The Best Hot Tub Gazebos & Why…

If you’re looking to purchase a hot tub gazebo then be sure to read my opinions and reviews before you make a purchase and ensure you buy the best one for your circumstances.


Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Enclosure


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With more people spending longer in their gardens, patio, and deck areas, there’s no wonder that sun loungers, swings, swimming pools, and hot tubs have seen record sales.

Hot tubs are great fun and can provide a relaxing soak after work, post-exercise, or with a glass of wine with friends at the weekend.

However, owning a hot tub enclosure can help you increase your usage of your hot tub by preventing cold drafts and allow you to use it later into the evening.

Furthermore, your hot tub canopy will enable you to hang outdoor string lights to help light up your garden.

The canopy also prevents you from being rained on, leaves from dropping in the water, and reduces the number of insects that may fall into the water too.

The main size of hot tubs of the Lay Z Spa range are between 2 and 8 persons,.  Therefore, I’ve selected 4 gazebos that can shield hot tubs up to 2.5 metres wide.

Best Hot Tub Canopies & Shelters

Strong Pop-up Gorilla Gazebo Hot Tub Cover (3x3m)

If you browse this site often, then you’ll quickly know that I recommend the Gorilla gazebos for a wide range of uses, in this instance I’m recommending it as an ideal canopy to shield your hot tub.


Gorilla Gazebo ® Pop Up Gazebo


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It’s extremely quick to build (as are all concertina style framed gazebos), has a high level of waterproofing (650D polyester with PVA coating), and protects against harmful UV rays.

It’s available in 4 different colours such as black, blue, green and white, so if colour is important to you then at least you have a choice.

Please note that all the colours in the image are subject to availability that’s why I only mentioned the 4 on Amazon.

The frame should be stretched out and popped up by 2 people and the canopy is attached just once because after use, you can pack it into the storage bag with it still attached.

You will receive sides for all sections of the gazebo which includes, 2 sidewalls with windows and 2 full-length sides which can be used alternatively as full-length walls for full enclosure.

Pros and cons

Thing I Like...

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Strong High-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Sides for Extra Privacy
  • Quick to Build & Take Down
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Great Looking Colours
  • Pegs & Guy Ropes
  • Hammerite Rust Protection

Not So Good...

  • Take down after useage
  • Leg weights not included


Waterproof Canopy with Strong Frame

The canopy is 650D which is a very dense thread material.  This makes the canopy strong and durable (heavy-duty).

However, with the PVC coating applied to it, it makes it incredibly good at keeping your party or spa day completely dry.

The frame is made of high tensile steel which has the capacity of resisting force, weight, and strength.  These types of strains will mainly come from strong winds and heavy rain.

The frame legs and the roof section both have a Hammerite finish which protects against rust and helps increase the longevity of the frame.

Easy to Build

All pop-up-gazebos are known as concertina gazebos.  Concertina is the style of the frame which means it stretches out and then the legs are raised to your preferred height setting.

Before you raise the legs, it’s best to attach the canopy with Velcro straps.

Once you’ve connected the canopy you can even leave it on when you pack it away into the included bag, rather than having to attach and re-attach every time.

The side panels are also connected via strong Velcro straps which hold the sides in place and hang from the top section of the frame.

Packing the gazebo is simple and after one assembly you won’t need the instructions again.

Easy to Transport

As mentioned above, the bag makes it very easy to take away on holiday if you decide to use it for alternative uses rather than just for your hot tub.

The large wheels make it easier to pull along on grass and uneven terrain.

Once you’ve packed your gazebo away a few times you will then appreciate having a bag with wheels.

It can be used as a storage bag, makes transportation easier, and also keeps all the parts together which helps to ensure that new parts aren’t required anytime soon.


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Horwood Garden Soft Top Hot Tub Gazebo with Curtains

This second choice is also a pop-up gazebo but it looks much more like the traditional outdoor fabric gazebo that’s quite often known as a soft top gazebo in the states.

The canopy is classed as water-resistant and is perfectly fine at protecting you and your guests from unexpected showers.


Garden Classics® HORWOOD GARDEN METAL Gazebo


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

When fitting the canopy ensure that the overhang is properly pulled down tight to prevent any pooling.

Although this canopy has a built-in pooling prevention system in the roof to help during heavy downpours, the above will ensure this is more effective.

Supporting the underside of the canopy is a cross truss designed roof frame that is very strong and really helps with the stability of the gazebo during breezy weather.

The curtains can be zipped together to provide privacy and help keep mosquitos and bugs out that may be attracted by lights, heat, or carbon dioxide given off by humans.

Pros and cons

Thing I Like...

  • Unique Hexagonal Style
  • Plenty of room inside for your hot tub
  • Canopy will keep you dry
  • Sides can be zipped together
  • Holes in feet to screw into the ground
  • 20 minutes to fully assemble
  • Sides easy to attach via Velcro
  • Looks fantastic when built

Not So Good...

  • Needs 2 people to build & take down
  • Remove canopy and sides at night


Unique Hexagonal Shape

In my opinion, hexagonal garden gazebos look more stylish than square and rectangle gazebos.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of pop-ups, just prefer hexagonal ones…

Hexagonal gazebos are stronger purely by the design.  Hex gazebos have more legs (6) than square ones (4) which will, therefore, add more support to the roof section

There are normally more roof struts with a hex gazebo and therefore, this will add more strength to the roof section but also ensure the canopy top maintains its shape and tightness.

See more metal gazebos like this

Coleman Event Shelter for Hot Tubs, Camping & Garden Use

This Coleman gazebo is a very popular choice for those hot summers or just when the weather’s pretty decent. Side panels are available to buy separately but are not included.

The frame and canopy are simple to erect but ideally, it’ll need 2 people just to ensure that nothing is strained as 1 person attempts the job of 2 people.


Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Enclosure


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This 3.6m Coleman shelter is the middle size of the 3 available to buy.  Should you want an alternative size then there is the medium (3x3m) and the extra-large shelter (4.5m x 4.5m).

The canopy will protect you from UV rays and has a sun protection factor of 50+.

Even though this canopy has UV protection, you should still wear sunblock, suncream, or/and a sun hat whilst outdoors in hot weather.

It can be a bit tricky to assemble it for the first time but once you’ve done it once it will become much easier when building it for future use.

Sunwalls can be bought on amazon and provide extra privacy and are easy to connect.

Pros and cons

Thing I Like...

  • Looks great when built
  • Protects you from the Sun & Rain
  • Air can circulate easily inside
  • Sun Protection Factor SP50+
  • Guy Ropes & Pegs included
  • Very Spacious inside
  • Suitable for lots of events
  • Holes in feet to screw into the ground
  • 13.3sq feet of covered space

Not So Good...

  • Sides not included


Can be used on a variety of surfaces

Although this Coleman Gazebo is more suited to a softer surface, it is also very effective on a solid surface such as concrete, tarmac, block paving, and deck.

When using it on soft ground such as grass or a sandy-based surface you can easily use the pegs and guy ropes (very important) as they go into the softer ground much easier.

Should you decide to use this event shelter on a harder surface such as concrete, you should ideally have heavy anchor weights.

These can be used to wrap the guy lines around as these anchors will prevent it from lifting in breezy weather.

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Simple to build

Here’s how to build the Coleman event shelter if you can’t follow the instructions.  The one in the video is a different model but the principals are the same.




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