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Coleman originated in the U.S. in 1901 as a lantern company but now sell a wide range of outdoor products around the world. The Coleman camping tents are strong, fully waterproof and the company has established itself as a reputable brand in the camping industry.

5 Best Coleman Camping Tents In 2022

Good quality waterproof camping tents by Colemans



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Colemans Waterproof Tents with helpful reviews

Coleman Camping Tents – The BlackOut 3 Review

This tent is equipped with blackout bedroom technology – and that means exactly what you think it will. No waking up at the crack of dawn because of light seeping into your tent.

It’s not just the blackout technology that impresses, this tent comes with a 100% waterproof groundsheet already sewn in, so you won’t notice any leaks or damp patches inside either.


Coleman Tent - The BlackOut 3


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The BlackOut 3 also sleeps up to 3 people and pitching the tent should take only 10 minutes according to Coleman, so it’s easy to set up and comfortable when you’re inside.

The manufacturers are also keen to point out that the attractive standout red and black design makes this a perfect festival tent because it’s easy to spot in a crowd of other tents.

The front section of the tent extends into a porch-like area, and you’ll see that the tent is incredibly spacious, allowing for extra storage, so sleeping is even more comfortable.


Dome Structure

Few tents consider the fact that you will, at some point, need to stand up in your tent – especially when changing your clothes – but Coleman does with this one.

The dome-like structure and extra porch space actually provide optimum head height for you, so you can make the most out of your new tent, and it is comfortable to do so.


This tent comes with windows at the front of the tent so you can look out from the inside, so it’s perfect for rainy days if you still want to feel like you’re outdoors.

The windows also come with blackout covers so you can increase your privacy whenever you need to and stop people from looking in and light from getting through.

Blackout Bedroom

Not only can the blackout bedroom provide you with the ability to block out 99% of daylight, but it also comes with the ability to monitor the internal climate of the bedroom too.

The innovative technology can bring the temperature down by up to 5 degrees, and during the night it can be increased by up to 1 degree, so it’s always comfortable to be in.

Vents and Mesh

First, the tent comes with vents that can be adjusted from the outside of the tent on the roof, which helps to reduce condensation inside and also improves airflow around the bedroom.

Second, the mesh behind the blackout bedroom’s breathable polyester door actually helps to keep bugs out too, so you won’t find any creepy crawlies in your bedroom space either.

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent Review

If you need a slightly larger tent for you and your camping group, then look no further than the Coleman Cabin Camping tent. It sleeps up to six people and even has a separate screened porch area too.

It’s great at standing up to the weather, with a tub like floor and inverted stitches rain won’t find its way inside easily, and the structure can withstand 35mph winds.


Coleman Unisex's Cabin Camping Tent 


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The walls are actually vertical, so rather than compromising space in the corner with curved walls, you get the full interior space for you to use, making this an even more spacious option!

In fact, it’s so spacious that the head height is a comfortable 6ft 4in and Coleman even claim that you can fit 2 full-sized queen air beds inside comfortably, which is seriously impressive.

Setting it up should take around ten minutes again, and the three poles and their pole sleeves are all colour coded, so it’s not only quick, but incredibly easy to set up too.


Panoramic Windows

This tent really is the perfect bit of kit for a family or group of friends that are keen on the outdoors, because they design everything about it to fit seamlessly with the outdoor world.

And this is seen most clearly with the addition of the panoramic windows, which allows light into the tent, but also allows you to carry on enjoying the outdoors, even when you’re inside.

Screened Porch

Yes, the model above also provided a screened porch area for extra storage, but this tent goes even further. It isn’t just a place to kick off your boots anymore, it’s actually an additional room.

You can place a chair inside and relax with the screen open or closed (to keep out bugs) and the manufacturers claim this area provides 35% more space compared to other 6 person tents.

Four Season Tent

That’s right, you can use this tent in all four seasons. If you love the outdoors _that much_, then experiencing it in all weathers is probably something you desire, and this tent can help you with that.

Coleman has specifically designed this tent to work well in all weathers and therefore, all seasons.  You might still need to pack a few extra blankets in winter though.

Ground Vents

The manufacturers have been rather clever in their design because you can actually find the vents on the ground. This means you won’t need to leave the tent to open and close them.

Instead, you can enjoy better airflow from inside the tent, which will not only make the tent more comfortable to stay in but also reduce condensation inside too.

Coleman Tent Octagon Review

OK. If you’re looking for a tent that is _wildly _different from anything else on this list so far, then perhaps this 6 to 8 person octagon camping tent is something that will work for you.

The manufacturers provide you with an image that suggests that 6 single sleeping bags can fit down the middle of the tent, with an additional 2 on either side of them, so there really is a lot of room.


Coleman Octagon Tent Festival Dome


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The height of this tent is also impressive, so you won’t forget where you’ve pitched it on the campsite, and it also makes the interior feel luxuriously spacious when you’re inside too.

If you want a truly panoramic view, then you can unzip and clip back panels all along the outside of the tent which when pinned back, reveals a full 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Convenience is something Coleman has thought about here too, and they have even included a hinged door on the front of the tent that opens and closes with no hassle or fuss.


Storage Options


This tent has thought of pretty much everything. Pockets line the walls for you to keep all of your essentials in, and there’s even a loop on the interior roof for you to hang a light on.

