Duramax Garden Shed Reviews

Duramax Garden Sheds has been manufacturing sheds for the U.K. since the 1980s, and have developed a name for themselves as a reliable creator of durable outdoor sheds.

Whether you need a shed for outdoor storage or a convenient workshop, Duramax will have a shed on offer that will suit you.

Best Duramax Garden Sheds in 2022

Good quality metal and polyvinyl sheds by Duramax


Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.02 x 3.22 x 1.96 metres

2.62 x 1.91 x 2.37 metres

2.39 x 3.19 x 2.39 metres

1.90 x 1.86 x 2.13 metres


Green with Off-White Trimmings


Brown & Ivory

Adobe and Anthracite

Assembly Required

15 Year Warranty


Total Weight





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Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Alloy Steel Shed Review

Hot-dipped galvanized metal just means two things for you – it’s more durable, and it’s better protected against weather damage. With additional layers of protection, your shed will last for many years.

This eco shed is rust free because of the hot-dipped treatment that they use, but it’s also maintenance free meaning once it’s up, it’s up, and you have no additional work to worry about.


10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed


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You will need to build this product yourself, but with simple instructions, pre-cut metal and pre-drilled holes, you can have the whole thing up in a few hours with the help of just one other person.

At 3.02m x 3.22m x 1.96m (or roughly 10ft x 10ft) this shed provides you with all the space you would need, and it isn’t too large either, so should fit comfortably in most people’s gardens.

The roof is also especially strong, with a metal roof truss and supporting wall columns, this product can withstand 12lbs/sqm of snow easily, so you know there’s very little chance of damage in the UK.

Away from the durability, this product is attractive too. With a natural green primary colour and off-white trimmings, it looks great in any garden. Better yet, the paint has been double baked on, so won’t fade easily either.

The last thing to point out about this shed is that security has also been thought about. The double sliding doors have padlock eyes available for you to attach your padlock to for extra security.


Sturdy Structure

Obviously, the hot-dipped galvanized steel, wall columns, and roof truss create a strong shed that won’t be damaged from general wear and tear easily, as we’ve already covered.

But it’s also resistant to weather damage, insect damage, and it’s even dent resistant, meaning whatever you store inside the shed won’t cause any damage to it either!

Air Vents

One thing that really stands out about this shed is its two air vents on either side of the structure because it’s a feature you definitely don’t see a lot of, especially on timber sheds.

This feature just means that it’s safe to be inside for an extended period, so if you were to use it as a workshop of some kind, then you could do so absolutely safely.

Fast Assembly

Yes, it can be completed within a few hours, which is obviously great, but even better is the fact that everything is pre-cut and pre-drilled, which means construction will be mess-free.

The instructions make everything much easier too because Duramax has clearly numbered each part and made sure that anybody can follow the instructions without expert knowledge.

Lots Of Space

With such large dimensions, this shed can easily store all of your garden equipment and whatever else you have that needs to be stored away in a convenient space.

Likewise, it’s large enough for an outdoor workshop should you require such a space. At 10ft x 10ft, this shed really offers you a significant amount of space without taking up too much of your garden.

Duramax ECO 8′ x 8′ Metal Shed Review

This shed, once again, is made of hot-dipped galvanized metal, so you know it is going to be sturdy and resistant to any corrosion that might happen with other metal sheds.

This time Duramax offers the shed in a slightly smaller size at 2.62m x 1.91m x 2.37m (or 8ft by 8ft) but it still offers plenty of room for most people’s needs, and it’s more convenient for a smaller garden space too.


Duramax ECO 8' x 8' Hot-Dipped Metal Garden Shed


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They market the colour as anthracite, but it’s really just a dark coal grey, but it’s very attractive and it certainly makes a statement. The off-white trimmings also give the shed a more sleek finish too.

Duramax, again, provide you with pre-cut walls and roof, pre-drilled holes, and instructions that make the whole thing a breeze to assemble. With the help of one other person, it can be up in no time.

The gable roof design adds extra structural integrity, and the grooved roof and side panels mean water can simply run off in heavy downpours with no risk of damage to your shed.

This is also a great product for those who are conscious of getting a great, durable product at a reasonable price. The compromise on space is certainly worth it for the price difference.

Duramax are also keen to point out that they use steel that is 20% thicker than conventional sheds, so you know that you’re really getting a sound structure for a great price!


15 Year Warranty

If you needed additional proof that Duramax has designed this shed with longevity in mind, then this is it. A 15-year warranty is nothing to be sniffed at, and it provides real peace of mind.

15 years shows confidence from Duramax in both the structural integrity of the shed itself and the double baked-on paint. Basically, you’ll have a shed that looks great and works great for years!

Attractive Design

You might prefer the green of the Duramax shed reviewed above, and that’s OK, but there’s no denying that this dark coal grey colour looks really sleek and modern.

Add the off-white trimmings, the wide double sliding doors, and the two air vents, and you have a design that is eye-catching and functional, so it ticks a lot of boxes.

Maintenance Free

Just like the shed above, Duramax has made sure that this product is also maintenance-free throughout its entire lifespan, which is a blessing to any customer and a huge perk.

