Palram Door Awning Canopy Reviews

Palram door canopies are attractive, functional, sturdy, weather-resistant, and look great above any door, on any home…

Door awnings or door canopies as they’re also known provide shelter and prevent rain from leaking through your door or letterbox.

Palram Door Awnings in 2022

Strong & Durable Door Awnings by Palram


Altair 3000

Bremen 1500

Sophia 1600

Nancy 1500

Bordeaux 2230

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.02m x 0.92m x 0.175m

1.50m x 0.93m x 0.19m

1.60m x 0.95m x 0.17m

1.50m x 0.94m x 0.14m

2.23m x 1.39m x 0.33m

Covering Area

1.4M2 / 14.8FT2

1.4M2 / 15.1FT2

1.5M2 / 16.4FT2

1.4M2 / 15.2FT2

3.1M2 / 33.4FT2

Maintenance Free

Easy to Assemble

Snow Load

100kg/m² | 20.5lbs/ft²

120kg/m² | 25lbs/ft²

180kg/m² | 37lbs/ft²

100kg/m² | 20.5lbs/ft²

120kg/m² | 24.6lbs/ft²

Light Transmission






Wind Resistance

120km/hr | 75ml/hr

120km/hr | 75ml/hr

150km/hr | 93ml/hr

100km/hr | 62ml/hr

120km/hr | 75ml/hr

Release Date

31 Oct. 2019

24 Sept. 2020

23 Sept. 2020

14 Mar. 2019

8 April 2016






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My Palram Awning Reviews

5 Palram Door Canopies with helpful reviews


Palram Altair 3000 Door Awning Review

The best features of this Palram Altair door canopy are the front gutter and back gasket. Both send rainwater sideways to ensure you have a dry doorway.


Palram Altair 3000 Door Canopy 4mm Clear Panel


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The galvanized steel arms add reinforced support to provide a sturdy overhead structure. They also make the awning look more attractive and gives it a more modern look.

The clear panel allows natural sunlight to pass through with no harmful UV rays. It’s well made and is shatter resistant and capable of withstanding high impacts.

It’s available in three sizes depending on how much cover you need.


4mm Thick Panel

Whilst 4mm might not sound particularly thick for a panel in a door awning, this is actually pretty thick.  Often companies opt for thinner panels.

Because of the thicker panels, the door awning is better able to stand up to bad weather and less likely to be damaged by snow load or from a hail storm.

Mounting Gear Included

Mounting your new door awning to the exterior wall of your house couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to the mounting kit provided.

You won’t need any specialist tools or experience to mount this above your door.

Palram has designed this door awning with DIY in mind. They have focused on novice DIY’ers to ensure that anybody can mount this above their door.

Modern Design

Palram has created a range of door awnings with original designs in mind, from retro, modern to classic.  The Altair 1500 is best described as a modern design.

The clear overhead paneling, strong powder-coated frame, and galvanized steel supporting arms ensure this awning would look great above the door of any modern house!

Palram Bremen Door Awning Review

This Palram door awning is another categorised under their modern design range and the Bremen door awning is similar in design to the Altair design above.


Palram Bremen Modern Style Door Canopy


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It has a 4mm thick treated acrylic panel to prevent UV rays from passing through the clear panel. This can help shade your front door from sun damage too.

Designed to take the brunt of harsh weather, the Bremen awning also comes with a 3-year warranty. This says a lot about the confidence that Palram has in their product.


Large Covering

With dimensions of 153cm x 91cm x 4.8cm, you can see how much coverage you get with the smaller option. With over a metre of protection from the wet weather, it does a superb job.

Increasing the size of the Bremen door awning does come at a cost.

Bear this in mind if you need a larger option! If you need a door awning to cover a single door, then this more than meets the requirements.

May Increase Value Of Your Home

This might, at first, seem a little far-fetched, but there’s a lot said about ‘curb-appeal’. Especially when that curb appeal is more than a gimmick.

