The Best Gas BBQ Grills & Why…

Without spending a fortune, you can now own a good quality Gas BBQ Grills with temperature controls and plenty of storage for utensils.

These top of the range Gas BBQ’s will make cooking food outdoors easier, enjoyable, safer and more professional!

Best Gas BBQ Grills in 2022

Best gas BBQ’s for the perfect cooking experience


Charles Bentley




Fire Mountain








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My Gas BBQ Reviews

5 Gas BBQ’s with helpful reviews

Campingaz Cast Iron Gas BBQ Grill Review

The Campingaz BBQ has a range of features that really set it apart from its competitors.

The Instaclean feature makes cleaning the product super fast and easy – once the party is over, you won’t be hanging around cleaning up the mess.


Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus Gas BBQ 4 Burner


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Moving the BBQ around your patio, garden area and into winter storage couldn’t be more simple thanks to the super smooth wheels and the folding shelves…

Once summer is over you can wheel your BBq into a shed or out-building in a matter of seconds.

It has a cooking space of 3500 square centimetres so if you’re planning on having a large gathering, there will be plenty of space to cater for this.

And the stainless steel design will keep heat under the hood – just check the temperature gauge to verify this!



BBQ’s are notoriously difficult to clean, especially when there are removable parts that can be a real pain to take off.

Thanks to the Instaclean system, you can take off any removable and dishwasher safe parts in under a minute…

Built-in Thermometer

You don’t want to have to keep checking the grill manually and hovering over the food – especially for things that take a little longer to cook.

The addition of a built-in thermometer gauge means that you don’t have to.

The stainless steel hood keeps the heat safely inside the grill and the gauge provides the temperature information you will need at a quick glance.

This guarantees you perfectly cooked food every time!

Versatile Cooking Options

The handy little side grill can be used for pan or griddle cooking and the warming rack for keeping food hot – there’s even an option for wok cooking and pizzas.

It’s important to keep in mind that any accessories needed for this are sold separately, so you will have to part with a little extra cash if you want this option.

Easy To Move And Store

Whether you want to move the BBQ in the garden or to clean it or maybe to pop it away for the winter, you’re going to want to do this with as little hassle as possible.

And thanks to the nifty design of this BBQ, that couldn’t be easier.

You’re getting four strong and steady castor wheels that make moving the BBQ simple and the side tables fold down easily which saves space when storing the BBQ away.

Charles Bentley 7 Burner BBQ Review

As far as functionality is concerned, this model won’t let you down.  Its enormous cooking space will provide you with the ability to host parties as large as you’d like.

It’s a really lightweight BBQ considering its size so it’s perfect for moving around the garden on its wheels, giving you the freedom of not being stuck in one location.


Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas Bbq


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In addition to this, you also have the practicality of utensil hooks so everything is nearby.

Thanks to the separate burners, you are able to set the temperature to different levels across the cooking surface so you’re free to cook a variety of foods at the same time.


Wheels And Brakes

The Charles Bentley features castor wheels that make moving it around a breeze and what’s more there are brakes so that once you’ve found your position, the grill won’t move or roll.

Heat Resistant Paint

Such a good looking BBQ deserves to remain to look at it’s best and this is easily obtainable thanks to the heat and flame resistant paint used on this model.

No matter how often you cook on the grill or for how long, you can be confident that the paint will not chip or peel so you will always have a BBQ that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Heat Control

The dual-layered hood means once the temperature is where you want it, the food will stay warm up to half an hour – allowing you to eat when you and your guests are ready.

Storage And Accessories

This BBQ has some excellent quirks such as a bottle opener, a sauce holder and generous storage space. You’re basically getting a mini kitchen in your own back garden.

Moreover, you’ve got three utensil holders for your grilling equipment and two side tables which can be used for preparing food or storing more items.

CosmoGrill Deluxe 4+1 Gas Burner BBQ Review

This impressive-looking little BBQ will take pride of place in your garden thanks to its sleek black design but there’s far more to this than first meets the eye.

You’re getting four main burners and one to the side so you’ve plenty of space for cooking a versatile variety of foods.

You’re getting a good-sized warming rack so that you can rest your meat or simply keep it warm until you and your guests are ready to eat.


CosmoGrill Deluxe 4+1 Gas Burner Grill BBQ 


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In addition to this, there are some handy little side tables so you’ve got plenty of space to keep your things.

The grills are covered in a high-quality enamel which means when it comes to cleaning the BBQ, you won’t be spending hours getting rid of burnt-on grease and food.

This feature also means that food will not stick making the cooking process that much more simple.

The gas hose is not included with the model so it is an important factor to keep in mind and you should be sure to purchase one when you buy the grill.


Need a BBQ Cover for protection?  Click HERE to See my reviews


Easy To Move

It’s already become pretty clear that having the ability to move your BBQ around the garden is an important feature of any grill.

So you’ll be pleased to know that this one has four sturdy wheels which give you the option to freely move the BBQ wherever you please.

What’s more, this is a relatively lightweight model so moving it won’t require copious amounts of strength and won’t leave you feeling exhausted afterwards.

Four Burners

It’s important to have a good cooking area that can be versatile depending on what food you are cooking so the four burners come in really useful to meet this need.


In addition, you‘re getting a side burner which is ideal for pan cooking, should the moment call for it.

