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Buying a waterproof and weatherproof BBQ cover is a great way of protecting your BBQ, either for storage over winter or when not in use. There are also lots to choose from too.

Here’s what I believe to be the best 4 protective covers that will fit securely around and over your BBQ and are strong enough to protect your grill through winter and will last for a long time to come.

Generally, I prefer to have a darker colour cover for my BBQ as it can help hide stains and discolouration.

Top-Rated BBQ Cover Comparison Table







60"(W) x 23"(D) x 42"(H)

165(L) x 61(W) x 112(H) cm

65"(W) by 24"(D) by 44"(H)

147(L) x 62(W) x 110(H) cm


Fade Resistant





Steel grey





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SunPatio Heavy Duty BBQ Cover Review (Fully Waterproof Grill Cover)

Not only is this waterproof and fade-resistant but it is also a very attractive BBQ cover that boasts a beautiful black finish which will look elegant and charming in any garden.

This is an easy to clean cover that is large enough to meet the needs of most BBQ owners thanks to its ability to fit over a wide range of BBQ brands.


SunPatio Gas Grill Cover 60-inch, Outdoor BBQ Grill Cover


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Not only this, but it is easy to fit and take off – no more messing about or getting tangled in a difficult to use cover.

Furthermore, the handy addition of velcro straps at the bottom of the cover means that it will always remain secure no matter what the weather decides to throw at it.



Keeping your BBQ dry is of the utmost importance to avoid causing damage and ultimately stopping it from working,

Some covers do not offer a very high standard of water-resistance but thanks to the hardy design and thickness of the fabric, you can feel confident that your grill will be 100% protected.

Easy to Maintain

No one wants to spend hours cleaning their BBQ cover, especially if they have just had to spend hours removing grease, dirt and grime off their BBQ.

For this reason, a cover that is easy to clean is up there with the top priorities.

What’s more, over the winter, it isn’t hard for copious amounts of dirt to build-up on the cover which you will want to easily remove.

The good news is that good old fashioned soap and water will bring this cover back to its former glory even after it has taken a battering over the winter.

Easy To Use

Covering your BBQ shouldn’t have to be a mammoth task, you want something that is simple and easy to use.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll be delighted to know that the design of this cover makes for one of the most simple BBQ covers we have ever seen in terms of application.

Using the handles, you can slide the cover over and take it off with the greatest of ease. Plus, the velcro fastenings at the bottom of the cover mean that it won’t be coming off when the weather picks up.

UV Resistant

You want to be proud of your new BBQ cover, right? You certainly don’t want to end up with something that is going to look faded after a few weeks in the sun.

Moreover, you don’t want a BBQ cover that is going to be covered in rips and tears as a result of UV exposure.

But this is not a problem with the SunPatio thanks to the innovative UV resistant material that has been used here. It will effectively repel those UV rays leaving you with an attractive and highly functional cover.

Unicook BBQ Cover Review (Anti-UV & Weather Resistant Cover)

If you’re after a sleek looking BBQ cover then look no further.  Looks aren’t everything, so you’ll be pleased to know that this cover offers more than just a nice aesthetic.

You’re getting a BBQ cover that boasts an innovative Oxford fabric which is resistant to both UV rays and water so you can be confident that your BBQ will be fully protected.


Unicook BBQ Cover 65 Inch, Heavy Duty Waterproof Gas Grill Cover


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The cover has well-placed air vents to ensure that the BBQ receives excellent circulation preventing it from becoming damaged by any residual moisture – this is essential when storing it over the winter months.

Why buy a cover that is designed to fit only one BBQ when you could buy one that is as versatile as this?

The cover is able to go over a variety of BBQ brands meaning that if you decide to upgrade your grill, you won’t need to buy a replacement cover.


Easy To Clean

Cleaning the BBQ itself is challenging enough, all those grease marks and burnt-on food – it’s the stuff of nightmares.

So it stands to reason that you aren’t going to want to have to spend hours cleaning your BBQ cover after all of that hard work.

The good news is that this cover is very easy to clean and simply requires a quick hose down for all the dirt and debris to fall off. Low maintenance and high performance – what could be better?

Durable And Resistant

We have already touched on the fact that this is a BBQ cover that will stand up to whatever the weather throws at it. Come rain or shine, the cover will offer superior protection to your precious BBQ without becoming damaged itself.

It is completely water-resistant and since rain is inevitable at any time, this is a must. However, the BBQ cover also resists the UV rays from the sun without losing colour.

It can withstand dust, snow dirt and much more without ever compromising the condition of your BBQ.

Easy To Fit

Imagine it now – you’re in the garden enjoying the sun and out of nowhere, the sky turns grey and the heavens open. You’re going to want to get that BBQ covered, and fast.

Thanks to the addition of handles and straps, this cover is super easy to fit, you can literally do it in seconds. The straps offer secure coverage which will not be blown off when the winds pick up.