Unlike timber sheds which may require yearly maintenance, the galvanized hot-dipped steel and double baked-on paint is all the maintenance it needs to stay looking and working great.



This might seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out because some councils require outdoor structures to be noncombustible, as do certain caravan parks around the country.

If this is the case, then a timber shed simply will not work for you, but this metal shed by Duramax will because it’s a sturdy, non-combustible solution to your storage needs.

Duramax 10ft x 8ft Polyvinyl Garden Shed Review

If you’re looking for a shed that is a little different, then this vinyl shed by Duramax certainly offers that! It might look different, but it still offers the same durability as the metal sheds above.

The roof has once again been tested for how much snow it can withstand, and it can comfortably manage 20lb/sqft of snow with no risk of damage to your new shed.


Duramax (30214-1) 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed - Ivory/Brown 


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This shed looks remarkably different from the other two listed too. Whilst the others are slightly more industrial in appearance, this shed is much more homely in its design.

With three windows included (2 on the front, 1 on the right side) this shed looks great, but is also well suited to outdoor hobby use and outdoor storage, so it works well for whatever you need it for.

At 2.39m x 3.19m x 2.39m (10ft x 8ft), this shed is an excellent middle ground between the two options above, whilst still offering plenty of space for your storage needs.

They make this vinyl shed of tough fire-retardant vinyl that does not crack easily, and it’s much more weather resistant compared to cheap plastic sheds that are available on the market today.

The vinyl also comes in an attractive brown and ivory colour so you won’t ever need to paint it, and the vinyl is so strong that it requires no other maintenance either.


Windows Included

Not only are these pre-moulded windows an excellent addition to the shed in terms of its design for making it a much more attractive feature in your garden, but it makes it more functional too.

The windows are also shatterproof, which is a necessary feature for any shed for residential garden use because it’s likely that at some point something will hit it, so it’s good to know it won’t shatter.

Neutral Colours

Because of the neutral colours of the dark brown and light ivory, this shed is the perfect addition to any garden, because it has very natural colours that you’d expect to see in any garden.

This means the attractive shed will blend right into your existing garden, which might not be the case for the metal sheds above, depending on your personal style.

Reinforced Structure

Of course, the treated vinyl resin is sturdy as it is, but Duramax has also included steel structural support for the walls to ensure that the structure is as strong as can be.

You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds here, a natural, attractive design, with the strong structural integrity that you would expect from the metal sheds we’ve already covered.


Whilst yes, the ECO metal sheds from Duramax could realistically be used as an outdoor hobby space, this vinyl option really is suited to be used for whatever you might need it for.

This also has a ventilation system to keep air circulating around the space, but the slightly more cosy design and windows really make this an outdoor space that can be used for multiple purposes.

Duramax StoreMate 6′ x 6′ Plastic Shed Review

This is the smallest shed that we will look at today, at 1.9m x 1.86m x 2.13m (6ft x 6ft), but sometimes you need a smaller storage solution, and this is an excellent choice.

It’s available in the ivory/brown colour scheme above, or an anthracite/adobe (dark grey and cream) so you can pick one that works for you and your garden. Either looks great!


Duramax StoreMate Garden Shed with Plastic Floor


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One major advantage of this shed is that it also has a plastic floor included, something that the other three does not, so it’s really a complete set of its own and doesn’t require you to build a base for it.

As with all Duramax sheds listed here, it’s completely maintenance-free and weatherproof, and also resistant to rot, rust or dents, so you know they build it to last just like the other sheds ab0ve.

It will require two individuals for assembly, but following the clear instructions will once again be simple to do, and all it should take the two of you only a few hours.

Even though this is a smaller shed option, it still has wide and tall double doors for you to access, making storing larger items a breeze, even in the smaller area you have available.

Duramax say that this shed is built with three S’s in mind: style, strength, and security, and it certainly delivers on all three as it is attractive, durable, and has lockable doors too.


Flooring Included

You will still need to have a suitable area of your garden to store it, but the other sheds require a concrete or wooden base for the shed to be secured to which then acts as the floor.

This shed has a floor included that is strong and easy to assemble, so you have one less job to do in order to solve your storage problems, which makes the whole process more convenient for you.

Quick Assembly

As this shed is smaller than the other sheds we have looked at, the assembly should theoretically take less time. The clear images that Duramax are known for will help speed the process up.

With two people, the process should take a few hours and the shed will be secure, weatherproof, and strong, basically, it’ll be ready to use straight away!

Reinforced Walls

The walls of the vinyl shed have been reinforced yet again with a steel support column, meaning you can easily attach shelves or screws for hanging tools off without a problem.

This makes the entire structure much more durable against weather such as high winds too, something we can see a lot of in the UK, so you know this shed can withstand it.

Vinyl Resin

The vinyl resin on offer with this shed will never rot, dent, or rust, so you know that your new shed will stand for years to come, something you can’t be certain of with timber sheds.

Besides that, the vinyl resin finish will not require any painting (both colour options look great anyway, so why would you want to?) and no other maintenance is required yet again!


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