Toolport Marquee Reviews

Toolport is well-known in the large tent industry as its products are of excellent quality and provide stability, sturdiness, and waterproof protection.

Their Marquees are used for important events like weddings and corporate events as they’re strong, reliable, and made from good quality materials.

Best Toolport Marquees in 2022

Good quality marquees by Toolport






Heavy Duty


Dimensions (L x W x H)

8 x 4 x 3.1 metres    

12 X 6 X 2 metres

5 X 10 X 2 metres

3 X 4 X 2 metres






Weight (gsm)





Side Panels

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My Toolport Marquee Reviews

Toolport Marquee 4x8m Wedding Tent Review

If you’re looking for a tent that can shield a couple of dozen guests from rain and heavy wind, this party tent is an ideal recommendation for any occasion.

The tent is constructed with a stable ground bar frame and steel bars featuring additional reinforcements for the roof and sides, giving you a secure frame for attaching the tarpaulins.

TOOLPORT 4x8 m Marquee Party Tent Heavy Duty

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The tarpaulins include a seamless roof section and individual side panels that are secured to the frame, allowing you to set it up to suit your preferences.

With the versatile design and thick side panels, this marquee pole tent offers the perfect shelter for use at any time of the year, protecting from the sun, wind, rain, and cold.

What’s Included in the Package?

With this marquee, you receive a complete package for quickly assembling the frame and tarpaulin, including the following items:

  • Galvanised steel frame with bars measuring 38 mm in diameter
  • Galvanised steel ground bar for added support
  • PVC tarpaulins for the sidewalls, front entrance, and roof
  • Ground pegs
  • Safety ropes

No tools are needed to assemble the tent and it includes a detailed manual, ensuring that anyone can erect this shelter.


Heavy-duty steel frame

The frame is constructed from a series of 38 mm galvanised steel bars with 42 mm steel connectors. The connections are bolted in place for greater stability and protection against strong wind.

The set also includes a ground bar, which helps create a sturdier base for the rest of the tent.

500 gsm tarpaulin

The tarpaulins are made using 500 gsm PVC fabric. It’s thicker compared to a typical tent or canopy, offering increased water resistance and wind resistance.

You get separate tarpaulins for each section of the marquee, including a one-piece roof for complete protection against the sun or rain.

Simple assembly

Everything secures in place without the need for extra tools. It includes screws and nuts for the bars and large steel connectors.

You’ll need at least two adults to assemble the marquee, but it shouldn’t take long to get it set up.

Removable sidewalls

After setting up the frame, the sidewalls are secured or left off, depending on how you want to set it up.

The sidewalls have classy arched windows with reinforced seams, allowing sunlight into the tent while blocking wind.


If you’re planning a large outdoor event and plan on serving food, this marque provides ample space without forcing your guests to crowd together.

Due to the heavy-duty steel frame and sturdy design, I’d recommend this tent for just about any situation, especially when you don’t know what to expect from the weather.

TOOLPORT 4x8 m Marquee Party Tent Heavy Duty

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The thick tarpaulins ensure that rain and wind don’t reach the interior while protecting against fading and wear from exposure to the sun and elements.

With the seamless roof section and individual side panels, you have endless configuration options when setting up the marquee.

This tent costs a little more compared to a pop-up canopy, but it gives you lots of room and one of the sturdiest alternatives to building a permanent structure.

Toolport 6x12m XL Marquee Review

When you need space for a large gathering, this 6 x 12 m marquee tent should offer more than enough room for all your guests and your catering setup.

The large marquee is assembled from thick steel bars without requiring additional tools, along with a ground bar frame and roof reinforcements for additional stability.

TOOLPORT Marquee Garden Tent 6x12 m Heavy Duty Frame

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The roof is a one-piece tarpaulin made from thick PVC fabric that is 100% waterproof and provides UV protection while the side panels allow for a variety of design possibilities.

With thick walls, a seamless roof section, and reinforced windows, this marquee also works well in cold weather, helping to keep you and your guests warm during the cold months.

What’s Included in the Package?

If you choose this tent, you’ll be pleased to find everything needed to set it up without any extra tools:

  • Steel frame with galvanised steel bars measuring 38 mm in diameter
  • Steel ground bar to provide a secure base
  • PVC tarpaulins for the sides, front, and roof
  • Ground pegs
  • Safety ropes

Along with these items, the package includes a detailed manual to help you assemble the tent in no time.


Galvanised steel frame

The main highlight of this marquee is the fully galvanised steel frame, constructed from several dozen steel bars measuring 38 mm in diameter.

The steel bars don’t corrode, making this tent a suitable option for leaving it set up on a semi-permanent basis.

Stable assembly

The steel bars and connectors are easy to assemble, even if you’ve never set up a marquee before.

Follow the manual and ask a friend to help hold the bars as you secure everything together. Set up should only take an hour or so, allowing you to set it up just before your event.

PVC tarpaulin

The heavy-duty tarpaulins cover the steel frame, providing complete UV protection. They’re 100% waterproof and made from thick, heavy-duty 500 gsm fabric.

