The Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses & Why…

Polycarbonate is a great material to use for an outdoor Greenhouse as it’s both 100% shatterproof and a friendlier alternative than glass for the environment.

With walk-in polycarbonate greenhouses, you can garden in comfort, knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses in 2022


The Fellie Garden


Palram Harmony



4ft x 6ft

190 x 185 x 195 cm

6ft x 10ft

6ft x 10ft

Dimensions (L x W x H)

L 130cm x W 190cm x H 183.3cm

190 x 185 x 195 cm

3.06 x 1.85 x 2.08 metres

312L x 190W x 201H (cm)

Slide Door


Roof Ventilation

Total Weight





My Greenhouse Reviews

Outsunny Walk-In Greenhouse 6ft x 6ft Review

If you are looking for a large walk-in space to grow flowers, veg and plants in the most effective environment, the Outsunny Polycarbonate Greenhouse, may be the answer…

At 6ft x 6ft, there is ample room to comfortably walk around and tend to your greenery.


Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse Walk-In Green House 


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Also with a sliding door, there is no need to be concerned about doors being propped open or banging in the wind – creating better access.  The green frame is designed to last.

Made with galvanised aluminium and fitted with high-quality polycarbonate boards, these greenhouses are designed to withstand strong winds and rain.

Another great thing about this useful garden commodity is that it is clear, so you can see what’s going on without stepping inside!

This practical greenhouse also comes with built-in ventilation, creating the perfect place to grow plants, veg or flowers. This product is also available in the larger frame of 6x8ft.


Sliding Door

When armed with greenery, a sliding door can be a very useful feature. No need for propping doors open with chairs, doorstops … or even a foot! This feature comes in extremely handy when moving things around.

Good Ventilation

To the roof is a hinged rooftop panel which will allow you to have adequate ventilation, allowing your plants, veg and flowers to grow in the best environment. Just open and close to your requirements.

Clear High-Quality Panels

Fitted into the strong aluminium frames are high-quality UV resistant polycarbonate panels, which are not only created to withstand all weather conditions but come in a clear form too!

This means that you can watch your products grow from the outside as well as inside!

Large capacity

At 6ft x6ft, this greenhouse is ample size for any garden. However, it does come a little larger in a 6ft x8ft model, giving you further options to grow more produce.

Great sizes to comfortable walk around and tend to all plants, flowers or veg at your leisure.

Galvanised Frames

The Outsunny Greenhouse is made with galvanised aluminium which means that is protected with an extra layer of zinc, making it more weather resistant and durable.

Once assembled and secured to your specifications, you can rest assured that this greenhouse would need no further maintenance and can be left throughout the seasons doing its job – Protecting your products from all the elements and those pesky birds!

Palram Harmony 6x10ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse Review

If you are looking for an impressive greenhouse that is long, durable and light, then this would be a great find for you.

At 6ft x10ft, this greenhouse could house an ample amount of produce.  You can grow flowers, fruit, veg or plants at your leisure and have plenty of room to potter about.


Palram Harmony 6x10 Green Greenhouse


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With vents and gutters, this greenhouse is equipped to manage the elements.  You can even reuse the water from the rain to give back to your greenery!

This greenhouse also comes with its own base, so you need not worry about creating a base or using an existing one if you do not need too.

This product comes with clear panels that are almost unbreakable.  This means that you can see clearly into your greenhouse without stepping inside.

The Palram Harmony Greenhouse does not only look good but is lockable, rust-resistant and designed to last.


Attractive Design

With its striking green frame and clear polycarbonate panels, this greenhouse really stands out in any garden.

Imagine the views of the different flowers and styles of the greenery whilst stood looking out of your window, or on the garden – it would be truly impressive.

The clear panels also allow in 90% of light, ensuring that your products have an abundance of light transmission for plant growth.

Designed to Last

The Palram Harmony greenhouse comes with a rust-resistant aluminium frame, UV polycarbonate glazing (which is 100% UV protected) and galvanised steel base.

UV protection ensures there is no yellowing of the panels and the galvanised steel base ensures it has been treated to protect from the elements. It is also lockable to ensure all your belongs are safe.

Vents and guttering

This greenhouse comes with vents and guttering which help to not only control the humidity and temperature levels, but also means that you can catch the rainfall and, if you wish, recycle the water by creating a collection system and watering your plants.

The vents come in the form of roof windows which you can open and shut to your preference.

