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What are the Best Uses for a Pop up Gazebo?

These types of temporary shelter are perfect for spur of the moment day trips, relaxing in the garden or just as useful for changing rooms for sporting events.  See more example below.

Garden Use

If you have room in your garden, patio or decked area then a pop-up gazebo can be lots of fun and ideal for inviting friends or family round for drinks.

Most decent pop-up gazebos have sides included which means that should your party go later into the night then the sides can go on to help protect from drafts, flying insects and extra privacy.

Hot Tub cover

Hot tubs, especially the Lay Z Spas are ideal to be placed underneath a temporary shelter like this and can provide more privacy from nosey neighbours and help stop bugs from flying in and landing in the water like they always seem to do.

The canopy can also help prevent too much exposure to the sun which can often be forgotten about when relaxing in the tepid water and provides resistance from UV rays.

Market Stall or Car Boot Sale

I’m sure you’ve seen loads of these when you’re out and about at flea markets or car boots as they are perfect for pitching near the back of your car or setting up on a concrete surface.

They are often used at craft fairs as well as dog and other pet shows.

Changing Rooms for Sports

Pop up gazebos can go up to 6x3m in size before you start calling them marquees or party tents and this size can be ideal for storing clothes that have been changed out of for sports such as; football, hockey, cricket and running events.

You will often see results and event organisers of a running event inside a pop-up gazebo near the finish line.

Camping Holidays, Beach Visits or Days out

Quite often, decent pop-up gazebos will be available to buy with a carrying bag included and this makes transporting them to other events or placing them in your camper or the boot of your car ideal for days out or camping trips.

Some even come with wheels so you can pull them behind which makes taking them to places that are a bit of a trek from where you park your car ideal and much easier on your back.

What Surface Can a Pop-up Gazebo be Used on?

You can use a pop-up gazebo on just about all surfaces. You can place it on your lawn, a deck, patio, concrete, sand, and other surfaces.

Even if the area you’re putting the popup gazebo on is bumpy, as long as you’re using the right accessories to hold it down, it can still stand on uneven ground.

If the area you plan on putting the pop-up gazebo has a moderate slope, it’s best for the gazebo to have adjustable legs. Make sure to shorten the legs that are facing in the direction going up the hill.