What’s more, when it’s time to start grilling, the cover can be quickly and easily removed.


The Unicook cover measures in at 165 x 61 x112cm which just so happens to be the same size as some of the most popular BBQ brands – Weber, Jenn Air and outback, just to name a few.

So no matter what BBQ you have, you can feel confident that this will provide suitable coverage.


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iCover BBQ Grill Cover Review (Heavy Duty Cover with Air Vent)

A hardy fabric is essential for any BBQ cover, without it, the cover will be substandard and certainly won’t offer the protection you expect.

The jet-black design will look perfect in any garden offering a hint of class but aside from looking great, you can also expect this durable cover to stand the test of time.


iCOVER Grill Cover 50in 127cm, 600D Heavy Duty with Mesh Air Vent


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It is fully UV resistant and waterproof so you can feel confident that, no matter what the weather, your BBQ will be protected and well-maintained.

You won’t be faced with a laborious task when it comes to fitting the BBQ cover, either thanks to the addition of useful handles that make putting it on and taking it off easier than ever.

If that wasn’t enough, perhaps you will be impressed by the handy addition of the air vents which mean that there is a continual flow of air inside the cover.

that serves to protect your BBQ from any internal moisture build-up.  This really is an all-round excellent grill cover.


Durable Fabric

Made from superior quality, durable fabric which measure in a 600D – that’s denier which refers to the thickness of the fabric, and the higher the count, the better the thickness and durability.

At 600D, you’d be hard pushed to find anything stronger.

More importantly, having a good quality fabric like this means that the product will be able to stand up to the weather, which, as we know, in this country can be somewhat unpredictable.

Air Vents

If moisture gets under the cover and onto the BBQ it can cause damage and mean that you’ll be left without the ability to grill. But this issue can be easily solved with the addition of air vents in the cover.

And this cover won’t let you down since it features some handy air vents that will ensure proper air circulation inside the cover.

Easy On Cover

There’s little point in having a grill cover that is going to take half an afternoon just to put on and another half to take off when you’re ready to cook.

The handles on this cover mean that you can easily slip the cover over the BBQ and remove it again without any hassle.

Furthermore, these handles are great for storing the cover as they also act as something to hang the cover by.


It’s hardly surprising that the best BBQ covers boast a waterproof design especially when your grill is regularly exposed to bouts of rain.

This cover is not only super thick and durable but is also completely waterproof so that you can feel confident that your grill will be 100% protected from the elements.

No matter whether it rains, snows or hails, no water damage will occur thanks to the PVC coated fabric that offers superior protection

Kingsbridge Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover (Breathable BBQ Cover)

This is a very good option for anyone who needs a heavy-duty BBQ cover that will stand up to the elements and offer superior protection.

Thanks to the double stitching, this is a strong and durable cover that is not rivalled where functionality is concerned.


Kingsbridge BBQ Cover Waterproof 600D


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It comes in an attractive light blue colour which is ideal for anyone who has made this a feature tone of their garden – it’s always important for your outdoor space to look good!

We said this was a durable cover and when you learn that it is 600D, you can see exactly what we are talking about.

It will provide excellent waterproofing and will easily repel dirt, making it super easy to clean as well.

If a BBQ cover is left exposed to the sun for too long, this can cause it to weaken and tear but thanks to the design of this one and it’s incredible ability to repel UV rays, you can feel confident that it will last you for many years.



One of the main focuses of people all over the world in this modern day is paying attention to protecting the planet and decreasing the use of harmful chemicals.

The great news is that not only is this a cover that boasts serious protection – it does so without harming the environment.

There are covers out there that contain levels of PVC that can be harmful but Kingsbridge has been careful to comply with the GB standards and, therefore, bring you an extremely eco-friendly cover.


You don’t want to be leaving your BBQ under a cover that may trap moisture and cause damage, but this is of little concern with this one. It features air vents which allow for brilliant circulation of air under the cover, giving that extra layer of protection to your BBQ.

But this doesn’t mean that water will ever get in from the outside thanks to the double stitching which causes any external moisture to run right off and onto the ground.

Fits All Types Of BBQ

No matter what brand of BBQ you own, the versatile dimensions of this cover mean that it will likely work for your needs.

It measures in at an impressive 147 x 62 x 110 meaning that it will easily cover some of the most reputable and well-loved BBQ brands in the country.

This is also good news if you decide to change your BBQ as you won’t need to fork out for a new cover as well.

UV Protection

It’s common knowledge that when you leave fabric outside and exposed to the sun, it can often lose its colour and look very unsightly.

Not only this but continued exposure to the sun can mean that the cover is weakened and is more susceptible to damage.

This will never be an issue with the Kingsbridge due to the fabrics ability to repel the sun, protect it from damage and from looking weathered.

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