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Fake Hanging Baskets That Look Real…

If you are keen to have a colourful and low maintenance garden, then artificial hanging baskets could be the answer.  No need for weeding, panting or maintaining, just find your preferred spot and then secure and hang!

With so many styles and varieties, you can go for a particular colour theme or style.

You may fancy the romantic trailing pink flowers as you see in Portugal or bright coloured pansies that look exactly like the real thing … the choice is yours!

Most hanging baskets come designed for both indoor or outdoor use, so you can use them to design inside or out – garden areas, patios or conservatories.

Artificial hanging baskets can be a great way of adding décor to your garden or home cost-effectively and without any further maintenance.

Fake or artificial hanging baskets are normally just a ‘one-off’ cost, initially, you may think the price is a little steep but they will last for years to come.

They can be taken indoors during really bad weather or removed from their hooks in winter to protect them from the high winds and any possible damage by falling onto the ground.

Best Artificial Hanging Baskets for Patio Garden Areas

Last update was on: January 17, 2021 4:16 am

Bulary Artificial Rose Wall Hanging Vine Plant

Bulary Fake Hanging Basket Plants, Artificial Rose Wall Hanging Bracketplant Rattan Decor Hanging Basket Decorative Silk Plant for Outdoor & Indoor Ornaments Home Decor

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Pretty, vibrant and elegant is the words to best describe this basket.

This natural-looking hanging bouquet would be beautiful anywhere, but particularly in wedding venues, festivals, outdoor areas and windowpanes.

Although not the most robust for outdoor use, they can still be used for that purpose with caution.

The artificial vines are covered in natural-looking leaves that fall into a teardrop to give a feel of elegance.

On the vines are also beautiful flowers which come in a range of 6 colours, so you can order to your preference. There is no maintenance either.

Once these artificial hanging baskets are secured to your area of choice, you do not have to anything more for their upkeep!

Made from silk, these plants look realistic and offer a wonderful charm that is both romantic and elegant, offering a beautiful backdrop to any setting.

So, if romance and elegance is the theme you are looking for, this might be the right hanging basket for you.

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  • Elegant design
  • Good price
  • No maintenance required
  • Atmospheric


  • May have to bring indoors in bad weather


Romantic and Elegant

Beautifully designed, these hanging baskets are full of charm and can be draped anywhere to impress your guests. Popular at weddings, festivals and general garden/household areas, these hanging baskets can cover several décor possibilities.

Great price

These baskets do come at an affordable price and really do create a striking impact, so could be well worth the investment.

No maintaining

All you need to do with this elegant hanging basket is decide where you would like to hang it, secure it in place then admire it … that is all! No need to pruning, weeding or anything else.


One thing that can be said for these hanging baskets is that they do create a theme. Whether it is the feel of trailing flowers on a European coast or a free-flowing festival, they definitely look set to have an impact.

The flowers trail at around a whopping 35 inches and have a diameter of just under 8, so they are pretty hard to miss.

If you are looking for something that has that romance and elegance, that is cost-effective and showstopping then the Bulary Fake Hanging Basket could be what you are looking for.

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Gardman Topiary Artificial Hanging Basket That Looks REAL!

Gardman Topiary Hanging Basket

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With an abundance of fern and small wildflowers, this artificial hanging basket is great for anyone seeking that natural wilderness in their garden décor.

The little purple petals add a gentle touch to the greenery, creating a beautiful and natural-looking bouquet.

You can hang this anywhere you like and it will be sure to make an impact – indoors or out!

The design is simple but very realistic with its tall ferns, small trailing flowers, and gentle foliage.

If you are looking for something that is not overpowering, but more subtle, in a wilderness sort of way, then this hanging basket could well be the one for you.

A wonderful touch for a more fairy tale style of garden.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Good size
  • No maintenance required
  • Natural-looking
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors


  • None as yet…


Great price

These hanging baskets will not break the bank if you purchase one! For its 10 inch size and attractiveness, this hanging basket can not only add a bit of fairy tale to your garden but can leave you with change for more garden décor.

Good size

This hanging basket is 10 inch in diameter so is a decent size to make an impact in your garden areas. You hang on fence panels, porches or in your sunroom, the choice is up to you!

No maintaining

With this hanging basket, you literally can just hang and go. No need for pruning or weeding and looks good all year round. Also, if you are looking for a nice natural feel in your home, this could do the trick.

It would look great in any sunroom or conservatory.


The Gardman Topiary Hanging Basket is such a delight. It hosts an air of wilderness and it’s hard to not think of fairy’s when you look at its natural design.

The little trails of purple flowers are cute but not over-bearing, and the ferns stand tall, complimenting the ‘wilderness’ that surrounds them. A nice pleasing addition to any garden.

Made for the elements

This hanging basket has been designed to withstand all the elements and can be left outside all year round. No need to bring in or change unless, of course, you want too!

Simply secure your hanging basket in your favourite place and that’s it! All-year-round affordable décor with no extra maintenance.

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2 Artificial Cone Shaped Rattan Hanging Baskets with Purple & White Flowers

Rattan Cone Fake Flower Hanging Baskets

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If you are looking to add some colour and quirk to your garden areas, then these cute hanging baskets may just be the thing you are looking for.

Delivered in a matching pair, these cone-shaped matching rattan baskets, come armed with beautiful faux silk pansies and decorative grass.