The overall size of the cooking area is very decent, measuring in at 61 x 42 cm – and that’s not including that side burner we talked about.

Quick Clean-Up

Thanks to the enamel-coated grill, you can be confident the food will not stick – which would normally cause stubborn burn marks and a lengthy clean-up job.

The CosmoGrill gives you an easy clean up that won’t take hours. If anything, you may find that cleaning your BBQ becomes more of a pleasure than a chore.

Warming Rack

If your guests have arrived late and the food is already cooked or you simply aren’t ready to eat when everything is grilled to perfection – a warming rack can come in very handy.

You could even use it to rest your meat to get that quality, juicy finish.

The warming rack sits inside the grill so whilst the food is being kept warm, it won’t be exposed to the elements or any potential contamination.

Vonhaus Portable Gas Barbecue Review

This gas BBQ is going to allow you to cook for even the largest get-togethers then you’re going to be hard pushed to find anything much more fit for purpose than this.

The VonHaus features 6 2.8kW burners plus an additional burner at the side for the ultimate grilling experience.

If there’s anything that catches the eye, then it is that it’s a seriously sleek-looking piece of equipment that will certainly be the talking point of your social events.


VonHaus 4+1 Burner Gas Barbecue – Portable BBQ Grill


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Of course, looks aren’t everything and this is a BBQ that doesn’t disappoint where functionality is concerned either.

With the non-stick grill, you’re also getting easy clean-up meaning that your grilling experience doesn’t need to be a chore.

Furthermore. The BBQ has a wealth of other features that make using it a dream – from the handy side table to the easy ignition, there’s nothing inferior about this grill.

We would, however, point out that you aren’t getting a gas hose so be sure to pop one in your basket when you buy.



The VonHaus BBQ sits on a set of sturdy wheels which mean that it is super easy to move around the garden.

Whether you’re having to shift it to make way for another piece of garden equipment or you simply fancy an alternative view whilst cooking, it certainly won’t be a challenge.

Simply wheel the BBQ to where you want it to be and get on with cooking up a storm!

Non-Stick Cooking Grill

Nobody wants their food constantly sticking to the grill, not only is this massively inconvenient when you’re trying to cook but it is also a nightmare to clean up.

Thankfully, the VonHaus features a non-stick grill that makes cooking a breeze – no matter how many rounds of chicken breasts, sausages or kebabs you want to cook.

Once you’re done, cleaning up is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Large Cooking Area

A smaller BBQ is ideal for a date night or a couple of friends but if you’re looking to host a garden party to remember, the ability to cater to a lot of people is essential.

That’s exactly what you’re getting with this BBQ.

The very generous cooking area means that you won’t be spending hours cooking rounds and rounds of food – get more done at once and free up time to socialise.

Temperature Gauge

It’s all too easy to throw the food on the barbie before it’s at the optimum temperature – we’ve all done it, especially when you’ve got a lot of hungry guests.

However, this can make the cooking process a lot more lengthy so knowing the temperature of the BBQ is vital.

This one features a handy temperature gauge so that you can always be on top of what you’re doing and get the food on at just the right moment.

Fire Mountain 6 Burner Gas BBQ Review

Coming in at the highest price of any of the BBQ’s on our list, the Fire Mountain certainly gives you bang for your buck.

Most notably, this one comes with a protective cover which is essential since when left outside in the unpredictable British weather, the BBQ does need protection.


Fire Mountain Premier Plus 6 Burner Gas Barbecue


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The silver chromes design of this one is seriously eye-catching but there’s a lot more to this than just its looks.

If you want a big cooking area, you’re definitely going to be impressed with the 3834 sq centimetre one that this grill boasts, and the benefits of this BBQ don’t stop there.

The heavy-duty lid is double layered with steel which means that heat will not escape, giving you the opportunity to cook hot, fresh and thoroughly cooked food every single time.

Plus, you’re getting a lot of storage space under the grill which is ideal for storing all of your accessories and equipment.



This BBQ features four strong caster wheels which make moving it around the garden a breeze which is ideal when you need to put it in storage or to relocate it on your patio.

Furthermore, thanks to the protective cover that is included with the grill, you can be sure that no matter where you decide to store it, it’s going to be well protected and safe.

LED Lights

The addition of the blue LED lights on the front of the grill certainly adds a superior sense of style to this BBQ.

Looks aren’t everything though so you’ll be pleased to know that these lights also play an important role in functionality.

As dusk falls and the party’s still going, the stylish LED lights serve as a way for you to always be on top of things where the temperature is concerned.

The lights can be turned on and off with a simple switch so when you don’t need them, they won’t be wasting energy.

Durable And Long-Lasting

If you’ve invested in a BBQ like this one, you’re going to want to know that I will stand the test of time and you’re not going to be left disappointed.

The BBQ is made from heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel which is not only robust and long-lasting but can also claim to be highly resistant to the elements.

This is a material that will not rust or corrode and so you can be confident that you will be able to enjoy your BBQ for many years to come.

Super Large Cooking Area

If you regularly host large social gatherings, it is essential that you have a BBQ that can cater to yours and your guest’s needs.

The extra-large cooking area of this BBQ certainly won’t leave you short on space and you’ll be able to cook up a storm for a healthy amount of guests.

What’s more, the grill is entirely enamel coated so that you can feel sure that the food will not stick – ideal for a perfect finish and easy cleaning.


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