Gorilla Pop-up Gazebo 3x3m Review

Shaun Bird | Affiliate | 1 June 2020

If you need a high quality, commercial-grade gazebo, this Gorilla Gazebo is the perfect option for you.  It’s a heavy-duty gazebo that is easy enough to build even a beginner can pitch it.

Gorilla Gazebo ® Pop UpGazebo
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It features a compact design, which makes it very easy to transport to your chosen location.

This gazebo also comes with amazing water-resistant capabilities, has two sides that have plastic windows and the other two functions as zipped doorways.

The material of the windows is of lower quality compared to sidewalls and the roof but still, it’s better than many others in the market.


Here’s what you receive to build the 3x3m in the image above.

This gazebo is also available in six different colours and comes with a collapsible design (pop up concertina style).

If you’re a beginner who has limited experience on how to set up and pitch up a tent, then this gazebo would be a great choice for you.


Waterproof Canopy

The fabric of the canopy is a particularly thick polyester material and has a PVC coating applied to it to make it extremely waterproof, as well as providing an excellent level of UV protection.

What is equally impressive is that the side panels are of the same thickness (450D) as the canopy which is quite rare and in turn, they also provide excellent protection against heavy rain and blustery weather.

Heavy Duty Tensile Frame

This gazebo is equipped with a heavy-duty tensile frame, and cross truss design, which makes it extremely strong, sturdy whilst remaining easy to install too.

Unlike other options, you don’t need any additional roof bars to provide external support.

You can simply unpack it, fold it out, pop it up and you’re ready to go without needing any extra support items.

Detachable Sidewalls

One of the best things about this gazebo is that it comes with four detachable walls. You can use the Velcro fasteners to add and remove them as you need to.

It doesn’t matter whether you want you to set up the canopy with one, two, or three walls, this gazebo provides you full versatility.

Multiple Height Settings

This gorilla gazebo has push-button mouldings, which makes it very simple to take it down.

Along with this, it also comes with three height settings, so you can easily choose which setting you require and at the push of a button.

🏆This Gorilla gazebo is featured in my ‘best gazebo’ feature section


The Gorilla gazebo is one of the most popular gazebos currently available in the market and it is the best option for people whose main priority is durability, strength and ease of build.

Gorilla Gazebo ® Pop UpGazebo
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
The great thing about this gazebo is that it only 34 kg, which is lighter than some of the other brands out there.

This makes it perfect for longer trips as you won’t have to spend more energy on carrying it.

Apart from this, it also comes with UV protection, so if you are someone who loves to travel into hotter areas, then this gazebo will keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

It is made of high-quality materials, which makes it long-lasting.

This gazebo is ideal for both hard and soft ground. So no matter what your needs are, it won’t disappoint you in any way.

However, it is a perfect combination of strength, size, and versatility but if you are camping or travelling to a windy spot, then you might have to use sandbags to keep it stable.

Other than that, it is a one-stop solution to fulfil your shelter needs…