The pretty purples and crisp white flowers are striking and look perfect on any porch or fencing areas.

With no need for maintenance, these baskets can be hung and left throughout the seasons as you require, giving you more time to relax in the summer.

These stunning baskets would make a great addition to any garden by adding that extra special touch of colour.

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  • Matching set of 2
  • Made from faux silk
  • No maintenance required
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor
  • Unique shape


  • Keep out of very windy areas


Matching set

What is really nice about these baskets is that they come as a matching set, which is great for creating an entrance or spreading the colour a little further along your fencing.

Hung at either side of or a door or window could give a nice contemporary feel as well as a pleasant view for your guests to enjoy.

Weather ready material

The flowers are made from faux silk which means they are made to withstand the elements but still look attractive and realistic. You may even fool your guests into thinking they are the real thing!

No maintaining

What more could you want? These artificial hanging baskets not only look good, by they need no further attention. You can literally take them out of the box, hang and then leave until you want a change. At 25 cm diameter, they are small enough to not cause any obstruction but large enough to create the desired effect.

Indoor or out?

The other thing to consider with these baskets is that you could take them indoors if you wanted too. Whether you were to have a party or wanted to spruce up the conservatory, these would be a great choice.

Unique cone shape

Another nice feature of these baskets is that they have a nice unique shape, making them stand out a little more than the more average shapes you see. This matching set would be sure to give your garden a quirky and colourful lift.

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Artificial Silk Pansy Ball Hanging Basket That Looks Real!

Artificial Silk Pansy Ball

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These eye-catching hanging baskets would be a great personal touch for any garden area.

Offering a range of different colours to choose from, you can really transform your outdoor area without any further maintenance work.

With these pretty hanging baskets, you can expect to find a rattan basket filled with artificial foliage and Pansy’s that are made from silk. These flowers come in a range of sizes starting from a 7 Pansy bush up to a basket that consists of a whopping 20 Pansy’s!

The hanging baskets are made to order and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The artificial silk Pansy Hanging baskets by just artificial not only look good and realistic, but they require no effort to maintain. You may even decide to use them seasonally to showcase the flower trends, the choice is yours!

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  • They require no upkeep
  • They look realistic
  • Range of colours
  • 3 Different sizes
  • Made from silk


  • There is a slight waiting time as made to order


No maintenance

The great think about the Artificial Silk Pansy Ball hanging baskets is that they do not require any looking after.

You can literally secure them to the fence, porch – or anywhere else you fancy- and just leave them! If you haven’t got the gardening skills or time to maintain real flowers, then this could be a perfect alternative.

They look like the real thing!

Not only can you hang these baskets with no further care, but you can show them off to your friends, convincing them that they are real homegrown flowers!

3 sizes to choose from

These baskets come in 3 sizes, which is great for different areas of your garden – Front or back.

Starting with a small pansy ball consisting of 7 flowers, then the medium size of 14, moving up to a whopper size of 20 pansies!

But you don’t have to stick to your garden, another great aspect of these flowers is that you can move them indoors. They would look good in any conservatory.

Made from silk

These flowers look expensive and are of exceptional quality due to the selection of the material. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching, designed to be a great attraction for any guests or onlookers.

With a simple task of hanging the basket in your area of choice, you can really make a real difference to your garden.

A range of colours to choose from

Not only do these baskets come in different sizes, but they also come in different colours. Choose from Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Blue or multicoloured pansies. The choice is yours!

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Loxton Outdoor Artificial Hanging Basket in Red & White

Outdoor Artificial Hanging Basket in Red & White

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Colourful, trailing and bright. If this is what you are looking for in an artificial hanging basket, then you will love this one by Loxton.

The bright reds and crisp whites trail attractively alongside their green leaves, proving a real eye-catching piece for your garden. With roughly a 15-inch diameter by a 20-inch drop, these baskets are a great size to really showcase your garden.

Designed to catch the eye rather than to convince of their authenticity, these baskets are striking, bold and are perfect to just hang, leaving you in the comfort that they will serve their purpose without any further maintenance.

The basket itself is made from metal and coconut meshing, designed to withstand harsh weather, so once the basket has been secured in your place of choice, you can pop your feet up and rest in the knowledge that your garden accessory needs no further care!

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  • No maintenance required
  • Attractive design
  • Made to last
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Cost-effective


  • Do not look too realistic


No maintaining

No need to ween, prune or maintain because once hung, these artificial hanging baskets need no further attention.

Simply hang and secure in your preferred place, then pop your feet up and relax in the knowledge you do not have to do anything more to maintain them!

Eye-catching Colours & Design

With their bold colours of red and white, these hanging baskets really do stand out from the crowd.

They trail nicely to an even length, and although this may not make them look as realistic as some, it does offer a beautiful design that is both eye-catching and a striking piece for the garden areas.

With a diameter of just under 20 inches, it would be hard to miss this bold and beautiful basket of colour.

Weather-resistant materials

The baskets are made from metal and coconut mesh. Coconut mesh is designed to withstand harsh environments, so you can rest assured that your basket has been made to last.

Keep outside or bring indoors.

As the artificial baskets do not need a draining system, you can hang indoors to brighten up any sunny areas, without the worry of causing a mess. These baskets would look great in any conservatory, sunroom or porch.

Great price

The good news is that these artificial hanging baskets are not as expensive as some on the market which mean you have more money to spend on other luxury items.

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