glass of wine.

The nylon nets ensure that the bugs are kept out especially when you have to turn your gazebo lights on in the evening whilst also being able to keep other annoying insects out during the day that might be attracted by your food.

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Hardtop Gazebo Guide (F.A.Q’s)

Below I have answered a few frequently asked questions to help you understand more.  However, feel free to jump to the reviews below by choosing your preferred size > 10x10ft (2) | 10x12ft | 10x14ft | 12x12ft | 12x14ft.

Are Hardtop Gazebos easy to Build?

Hardtops are impossible for one person to build by themselves and before I get a deluge of emails claiming you know someone who has, then I salute them.

However, the parts of a hardtop gazebo are meant to be heavy due to the sheer strength and resolution of the shelter, therefore, 1 person attempting this is dangerous and not recommended.

Hardtop gazebos are straightforward to build because, apart from the roof section, they are 4 very heavy uprights with either a wooden, polycarbonate or powder-coated steel roof.

It is generally better to have a small team of around 4 to 5 people to assemble the gazebo and help lift the uprights into place and attach the roof section.

It can take between 3-6 hours to fully assemble a hardtop gazebo.

Can Hardtop Gazebos withstand Snow Load?

Yes, as long as you’ve assembled your hardtop properly and is fixed into or to the solid ground then your gazebo will be able to hold up in wintery weather.

It is always better to monitor the snow that has accumulated on top of your gazebo during winter and occasionally use a yard brush to sweep off excessive snow as it starts to build up.

There is no reason to take down your hardtop as winter approaches as it is more than strong enough to cope with a bad winter.

Personally, if you have curtains or bug nets, then I would remove them before the weather worsens.

How to Winterize a Hardtop Gazebo?

Nobody knows more about your hardtop gazebo than you because there are so many variations and material types, however, I will provide you with a basic set of instructions to follow to help you winterize it.

First of all, regularly remove leaves from the roof especially if you have a gazebo with a wooden roof.  Leaves will decompose over time and can accelerate rotting in certain places of the gazebo.

Secondly, remove any furniture that you may have inside because as winds get stronger there is more chance of the furniture blowing over and getting damaged.  Leaving furniture underneath may also cause discoloring, rotting or begin to smell.

If you have curtains, bug nets, or hanging lights then it is best to remove all of these because they can easily be damaged during strong winds, and in the case of the nets and curtains, they can become discolored or rip.

Some hardtop gazebo owners have used long bungee chords to add extra support and stability by placing them over the top of the gazebo and anchored into the ground.

Preservative sprays can also be used if you have a wooden frame and roof or a rust-resistant spray if you have steel parts.

How Long do Hardtop Gazebos Last?

It all depends on how well you have assembled your gazebo in the first place.  However, you can expect your hardtop gazebo to last anywhere from 5-10 years and sometimes much longer if annual maintenance is carried out.

OUTSUNNY 10×10 Hardtop Gazebo Review with Nets & Curtains

Outsunny 10' x 10' Aluminum Frame Hardtop Gazebo with Mosquito Netting and Curtains- Brown/Black

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The Outsunny 10′ x 10′ Aluminum Frame Hardtop Gazebo offers the ideal solution for homeowners looking to a roomy space for people to gather, enjoy the heat of the afternoon sunshine, while still being protected from the harm of the sun’s rays.

Featuring a rustproof, powder-coated, galvanized steel roof and an aluminum frame that is built to last.

The legs offer a great foundation and support to the sturdy roof. The modern solid roof is the perfect solution to the older soft roof models that always sagged.

This gazebo comes fully equipped to protect you from rain, insects and the sun. its weather-resistant curtains and zipper netting. Offering protection as well as privacy.

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  • Extremely durable support beams and roof
  • Top-quality bug nets to stop mosquitos
  • Generous head clearance at 8.5 feet
  • Offer plenty of space for cookouts.
  • Trustworthy and sturdy once constructed

  • This large unit will need three or four people to safely construct.


