Dunster House Climbing Frame Reviews

Dunster House Ltd has been building unique wooden structures for home use since 1994. From log cabins to garden climbing frames, Dunster House really covers it all.

All of the climbing frames are DIY kits but Dunster House provide pictorial instructions, which makes the assembly process simpler.

Dunster House always put children’s safety at the top of their priority list, so you’ll notice some impressive safety features with these climbing frames.

Dunster House Climbing Frames in 2022

Good quality wooden climbing frames by Dunster House.






Age Range

3-10 years

3-14 years

3-14 years

1-3 years

External Width / Depth

4.10m (13' 5") / 3.25m (10' 7")

4.65m (15' 3") / 3.80m (12' 5")

3.80m (12' 5") / 3.40m (11' 1")

1.49m (4' 10") / 1.85m (6' 0")

Overall Height

2.52m (8' 3")

2.80m (9' 2")

2.85m (9' 4")

1.64m (5' 4")

Platform Width / Depth

1.20m (3' 11") / 0.76m (2' 5")

1.20m (3' 11")

0.90m (2' 11") / 0.60m (1' 11")

0.55m (1' 9") / 0.60m (1' 11")

Weight of Children





Max No. of Children





Max Children on Platform





Safety Standard




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My Climbing Frame Reviews

SquirrelFort Climbing Frame Review

The SquirrelFort climbing frame is suitable for children aged 36 months to 10 years, so it’s quite a versatile piece that you’ll get a lot of use out of well into the future.

The wood of the climbing frame itself has also been pressure treated to make it resistant to rot and water damage, which is reassuring given how long children might use it.


Dunster House SquirrelFort Climbing Frame Monkey Bars with Playhouse Slide


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With 2 swing sets, a slide, rock-climbing wall, monkey bars and a sandpit, your children will be as impressed with this climbing frame as you are, so it’s a great all-rounder.

At 4.10m x 3.25m x 2.52m, you will need to make sure you have the room for it because it is quite large. That being said, if you have the room it’s a brilliant option with lots of features.

They make the roof that covers the platform out of tarpaulin so it’s fully waterproof and very sturdy. This is excellent because it means roof damage is far less likely.

As well as the pictorial instructions, the manufacturers also have YouTube videos that show how to construct this climbing frame, so you have plenty of options to learn how to build it too!


Pressure Treated Timber

Dunster House guarantee that the wood will be rot resistant and insect resistant for 10 years, so you know that your new climbing frame is built to last the distance.

They also point out that their wood will not need to be treated again until after those ten years have passed, so you won’t be required to carry out any maintenance on the climbing frame either.

Lot’s Of Features

There aren’t many climbing frames out there that will come with this amount of accessories and features for this relatively low price, so it’s certainly a good option.

With comfortable swing seats, a fun wave slide, solid rock-climbing wall, grooved monkey bars and an excellent space-saving sandpit beneath the tower, this climbing frame has everything.

Safety Features

From the quality timber to the screws and nails that come included as standard, Dunster House really has put your children’s safety at the top of their priority list.

They even make the climbing stones on the climbing wall of the same material used on adult climbing walls: Polyresin. They then secure this into place using 2 screws for extra safety.

Attractive Design

Just because it’s for the kids doesn’t mean you have to buy just anything. The SquirrelFort climbing frame looks great and would work in any garden thanks to its natural wood.

The deep green of the slide, roof and swing seats are also a pleasant touch of colour that is still very natural and works with the natural colours found in most people’s gardens.

BalconyFort Searcher Climbing Frame Review

This climbing frame is suitable for children aged 3 to 14, so as you can see, this climbing frame already offers a slightly broader range in terms of the ages of children it caters for.

This could make the BalconyFort climbing frame a slightly better option for families with a slightly more varied age range of children, so they have something that pleases everyone.


Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Children's Play Tower 


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This climbing frame comes with a tower balcony, a wave slide, 2 swings, monkey bars and a professional-grade ladder with climbing stones for your children to enjoy.

At 3.80m x 4.65m x 2.80m it is, again, a pretty large product. But, with a garden that is suitable for it, you’ll find an excellent quality climbing frame everybody will enjoy.

If you’re purchasing from Amazon, then there is also an option to include assembly from a third party business not associated with Dunster House, but it’s nice to know there’s that option.

Again, all timber used for this climbing frame has been pressure treated to ensure it is protected against insects and rot infestations which is especially important here because the roof is also wooden.


Quick Assembly

Now, of course, if you’re purchasing through Amazon then you have the option to have it built for you, which might be better for some of you out there who don’t like DIY.

If you’re a dab hand at DIY though and want to give this a go, you’ll find that it’s made so much easier by the instructions and YouTube videos available and it shouldn’t take you too long at all.

Fully Complies With Regulations

This links in with the safety aspect again, which cannot be overstated in terms of its importance when looking at products that have been designed for children to use.