There’s even a room divider inside the tent, so if there are fewer people staying or you require more privacy, then simply use the toggles and loops to divide the space into two equal rooms.


Yes, you’re looking at tents, so of course, you’re only really concerned about tents. _But, _if you can pick up a tent that can be used for multiple things, then why wouldn’t you?

And this tent has that flexibility. The flysheet does not need to be attached, so you can also use this spacious tent as a meshed bug-free screen room in your garden if you’re hosting guests.

Wheeled Carry Bag

If you’re taking a 6 to 8 person tent with you across a campsite, then it’s good to know that the storage bag is wheeled for easy transportation to your pitching spot.

The weight of the pack itself is only 20.7 kg, so it would also be easy to carry over any rough patches if wheeling was not an option, so you know you can get your tent where you need it to go.

Award-Winning Tent

Back in 2015, this tent was actually awarded the tent of the year from Camping Magazine. Whilst it was a few years ago now, it says a lot about the quality of the tent here.

It’s spacious, luxurious, offers 360-degree views of the beautiful outdoors and is designed with convenience for the user in mind – what’s not to love about this quirky, innovative tent?

Coleman Tent 6 Man Dome Tent Review

If you’re heading to a festival, then you’re likely going with a larger group of people, so why not invest in a 6 man festival dome tent that provides you with all the space you’ll need?

This tent is 100% waterproof too, something you definitely need at a British festival, and it’s also well-ventilated thanks to the 6 large windows and mesh roof.


Coleman Tent Octagon, 6 to 8 Man Festival Tent


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There are two hinged doors present on this model, so you have easy access front and back, and it gives you more options when deciding the best place to pitch your tent for easy access.

Just like the tent above, there is a convenient room divider, so if you wanted to split your group in two, then you could divide the rooms and each has a door for access to your space.

They make all the poles of steel or fibreglass, so you also know that they have designed the tent to be sturdy when the weather isn’t great, and it’s more than capable of dealing with that.


Resists All Weather

Yes, it’s waterproof as we’ve already said, and it’s capable of standing up to the wind too, provided you pitch the tent at 45 degrees as instructed in the manual provided.

But this tent also offers protection against the sun too, with a high sun protection factor of 50+ so you can also use the tent to provide shade when the sun is finally up.


There are plenty of safety features to boast about with this tent, including the sturdy frame that has been designed to withstand wind to prevent it from collapsing or flying away and causing injury.

But perhaps the most reassuring safety features are the fact that the tent materials are all fire retardant, so will stop any fires from spreading further and causing further damage.


Not only is this tent tall enough for you to stand up in comfortably, but the dimensions show just how large the interior space is, so you know you’re getting a lot of room for your money.

At 3.96m x 3.96m x 2.15m, we can comfortably say that the 6 to 8 person tent that this is pitched as can certainly be done, and all with relative comfort and extra space too.

6 Removable Side Panels

This 8 sided tent has 6 removable side panels (the other two feature the hinged doors). By removing the panels, you give yourself a full 360-degree view of the outdoors.

Not only that, but the increased ventilation is certainly welcome on a warmer day, and the mesh still keeps the bugs out, so you can enjoy the weather without having to worry about any unwelcome guests!

Coleman Evanston Tent Review

Not everybody wants a large tent that stands tall and is shaped like an octagon, and that’s OK. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, then you’ve found it.

This Evanston tent is large enough to sleep 8 people comfortably, and it comes with the D shaped hinge doors that the previous two models do too, so it’s convenient to enter and exit.


Coleman Unisex Evanston Tent


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In fact, just because this tent is slightly more traditional, it doesn’t mean that it is bog-standard. First, the design is eye-catching and attractive thanks to the green, tan, and grey colour scheme.

Not only that, but they also provide a porch area for some extra space for storage or even a pleasant area to shelter from poor weather for 2-3 people whilst enjoying the outdoors still.

It’s straightforward to pitch and comes with an instruction manual that is clear to follow. If you’ve pitched a dome tent in the past, then this will be self-explanatory for you too.



Once again, Coleman supplies a tent that is made of high-quality waterproof material to prevent any leaks when the weather is poor, giving you added peace of mind.

The groundsheet provided is also robust and durable and capable of standing up to a downpour of rain when the worse comes to worst, so again, you know you can use this tent in any weather.


The windows provided in the tent are large and allow for good air ventilation. You’ll need to zip them up during the night because they allow the cold to get in, but that’s to be expected.

On a hot day though, opening the windows will allow better airflow, and help keep the tent cool so when you’re next inside you don’t have to suffer the unbearable heat that every camping enthusiast is familiar with.

Electrical Access Port

It may look traditional, but the Evanston tent by Coleman is also very modern in its design too, and there is an electrical access port at the front of the tent that’s easy to access.

It also has a zipper and a flap to cover it to prevent any water from getting into the tent when the port is in use, so it’s still safe to use even in rain, which is convenient.

Easy Set Up

Not only is it easy to do thanks to the simple instructions, but it’s actually possible to do alone. This is an excellent feature because if you’re camping with your children, they may not help in quite the same way.

So, if you follow the instructions closely, it is possible to pitch the tent alone, and should take only around 20 minutes maximum, so you can start relaxing quickly as soon as it’s done.


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