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Will a Gazebo kill my Lawn?

The truth is that unless you take the proper measures to ensure that the grass underneath the gazebo is cared for, then yes, the gazebo can kill the grass underneath it.

The good news is that it is fairly easy to try and solve the problem.

The reason why your gazebo ends up killing the grass underneath it is that the solid floor of the gazebo and/or the roof is going to block out just about all sunlight and rainwater that the grass underneath will receive.

Some gazebos have an open floor, and while the effect on the grass will not be as dramatic with these canopies, it can still cause patches of dying grass underneath the roof.

Naturally, without sunlight or water, the grass and other plants underneath the gazebo will end up dying.

Finding the Solutions to Prevent your Lawn from Dying

With that being said, there are a few different routes that you can take to prevent this from making a huge impact on your lawn.  One option that you can choose is that you can decide to leave your gazebo installed throughout the year.

This can create a natural appearance in your lawn, assuming that you take proper care to protect the gazebo from harsh weather.

However, some people might want to take their gazebo down during the winter, or during periods of time when it will not be used. In these cases, a different solution can be found.

One option that one could consider is using flagstone and pea gravel as a foundation or flooring to the gazebo.

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This can create a natural appearance and, more often than not, it will not show that there is a patch of dead or dying grass on your lawn.

If you really want to spice things up when the gazebo isn’t installed, you could even consider adding moss or dichondra to these rocks to give them a greener appearance to match your yard.

Finally, there is the option to consider a ground cover.

These are typically used when a gazebo doesn’t have a solid floor of its own.  These can come in a number of different colours and sizes, allowing you to find the one that fits your yard and your gazebo the best.

Lawn Tarp for Ground

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These generally are large, flat surfaces that cover the ground for your gazebo, allowing you to stand on it without having to worry about the ground underneath you.

Keep in mind that these will still make it hard for grass to survive underneath it, but if you have a ground cover that matches the colour of your lawn, then it shouldn’t affect the appearance too much.

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