This climbing frame complies with the European Safety Standard EN71 which is a measure of safety to ensure it is fit for purpose

It complies with EN71-3 which makes sure the chemicals used in pressure-treating the timber are safe for children too!

Robust And Durable Design

They design everything from the climbing stones on the ladder to the frame itself to stand strong in all weather so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The plastic slide (the part of the climbing frame most likely to be damaged by wear and tear) has even been made with extra thick plastic to ensure that it is durable.

Metal Ground Anchors


Dunster House provides you with 530mm long galvanized metal ground anchors for you to bury in the ground to ensure that there is no movement of the climbing frame.

This is great because most people don’t have the means or the want to concrete the climbing frame into place, so you can construct this safely and easily with no problems.

MonkeyFort Woodland Climbing Frame Review

This is another versatile product from Dunster House that they have designed for children between the ages of 3 and 14, but this time the monkey bars are the real star of the show.

Besides the impressive monkey bars, this also includes 2 swings, a climbing ladder with climbing stones, a wave slide and a tower so there are all of your usual features too.

At 3.40m x 3.80m x 2.84m this is slightly smaller than the other two climbing frames we’ve reviewed so far, so depending on the space you have, this might be the better option for you.


Pressure Treated Playhouse Wave Slide Swing Set - MonkeyFort® Woodland


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The timber has again been pressure treated to ensure that the manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee can be adhered to. The roof is made of a waterproof tarpaulin for extra protection too.

Again, there is an option to have a third party company build it for you through Amazon, or you can opt to follow the instructions for the DIY build if you prefer.

They have built everything to last with this product too, by making sure that everything from the rocks on the climbing wall to the swing seats has all been designed to be robust.


Space-Saving Design

The design of the MonkeyFort is slightly different from the other two featured on the list so far, despite them having much of the same features that need to be incorporated into the design.

Because this one focuses more on the monkey bar element, it is slightly taller, but also not as wide, meaning you really save quite a lot of space if you decide to opt for this one.

Comfortable But Safe

Dunster House has built the fun features around safety first, but also comfort second. Take their swing seats, for example, they have created them using thicker plastic.

This thicker plastic is much safer, but they have also been specifically moulded to ensure that there is maximum comfort when using the seat too, which is an excellent addition.

High-Quality Wood

Of course, the pressure treatment allows for the wood to be slightly stronger than usual anyway, but the wood itself is of construction grade quality, so it’s built to last.

Each piece has been pre-cut by the manufacturer, so when you get your hands on it all you need to do is fit it together and screw and nail everything into place. It couldn’t be simpler!

All Fittings Included

Whilst this is true of all of Dunster House’s climbing frame products, it’s worth pointing out because it reduces the stress of building it if that is something you choose to do yourself.

You won’t need to worry about finding the correct screw or nail to secure things in place because Dunster House has already thought about it and made it as safe as can be!

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MicroFort Toddler Climbing Frame Review

This is something just for the little ones now. Dunster House recommends that this product be used by children aged 1 to 3, so it’s perfect for any young toddlers in your life!

It’s obviously much smaller at 1.49m x 1.85m x 1.64m to accommodate the toddlers that they have designed it for, but that means you’ll save some garden space too.


Dunster House Wooden Children's Garden Slide Play Tower - MicroFort™


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It’s pretty surprising too to hear that the wood has again been pressure treated, given that typical garden play furniture for younger children aren’t built to last, so it’s good to see here.

It comes with a small baby swing, an easy climb ladder, and a thick mini slide too, so this really has everything that a toddler would need to have fun in the garden.

We see the 580mm, ground anchors, again here, so it shows that safety is still a top priority for Dunster House even when they are dealing with much smaller climbing frames.

They also incorporate a T-bar and safety belt on the swing, and all nails and screws have covers to prevent your children from accidentally hurting themselves as they play.


Safety Is The Number One Priority

As we’ve already mentioned above, the swing has a T-bar and safety belt, the screws and nails have covers, and the ground anchors help keep the frame sturdy.

It meets the European Safety Standards EN71 and EN71-3 and the height from the platform to the ground is only 0.60m to reduce injuries if a child was to fall.

Nice Design

The MicroFort toddler climbing frame really looks great. Most of the climbing frames you get for this age range are made of plastic and look quite cheap and are much less sturdy.

The natural wood design with the tarpaulin roof really looks great in the garden and it’s built to last longer too, so it can stay up for any more little ones in your life down the line.

Compact Climbing Frame

If you have a relatively small garden already, you know how difficult it is to get little ones out to enjoy the outdoors with such limited space available to them in your garden.

This space-saving compact design really allows for you to give them something they’re really going to enjoy, without compromising too much on the limited space you have available.

Works For All 1 To 3-Year-Olds

If you’re a parent or you’re just somebody who is familiar with children, you know that there is a lot of difference in the sizes and capabilities of children in this age range.

Thankfully, the MicroFort caters for all of them. The swing can be height adjusted to suit them, and the ladder and platform are suitable for all 1 to 3-year-olds to use safely.


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