Loads of space

The generous 8.5’ dimensions of this gazebo mean it can be used for many various things. Whether you are merely seeking a sheltered space to relax. Or you require a solution to entertain some guests during a cookout.

It offers ample space for it to comfortably fit over your hot-tub.

Built to last

The steel hardtop roof and powder coated rust-resistant frame were built to last.

They also do their primary job extremely effectively, proving you with long-lasting effective shelter for years to come.

A stable and sturdy build comes with three expansion screws or ground stakes for each pole, that allows it to be easily secured on either soft or hard surfaces.

Broad protection from the sidewalls

The fully enclosed zipper netting is excellent and will keep out all unwanted guests once it is properly installed. The double weather-resistant curtains provide great shelter from the wind, rain, and the sun while adding the extra element of privacy should you need it.

Easy to build

Yes, the solid roof is heavy, and you will need some help lifting the constructed gazebo into place, but this should hardly be surprising considering the quality of the product and the strength of the frame and roof.

It is probably not possible to construct this gazebo on your own, ask a couple of mates to help, you can always lay on a cookout and a few beers as a thank you afterward. Make sure they have four or five hours to spare.

Modern and versatile design

This gazebo would not look out of place and in a patio, backyard or other outdoor space. Relax and enjoy the comfort and glamour of a resort experience in your backyard.

Improve every aspect of your backyard experience with this excellent product from Outsunny.

This gazebo will elevate your external areas, offering a level of elegance as well as comfort that will surely impress both your family, friends, and neighbors.

The perfect solution for weddings, camping, barbecues, family gatherings, afternoon picnics or any other important event.

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Live in the U.K?  Try these Polycarbonate Gazebos

OUTSUNNY 10×12 Hardtop Gazebo with Steel Roof

This Outsunny hardtop package is ideal if you need to quickly order an outdoor shelter that is literally ‘all in one’.

Outsunny 10’ x 12’ Steel Hardtop Gazebo with Netting Curtains and Sidewalls, Brown and Black

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The galvanized hard roof makes it ideal for leaving it built outdoors all year round and should your state have high snowfall just brush it off as it piles up, however, it can easily stand up to snow even without brushing off.

You can also rely on this gazebo to hold up well in really well in high winds although you may have to remove the curtains and nets if you’re concerned about them during extremely windy weather.

The galvanized roof can withstand heavy rainfall and the overhang of the roof section ensures that the run-off rain doesn’t run down the curtains as the curtains are on the inside of the frame.

The steel canopy is also UV resistant so it will protect you against the sun’s harmful rays, however, it’s still advisable to wear sunblock too.

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Pros and cons

  • 100% Waterproof hard roof section
  • Looks great when assembled
  • Very strong roof and uprights
  • Perfect for hanging lights inside

  • Roof section a bit tricky to assemble


Good quality materials

The roof section is made of galvanized steel, the 4 uprights are made up of good quality aluminum, whilst the curtains are made from polyester fabric.  The bug nets have zippers that connect securely to keep mosquitos out.

Hanging hooks inside

Should you need to hang a lantern, chandelier or a fan then this gazebo has 2 hooks that are in the center of the top section of the frame and is ideal for lights, fans, and even decorations.

Alternatively, you can attach hanging string lights around the inside section of the frame near to where the curtain runners are.


This gazebo has a walk-in height of 76.82 inches (6.33ft) which means that the majority of uses will not have to bend to go inside.

Once you’re inside, the head height at the apex (highest point) is 103 inches (8.5ft) which provides plenty of headspace for everyone and helps to prevent the gazebo from becoming too stuffy.

The length is 12 feet and the width is 10ft which is plenty big enough to invite friends, family, and kit out with comfortable furnishings or even a hot tub spa.

Very few tools required

The assembly kit comes with everything you need to fit this gazebo together although I would recommend that your power drill/screwdriver is fully charged as you’ll need it.