Customisable design

The sidewall panels are each about two metres wide and secure to the frame on all four sides for increased stability.

If you don’t want to completely enclose the interior, the design allows you to leave the individual side panels off, creating an open or partially enclosed canopy.



I’d recommend this marquee to anyone that needs shelter for a large gathering. With the amount of room inside, you can easily entertain over 70 guests.

The stable frame makes this a great choice for those times when severe weather may pose a threat, as the marque can withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

It’s also sturdy enough for setting up interior lighting and décor.

TOOLPORT Marquee Garden Tent 6x12 m Heavy Duty Frame

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Keep in mind that this marque costs a little more compared to a small, square pop-up canopy.

For the extra price, you’re getting a marque that is fully comprised of heavy-duty parts, from the PVC tarpaulins to the steel frame.

It can comfortably accommodate dozens of people with tables and chairs for serving, ensuring that your next party or event goes on no matter the weather.

Toolport 5×10 White Marquee Tent Review

This huge 5x10m marquee tent is perfect for large gatherings.  Whether you’re inviting friends for a party, hosting an important corporate event or a wedding or christening on the horizon.

TOOLPORT Marquee Garden Tent 5x10 m Gazebo

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To assemble this marquee tent you need 3 or 4 friends or assistants to help you build it.  It’s not particularly difficult to build but more hands make much lighter work.

The price is pretty sensible but the main reason for the lower price is the thickness of the roof tarpaulin isn’t as thick as some of the more heavy-duty types.

The thickness (180gsm) or ‘weight’ is calculated by measuring 1 metre across and 1 metre down (1 sq metre) and that is the weight of the fabric (180 grams per square metre).

The steel frame is galvanised and the steel posts are 3.8 cm thick which creates a very sturdy skeleton frame in which to fasten the canopy to and attach the side panels.

The side panels are one full length which is great at preventing drafts from blowing through any gaps that there would normally be on sides that are attached individually.

You will receive everything you need for a fully functional marquee with nothing else to buy and no tools are required for assembly.  Included is the tarp canopy, steel pole frame, side panels, guy ropes, stakes and assembly instructions.

Best Features of this Toolport 5x10m Marquee

Easy to Build

This marquee is easy to assemble as long as you have enough people to help.  It’s not possible to build this on your own so ask a couple of friends to help.

Parts are tightened by hand and the canopy and sides attach via strong bungee cords which fasten around the frame top.  The sides can be pegged down into soft ground too.

Large Pre-Drilled Footplates

It’s a real help that the pole frame has large footplates at the bottom as they provide lots of support whether you’re using it on a hard or soft surface.

The footplates have 3 pre-drilled holes so you can screw the legs into the hard surface and provide extra stability and on a soft surface you can peg it down to make it sturdier.

High-Quality Click System

To make assembly easier the frame section just clicks together.

All you do is connect the correct poles together by pushing them into each other and then twist it until the locking section clicks into place.

This click and connect system also makes taking it down after the event real quick and simple.

Toolport Marquee Gazebo 4x3m Review

This Toolport isn’t a pop-up gazebo and therefore you may think that it’ll be more difficult to build.

However, the galvanised steel poles have a simple click connection that holds the poles in place and secures the frame together.

TOOLPORT Marquee Garden Tent 3x4 m Gazebo

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The fabric of the gazebo canopy is made from polyester and has a Polyeurathene coating that provides waterproof protection to the outer layer.

The material is 180gsm, so every square meter of fabric weighs 180 grams.  The material is strong and the thickness will help prevent it from ripping easily.

This Toolport gazebo is easy to build even though you connect the poles to assemble it.  Ask a friend to help you as it’s not sensible to build it by yourself, especially if it’s breezy.


Very Strong Frame

The steel poles are galvanised and are much thicker than you would get from most pop up gazebos on the market at 38mm wide.

As the steel poles are galvanised, this offers excellent protection against rust with the zinc protecting the steel for many years to come.

Waterproof & UV Protection Canopy

As the canopy has a PE coating applied to the outer section of the polyester fabric, the canopy provides excellent protection against heavy rain or long persistent showers.

The seams of the canopy where it is stitched are heat-sealed and multiple pieces of waterproof adhesive fabric have been applied over the stitching via a hot air taping machine.

This measure ensures that rainwater doesn’t leak through the stitching during rain and adds extra strength to the stitching and adds a kind of reinforcement to that section.

Versatile Side Panels & Doors

The sides are simple to attach and remove as required.

The sides are attached via bungee cords that thread either side of the pole frame and are connected together which makes adding and removing the sides quick and easy.

Please bear in mind that the side panels on each side are full length and therefore all the windowed sections cannot be removed individually as they are one large section.

The 2 large entrances can be used as full-length walls once everyone is inside which offers much more privacy for you and your guests.

Alternatively, you can unzip both sides of the door and roll up the doorways and then securely tie them up at the top to provide 2 entrances/exits or have 1 gable end and use the other end as a door.


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