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What is a Pop up Gazebo (Straight to the Point)

This is a Pop up Gazebo

This is a Pop-up Gazebo

So, you’ve been told about a certain kind of outdoor shelter that’s quick to build, can keep you dry and people keep calling them pop up gazebos.

And here you are pulling your hair out thinking, what is a pop-up gazebo and are they as good as people make them out to be?

Where have you been for the last 30 years or so?

Apologies if you weren’t born back then but to be honest they’ve been around for what seems like centuries now.

Here goes…

So, What is a Pop-up Gazebo?

Put simply, a Pop-up gazebo is a temporary shelter that is used on either a hard or soft surface and depending on the quality of it it should be able to keep you dry and protected from the sun (UV rays).

The hard surface uses include surfaces such as;

  • concrete
  • deck
  • patios
  • tarmac
  • block paved areas

Whilst soft surfaces include the likes of grass, sand (beach use).

Why is also called a Concertina Gazebo?

The frame is known as a ‘concertina’ style frame and is named after the musical instrument of the same name and basically means that to build it you simply stretch it out and to pack it away afterwards you then fold it back together.

This particular style is now most common whereas, beforehand, in the 80’s when they first became popular they had to be constructed by fastening lots of connecting poles together which was very awkward and time-consuming.

Most pop up gazebos (albeit decent ones) should arrive with a carrying bag to help transport it to your location and helps keep everything together and can help prevent losing anything.

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