Also, there is a wrench provided in the kit and it is adequate but should you have a stronger one to hand then use yours instead.

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SOJAG MESSINA 10′ by 12 Hard Top Sun Shelter with Vented Roof

This high quality, extra strong and great looking hardtop gazebo by Sojag is ideal for relaxing in your backyard all year round.

Sojag 500-7156980 Track No.77 Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter, 10' by 12', Charcoal

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The mosquito nets make it especially effective during the hot summer months as they provide an enclosure that is bug-free, which means you can relax and not worry about getting bitten.

As winter approaches the hard roof and strong uprights provide a very sound structure which means you can leave this gazebo outdoors and not have to remove the roof as it can stand up to snow load.

However, it’s always recommended that you go outdoors with a broom to take off excess snow to prevent too much downward force on the gazebo supporting beams.

The solid roof also means that you, your guests and your patio furniture will stay completely dry and there will not be any sagging of the roof as it hard and the rain will runoff.

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Pros and cons

  • Galvanized Steel Roof with 2 Tier Vent
  • Can leave up all year round
  • Reputable company
  • Top Vent comes with bug net too
  • Replacement & parts available
  • Ideal for lots of different types of event

  • Takes a while to build but is well worth it when assembled


Roof panels made from steel

The roof panels are made from powder-coated steel which can withstand debris falling on them and will easily hold up well to hail and downpours.

The panels are very sturdy, flexible and they will not allow any sunlight through the roof section apart from where the vented roof section is.

A gutter in the roof section

This feature is often underestimated but until you’ve owned a hardtop without a gutter in the roof section then you’ll realize just how lucky you are to have bought one that does first-time round.

The gutter section ensures that when it does rain the rainwater runs down the inside of the beams to the floor instead of pouring down all sides of the gazebo.

Ideal to screw into the deck

The bottom section of the upright has a footplate with screw holes that enables you to screw down the footplates to your deck.

It’s important to screw down this gazebo to prevent any shifting of the legs in bad weather and offers complete stability to what is already a strong and sturdy hardtop shelter.

Will last for years

This Sojag Messina gazebo will last at least 7-8 years and realistically a lot longer as long as you’ve assembled it and screwed it down properly.

The roof and uprights are extremely strong and the mosquito nets are very thick to the point that they feel more like plastic than netting as they have a coating of PVC, which will help keep out the wet when it’s raining whilst windy.

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Sojag Genova Double Roof 4-Seasons Outdoor All Weather Gazebo

Sojag has a wide range of good quality hardtop gazebos and this slightly larger size (than the 10x10ft above) is another sturdy and robust outdoor shelter by a reputable brand.

Sojag 12' x 12' Genova Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo 4-Season Outdoor Sun Shelter with Mosquito Net, Black,Brown

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With 144 sq ft of covered dry area, this Sojag 12′ x 12′ sun shelter will provide hours of relaxation and entertainment space for you to showcase your talents, whether it’s for dining outdoors or inviting friends round for drinks or spa night.

This all-season gazebo has durable powder-coated frame uprights that can stand up to harsh weather and strong winds.

The powder coating will help prevent rusting, scratches, and reduce general wear and tear, which will improve durability and longevity.

The roof can be a little noisy when it’s raining hard but on the upside, you,  your friends, guests and, furniture are all going to stay dry.

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Pros and cons

  • 2-tier cupola roof for better ventilation
  • Good value for money
  • Will last for years to come (10++)
  • The roof provides UV protection

  • Needs 2+ people to build


Straightforward to build but…

This Sojag 12 by 12 hardtop is not difficult to build but as you can imagine it’s going to need at least 2 people to assemble.

Ideally, you’re going to want 3 to 4 people assembling this product to ensure everything is tightened properly, the roof section in place and the uprights are screwed down securely.

There are instructions included and there will be some heavy lifting involved but in 4/6 hours, depending on how many people are helping you’ll have a secure, 4 season outdoor shelter(with bug nets).