When a home has a well-built door awning (such as the Bremen door awning) it offers a function and is attractive. Prospective buyers notice this sort of touch.

It’s worth considering, even if it only makes your property look a little more appealing in the future.

Easy Installation

Palram points out that everything you need is in the package.  A Step-by-step instruction guide is inside the package.  It requires no special tools or additional help with installing, so it’s easy to put up and attractive at the same time!

Palram Sophia 2150 Door Awning Review

The Sophia 2150 is larger than standard, so it could be a more appropriate option for you.

It’s designed to fit over a large door and offers ample overhang. This ensures you remain dry on wet days as you head out the door.


Palram Sophia 2150 Clear Door Awning


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The design is modern and its simplicity makes it even more attractive in many respects.


The simple, clear overhead panel surrounded by a simple grey frame is eye-catching, to say the least…

The laser-cut galvanized steel powder-coated support frame is also weather resistant. This makes it less likely to rust or rot and precise for easy installation.


Large Size

This is great for homeowners with a large front door or those who wish to provide more covered space.

At 2.41m wide, this provides you with ample protection from the weather. You might use the area to take off muddy or wet shoes too and shake off your umbrella.

Whatever the case, it’s large enough for many functions!


This door awning is large and adds a layer of protection against harsh weather for you and your home.

Whether it’s your windows or glass on the door. This awning provides added protection to stop damage occurring during bad weather.

Award-Winning Brand

It is not an award for the Sophia door awning but the brand itself. Thus, it applies to all the Palram products reviewed in this list.

The Test Bild Quality Accreditation views all products and collects data from customer surveys and reviews.

It looks at the quality, durability, and value of the brand (amongst other things). Palram achieved this accreditation in 2020, so you know their products are among the best!

Have you thought about a retractable patio awning?

Palram Nancy 1500 Door Awning Review

This is another smaller option, although it is available in larger sizes. The Nancy door awning does its job well, even with the smaller-sized option.


Palram Nancy 1500 Porch Door Canopy


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It’s a modern design in grey and there is a detailed installation video available. This could be helpful and is worth looking at as the extra information is always helpful!

The door awning design centres around the clear panel again. It can blend into any house that you attach it to, as it is clear besides the dark grey frame.

The screw-free design of the panels means there are no areas where the integrity is at risk from rain. This is a unique feature of all the Palram door awnings on offer.


Convenient Installation

The thin design means that you can attach it to most exterior walls provided you have the room above to fix it too.

It attaches to the wall thanks to the smart locking system. The installation is simple and the instructions are easy to follow.

Reduce UV Light

The panels can reduce UV light by 100% and are clear. Natural sunlight will still pass through but they will block harmful UV rays.

The addition of a door awning won’t darken your doorway because of the clear panels in the design.

Durable Panels

The weather-resistant panels are shatterproof and resistant to the harshest of weather. Meaning, they can handle anything from large amounts of snowfall to a downpour of rain.

Huge ranges in temperature will also not cause any long-term damage to the Palram awnings either.

Palram Bordeaux White Door Awning Review

The Bordeaux door awning has an attractive white design and more retro-inspired. This is not to say it wouldn’t work on a modern build if you still liked it.


Palram Bordeaux 2230 White Canopy 


We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The most impressive feature of this door awning is its three different size options. These are big, huge and enormous! And that’s not even an overstatement!

It’s important to note that the panels in this design are only 3mm thick.


Rubber Gasket Seal

Like the other door awnings we have covered, this too has a rubber gasket seal at the back of the awning. This is where the awning frame attaches to the wall.

This stops leakages or seepages down the back of the awning and onto your front door. You can be confident that you’ll be dry as you wait underneath it or step out your door.

3mm Panels

The 3mm thickness doesn’t affect your experience with the product in any way. They are still robust and able to stand up to any weather that it faces.

The panels are from a material that is UV protected, meaning you will be 100% protected against UV rays!



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