Outsunny Garden Swing Seat Reviews

If you are looking for a garden commodity that will allow you to relax, enjoy the weather, and even provide an opportunity for a little snooze, a garden swing may just be for you.

Imagine the gentle rhythm of a swing on a summer’s day, relaxing on your own or with your partner, depending on the size of course.

You could also use a swing to nurse a baby to sleep or provide a calming environment to curl up with your favourite book.

Garden swings can be great for the porch or your garden areas, and once secured, can be left outside throughout all the seasons.  Accessorize with comfy cushions and throws…

Top-Rated Outsunny Garden Swing Chairs


Outsunny Swing Chair Review with Gazebo Roof & Sides

Luxury, style and relaxation are just a few things this garden commodity can bring to your outside areas.

With a two in one purpose, you can either relax with a couple of friends on an extra padded swing seat OR choose to adapt into a one-person bed. Ideal for a quick afternoon nap!

Outsunny 3 Seater Convertible Swing Chair

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This swing chair/hammock also comes with a large two-tier canopy that will protect you from the sun and also light rain.

If all that is not enough, there is also the 4 pull back curtains to consider.  Perfect for if you want to hide away for a little snooze or stop the pesky insects from invading your tranquillity.

This product comes in natural beige colours and with five extra cushions for added comfort.  As well as adding a stunning addition to any garden, it also offers a practical solution for ultimate relaxation.



Not only can you go to the garden for a relaxing swing, but with the Outsunny 2-in-1, you can also (with a push) adapt into a day bed.

With shielding from the sun, you can take a gentle snooze whilst feeling the seasonal breezes.

Other times, you can spend time relaxing on your swing with a couple of your favourite people. Large enough to seat 3 people, this swing is perfect for a good old catch up.

4 Pull Back Curtains

Imagine taking a book outside into your secluded area, pulling the curtains too and locking yourself away with only the sounds of nature.

You can block out neighbours who may peer over your fence as you go for a secret nod…

Or generally create that tranquil and serene space. It is also great for keeping any unwanted insect visitors at bay!

2 Tier Canopy

The Outsunny 2-in-1 comes with a two-tier canopy that will protect from the sun and light rain.

It is designed to keep the air circulated whilst giving you that extra weather protection.

So, rain or shine, you can still enjoy your outdoor seating … regardless of the weather.

Five Extra Cushions

For extra comfort, this product comes with five extra cushions, making relaxation in the Outsunny 2-in-1 even more perfect!

Easy to Assemble

You may need two pairs of hands to assemble, but this product comes with good instructions and can be erected quickly and safely in no time at all.

Outsunny 3 Seater Swing Chair Review (Screened Flyproof Gazebo)

If you are looking for a place to escape without leaving your home, then this luxurious garden commodity may just be for you!

This large gazebo is not only water-resistant but is also a great shelter from the sun and all the flying insects that may come with it.

Outsunny 3-Seater Swing Chair 3-in-1 Convertible Garden Swing Seat

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With a two-tier canopy top AND zippered mesh curtains, you can keep yourself hidden away from the elements and unwanted creepy visitors.

You can call a couple of friends for a chat and a gentle swing or, if you fancy the ultimate relaxation, pull out the swing to adapt into a double hammock!

Enjoy a quick snooze in the day, or a romantic night outdoors … there is certainly enough room for two!

Whatever you fancy, there is no doubt that this would be the ultimate relaxation for any garden.


Great Size

This product comes with the dimensions, 230L x 149W x 232H cm, and seats 3 people comfortably.

If you are on your own, you could easily pop up your feet comfortably or adapt to the double hammock for more luxurious relaxation.

This product is easy to assembly and is ideal for and flat garden areas such as patios, lawns or poolside.

Dual Purpose

What is great about the Outsunny garden swing/Hammock set is that it can easily convert from a swing to a hammock. Not just a single hammock … but a double!

Two-tier Canopy

With a two-tier canopy, this swing/hammock set can protect you, rain or shine, whilst allowing fluid air circulation, leaving you with a place to shelter and relax.

Extra Cushions

What more could you want from this garden commodity … more comfort? Well, this also comes with 6cm thick cushions, soft pillows and neck rolls.

Offering optimal support and more comfortable experience. Imagine being engulfed in soft furnishings whilst feeling the outdoors and enjoying a cool drink or good read.