Mosquito netting

To help keep bugs out there are mosquito nets included and they are simple to attach.  The roof offers protection as it overhangs the bug nets by a few inches which helps them to keep dry from any run-off rain during wet weather.

The nets zip together to help ensure that there are no gaps that mosquitos could fly between and spoil your day/night.  It’s best to take the nets down during winter as high winds may damage them.

Galvanized Steel Roof

The double roof section of this hardtop gazebo is made of dark brown galvanized steel panels that block out sunlight, help protect against UV rays and shelter you from rain and snow.

During the winter the roof can be left attached but you will occasionally have to brush off the snow should you have regular snow in your state and stop it from piling up.

During a downpour, the rain will make a noise as it hits the hard roof but you’ll soon get used to this and after a few downpours, you won’t even notice it.

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Kozyard Alexander Gazebo 12×16 Review for Large Backyard Space

This 12×16 feet hardtop by Kozyard is perfect for those of you with a large backyard that need a covered outdoor space for you to relax underneath or to hold parties and family gatherings.

Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with a Mosquito Net and Privacy Sidewalls (Alexander 12‘x16‘)

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With a total of 192 sq feet of dry space there are lots of possible uses for this robust and sturdy shelter, including as a temporary carport should you need it or a dry work-space should you work from home.

The solid roof is made from galvanized steel and can stand up to heavy snowfall whilst the rustproof aluminum uprights provide tremendous support for the heavy roof section.

Should you experience downpours whilst inside your new gazebo you needn’t worry as the rainwater will roll down the roof into the integrated gutters and drain straight down the hollow uprights to the ground.

Now you know about the guttering, it could well be worth thinking about installing a drainage system near to where you build this shelter so the water doesn’t pool.

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Pros and cons

  • Looks great once assembled
  • Roof DOES NOT Leak (see features below)
  • Suitable for cooking under (remove nets/curtains)
  • Ideal for hot tubs/spa days/nights
  • Leave assembled all year round
  • Wind, hail & snowproof
  • Room for hanging lights and fans inside
  • Very sturdy

  • You will need 3/4 people to build it
  • Wear gloves whilst assembling as a few sharp corners


Lots of possible uses

A hardtop gazebo that is as reliable, robust and as spacious as this Kozyard 12 by 16 provides a whole host of possible uses but I’m sure that you already have an idea of what you plan on using it for.

The steel roof and aluminum frame provide protection to the contents underneath which means you can move furniture inside including patio table and chairs, hammock, hot tub, or a grill and I’ve also known people to use the shaded space as an exercise area.


Roof section
The roof section provides 11.90×15.84 of dry covered area and has a snow load capacity of 2500lbs.  Should you need to hang lights or a fan from the roof section, then you can up to a total weight of 15lbs.

You have a walk-in height of 6ft and 4 inches and the apex (highest point) of the gazebo is just over 10ft in height.
Assembly time
For 2 to 3 people to assemble this gazebo then you would normally be looking at a total build time of 5/6 hours.  This is providing you have a suitable surface (flat) to erect your new gazebo on in the first place.

Advanced gutter design

The guttering is very helpful as you’ll find when it downpours as it guides all the rainwater from the roof and to the gutter system to each of the 4 upright legs and down to floor level.

This is a very organized and clever way of getting rid of the rainwater and helps ensure that the water doesn’t just run down the frame and over the edge of the frame and sometimes drip into the gazebo.

Anchoring stand for better stability

All 4 corner sections of this gazebo have anchor stands and can be screwed down via the 3 pre-drilled holes in each section of the footplate.

The screws are not provided because there are so many different types of surfaces that this product can be anchored to, so a standard set cannot really be provided.

Nets & Curtains

The mosquito nets provide bug protection to all 4 sides of the gazebo and are zippered together to ensure wasps and mosquitos cannot enter.

The curtains are separate to the nets and are 180gsm (they weigh 180 grams per sq meter) which means that they are durable, strong and offer a decent level of protection when the wind gets up slightly.

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