Large Capacity

At 6ft x 10 ft this greenhouse is an impressive size, not only have you room to potter around comfortably but you can also bring in extra items. If you wish too you could leave in some of your equipment.


With a lockable door, you can ensure they would be left safe if you used some of the room for storage.

TecTake Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse Review

If you are looking for an outdoor commodity that can facilitate warmer temperatures and increase humidity to help grow your plants and vegetables, then the TecTake 800416 may just be for you.

With enough space to grow a variety of plants, flowers or vegetables, this greenhouse can offer protection from the elements, safety from the birds and plenty of ventilation


TecTake Greenhouse Polycarbonate Aluminium


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One assembled, the TecTake Greenhouse can be left throughout the seasons without any further maintenance required.

With aluminium frames that are anodised, and UV stabilised hollow-chamber panes, it has been designed to withstand all the elements and has been made to last.

The roof also carries extra windows to ensure plenty of ventilation when needed and with a sliding door, makes access to the greenhouse a lot easier.

No more propping open doors when carrying your products in and out!


Sliding Door

A great little add on to the TecTake Greenhouse is that it has a sliding door. This can create easier access, takes up less space and it less troublesome when you are carrying your items in and out of the greenhouse.

The door, panes and ventilation windows are transparent, so you can see into the greenhouse without stepping inside!


This greenhouse is designed to last. With polycarbonate anodised aluminium frames and UV stabilised hollow-chamber panes, this means that the materials have been treated to become weather resistant, protecting all your products from the elements.

This offers ultimate protection from strong winds, rain and sun.

Roof windows

For great ventilation, there are windows built-in to the roof, giving plenty of opportunity for good air circulation and ventilation. Just open and close for your preference.

With ventilation taken care of, you can rest assured that this greenhouse can offer great temperatures and increased humidity for your plants, flowers and vegetables.

Good Size

With dimensions of (LxBxH): 190 x 185 x 195 cm, this greenhouse offers comfortable room to walk about and tend to your garden produce as required.

At around 6ft x6ft, this would provide ample room to garden in the best temperatures at your leisure.

Choice of foundations

The TecTake comes with a choice of foundations and no foundations, so if you do not require any … great, you can buy this greenhouse at a cheaper price.

If you do, however, then you can but this greenhouse with the foundations too. The commodity is self-assembled and comes with clear instructions.

The Fellie Polycarbonate Greenhouse 4ft x 6ft Review

This practical greenhouse is well ventilated with built-in guttering and would be ideal for any avid gardener.

With an aluminium frame and fitted with UV-resistant polycarbonate, this useful garden commodity can keep your flowers, plants and vegetables safe whilst letting in natural light.


The Fellie Garden Greenhouse Polycarbonate


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Created with a sliding door, it looks great and is easy to access.  Available in 4 different sizes, you can choose which is the best fit for your garden needs, starting at 4ft x6ft to a huge 10 x 6ft!

To the roof of the greenhouse, you will find a vent that you can open as you require and with its practical guttering, you can reuse the rain to water your plants.

With additional wall and roof struts, the Fellie Garden Greenhouse has extra stability and will withstand all bad weather conditions, making this a great low-maintenance addition to any garden.


Great Ventilation

A great feature of this greenhouse is that you can keep it well-ventilated with an open and closed vent. Situated on the roof, it is perfect to not interfere with your greenery, but have ample room to allow in air.

And if you want to close out the elements, you can just close it again!

Sliding Door

The Fellie Greenhouse does not fail to offer the ability to make access easy. With a sliding door, you can easily walk in and out without the worry of needing to prop any door open!

Available in 4 Different Sizes

If you are looking for a certain size for your garden, it would be useful to know that this greenhouse comes in 4 sizes: 4×6 ft 6x6ft 8x6ft and 10x6ft – Offering varying sizes for different garden needs.

This lightweight commodity is very easy to assemble and once secured needs no further maintenance.


Fitted with UV resistant sheets, you can rest assured that your greenery will be protected from the elements. together with additional wall and roof struts, you can relax knowing it offers extra stability and durability.

Built-in Guttering

Another final feature to add is that the Fellie greenhouse comes with its own guttering system, allowing you to not only catch the rain but to reuse the water on your greenery, allowing you to do your bit for the environment!

A very practical and efficient commodity to grow plants, flowers or vegetables at your leisure.


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