Sturdy and Built to Last

The frame comes powder-coated and with steel construction, meaning that it has been designed to last for a long time, be resistant to the elements and able to be left outdoors throughout the seasons.



This wing provides a striking focal point. With its beige canopy and cushions, it complements the black mesh netting and frame. A real eye-opener and impressive addition to any garden.

Outsunny 3 Seater Garden Swing Chair Review with Overhead Canopy

This three-seater swing would be a great asset to any garden area.

With its earthy brown soft cushions and canopy, it could blend in perfectly, creating a sanctuary for peace and relaxation.

Outsunny 3 Seater Outdoor Garden Swing Chairs Thick Padded Seat

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Sit back and relax with friends and family, or lounge across whilst reading your favourite book.

You could even grab a quick snooze whilst no one is watching!

Either way, its large enough to invite some company around or to spread out on your own.

The swing comes with thick padded jacquard-texteline covers which are water-resistant and easy to clean and the frame is powder-coated and rust-resistant- which means this product is designed to be weather resistant!

This garden swing comes with footpads that help to keep the swing balanced, is strong and sturdy and easy to assemble.  The overhead canopy is also weather resistant and can be adjusted to your requirements.



The Outsunny three-seater Garden Swing has been powder coated, which means it has been treated to resist weather and corrosion, giving long-lasting durability.

The frame is made from steel and is designed to be durable for indoors and outdoors all year round. This swinging garden seat also comes with foot pads to keep your swing balanced and grounded.

Padded Seats

This Garden swing comes with extra padded seats to add that extra bit of comfort and luxury.

They are also designed to be water-resistant and easy to clean, so you need not worry about any unexpected rain, ruining the soft furnishings. And they look great too!

With their earthy brown, Jacquard-textiline covers, they not only offer that extra quality, but also a comfortable place to relax and unwind.

Weather Resistant Overhead Canopy

Sitting comfortably and safe from the harsh elements is a must for any garden seating, and this swing does not disappoint.

The canopy included is weather-resistant and offers protection from mild UV, water and wind – making way for better relaxation.

Large Enough to Seat up to Three People

What a great way to catch up with your friends, partner, or just space to lounge around by yourself!

With enough space to sit comfortably, you can relax in the rhythm of the garden swing whilst catching up with your favourite people.

This swing has dimensions of 170H x 200L x 120Wcm. Canopy: 195L x 110Wcm and is a great size for comfortable relaxation.

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Outsunny 2-Seater Wooden Garden Swing Chair Review

If you are looking for a quaint and charming addition to your garden that can offer some relaxation, then the 2-seater Outsunny garden swing may just be for you.

Dressed with a cute wavy-edged canopy that can protect you from the elements, rain or shine, this lovely seating is just perfect for a retreat into the garden.

Outsunny 2 Seater Garden Swing Seat Wooden Swing Chair

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Its romantic features can create a little haven for you and a loved one, or space to just relax on your own with a good book, or a collection of happy thoughts.

Made with Russian Larch Wood and Galvanised steel chains, you can rest assured that once assembled, this quirky garden swing can be left without any further maintenance for many years to come.

Simple, sturdy, and super cute, this seat can be a perfect addition to your garden.


Galvanised Metal

The metal chains used for the swing have been treated to an extra layer of zinc, making it more rust-resistant, sturdy, and durable.

Together with the larch wood, and powder coating, this offers great durability.


Made from Russian Larch wood this swing has been treated to be ultimately weather resistant.

Larch wood means that it is durable, tough, and waterproof. So, once assembled, you can rest assured that the seating can be left without any further maintenance for many years to come.

Stunning Detailed Canopy

This seat comes with a beautifully waved edged canopy, which is not only water-resistant but can provide shading in the summer sun.

The canopy itself is 160g which makes for extra protection against the searing sun.

The design of the swing is simple but effective and with the cream canopy, adds a lovely nostalgic feel.

Easy to assemble

This seat comes with simple instructions and can be assembled within minutes, meaning that you have more time to relax, unwind, and enjoy your garden swing quicker!

Once assembled and secured, you can rest in the knowledge that there is nothing more to do than relax.

Fit for Purpose

This product is small enough to fit comfortably in small to medium-sized gardens but quaint enough to give bigger gardens a secret haven.

A romantic, cute, and nostalgic addition to any outdoor area that is looking for that extra special touch.


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