All Seasons Pop-up Gazebo 3x3m Review

The 3x3m gazebo is the most popular size of gazebo that is purchased in the UK as it is so versatile and can provide plenty of room for guests.

All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo - Pink (Standard Sides)


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It will enable you to have tables, chairs and even a hot tub inside, while the included sides can add privacy to your event should you need it.

All seasons pop up gazebos are simple to build like all of the products from this brand as it is a concertina style frame that is easily stretched out and then it’s just a matter of popping the frame legs up.

The large church style windows of this gazebo let quite a lot of natural light in and prevent you from having to use artificial lighting whilst it’s light outside.

The canopy can be a bit fiddly to attach initially and you will probably need a hand connecting it to the roof frame but once it’s attached you can keep it permanently on (even when packed away inside the bag).


This 3x3m gazebo by All Seasons will come with the following equipment.

  • 260gsm Waterproof Polyester PVC coated canopy
  • 210D PU Waterproof Side panels (x2 windows & x2 doors)
  • ‘Matt Black’ Powder-coated steel concertina frame
  • Waterproof storage bag with wheels
  • Tent pegs & guy ropes
  • Weight anchor bags
  • Warranty & care guide

This waterproof canopy can protect you and your guests or vehicles from strong winds, heavy rain and the bleaching effects that bright sunlight can cause to outdoor furniture.


Heavy-duty storage bag

You won’t realise just how handy it is to have a strong waterproof storage bag with wheels included until it breaks or you speak to a friend that doesn’t have one.

Just imagine the alternatives you have such as carrying the gazebo and accessories in 2 large boxes or maybe you have a large hold-all to put it in but then having to cart it over your shoulder and carry it to your desired location.

Let’s bear in mind that this gazebo weighs 25kg and whilst the total weight adds extra sturdiness when erect, it doesn’t make help when you’re having to carry it on your shoulder for a few hundred yards.

Quick to Build

The pop-up design of the frame is known as a ‘concertina’ frame and is basically stretched out, the legs are then raised, the waterproof canopy is attached and then the frame legs are clicked into one of the 3 height settings.

High Walk-in clearance


Quite often this aspect is overlooked by manufacturers and it’s quite hard to find the walk-in heights on their websites but here I can reveal that the walk-in height is 1.95m which is high enough for most people to walk into without ducking.

Once you’re inside there is even more headroom which extends by another 10cm’s to 2.05 metres to provide your guests with more headroom.  The highest point of the gazebo is 3.2 metres and that’s to the apex (highest point).

Large Variety of Colours

With 17 different colours, this brand really does allow you to choose a colour that can be very specific to your type of event.

For example, should you decide to take one of these 3×3 gazebos camping then you can choose a darker colour which helps to hide any dirt or discolouring with what you would expect to encounter whilst camping in wet and windy weather


This 3x3m gazebo by All Seasons can provide a large dry area to the hard or soft ground which makes it ideal for family get-togethers and party’s, either on the tarmac, patio, block paving or grassed area.

For the hard ground, you have weight bags and guy ropes provided that will help anchor the frame down.

These add huge amounts of stability and should be used whenever possible, sometimes it can be difficult to use the guy ropes on hard ground as the pegs will struggle to go into concrete or similar surfaces.

In this case, you may want to tie the guy ropes around a heavy object or tie them to part of your fence or railings if you have them.

The storage can fit in most vehicles, whether it’s in your boot or laid across the footwell in the back of your car.

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