All Seasons Pop-up Gazebo 2x2m Review

If you’re looking for a gazebo with a strong frame, a protective canopy with a high level of waterproofing that doesn’t have side panels then this All Seasons Gazebo could well be a great option for you.

The concertina-style frame ensures that this product can be popped up in a matter of seconds which makes building and taking it down simple and quick.

All Seasons Gazebos 2x2 Fully Waterproof Pop-up Gazebo With Accessories

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The canopy section is easy to attach over the top of the frame with the velcro straps and can be left attached when you decide to pack it away.

There are 24 struts in the roof section and these provide incredible support to the roof section and extra stability without the use of wind bars.

There are 3 different height settings to choose from and each leg also has a hole where you can screw the legs into decking or hard surfaces.


If you decide to purchase this All Seasons 2×2 gazebo you will receive the following items.

  • 260gsm Fully Waterproof PVC-coated polyester roof
  • Heavy-duty mat black powder-coated concertina frame
  • 260gsm PVC coated polyester carry bag
  • 4 x Sandbag leg weights
  • 8 x tent pegs
  • 4 x guy ropes

Everything you need for a protective shelter is included in the package.


Roof struts

The roof struts ensure extra support in the roof section and help prevent pooling by keeping the frame rigid which will help keep the canopy nice and tight.


The canopy fabric is 260gsm which means that every square metre of fabric weighs 260 grams.  This weight is proof the canopy can be regarded as ‘heavy-duty’ and fully waterproof.

Sandbag weights


These leg weights help to anchor the canopy in breezy weather.  Remember that they are not to be used instead of guy ropes, they should be used as well as the ropes.

These weight bags will arrive empty and can be filled with rocks, soil or sand and are attached to the legs via the velcro straps that are stitched onto the bags.

Hard or soft ground use

This popup gazebo can be used on hard or soft ground, which includes; grass, sand, soil, decking, concrete, tarmac, block paving, and patio slabs.

For added strength, you can drill the feet into the hard ground but ensure you always use the guy ropes and weight bags whenever possible.

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Whether you’re looking to buy a small pop-up gazebo that can be used in your garden or one that can easily fit into the boot of your car for picnics or days out, then this one is ideal.

If strength, reliability, ease of build, and full waterproof protection are important to you and you’re wanting a 2x2m gazebo then I’d recommend buying this product.

This 2x2m gazebo isn’t the cheapest but when you’re looking to buy such an important piece of equipment that can be used for years to come, then paying extra should be expected.

After use, it can be stored away until it is next needed in the waterproof bag that is provided when you purchase this product.

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