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Outsunny Rattan & Textilene Sun Loungers

It’s only natural that once the sun comes out we want to sit and relax in it with a glass of gin or your favourite beverage.

Although long exposure to the sun isn’t recommended, lying down on a sun lounger with a drink at the side of you is one of the most relaxing things we do.

Sun loungers have come so far in the last few years, especially when just a few years back we had to lay a towel underneath because sun loungers weren’t that comfortable or they’d mark your skin with the pattern of the lounger.

These Outsunny sun loungers are made from rattan and Textilene materials which are great materials for outdoor furniture like this.

These types of material are perfect for outdoor furniture because they are more comfortable, modern-looking, durable, not overly heavy and easy to clean.

Top-Rated Outsunny Rattan & Textilene Sun Loungers

Last update was on: November 28, 2020 2:31 am

Outsunny Rattan Sun Lounger with Armrests, Table & Cushions

Outsunny Outdoor Garden Rattan Companion Sofa Chair & Stool Lounger Recliner Love Sunbed Daybed Patio Wicker Weave Furniture Set Already Assembled Brown

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This very first review I have gone right to the top-end of the market and selected this top of the range sun lounger by Outsunny that oozes class, quality and is hardwearing.

The rattan used to create the base, armrests and the support for the table has a 10mm thickness which is 4mm thicker than most other brands of rattan lounger.

The rattan material has a weatherproof coating called PE which stands for Polyurethane, this coating helps preserve the rattan and prevent damage from long-term exposure to various temperatures and weather conditions.

The PE coating also ensures that the rattan is UV protected and this will help prevent the rattan from bleaching in bright sunshine.

The loungers can be reclined individually.  This means that you have full control of whatever of the 5 positions you want to have your recliner and are not reliant on the other recliner being in the same position.

You will also find the tempered glass table convenient for drinks, books, food or for your glasses and it also has a built-in hole for a parasol which is unfortunately not included with the product.

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The Lounger Can Be Left Outdoors

A great feature of this rattan lounger set is the fact that you can leave it outdoors all year round.  The thick rattan weave together with a PE coating stands up tremendously well to really bad weather.

Personally, I recommend you bring the cushions back indoors when not in use as it will prevent any possibility of staining of the fabric during bad weather and prevent them from being blown around the garden.

Also, note that the cushion covers are machine washable and can be put in a washing machine on a cool wash.

5 Different Reclinable Positions

Both of the sun loungers can recline to any of the 5 positions independently and basically, you are not restricted to how the other person is using theirs.

The lounger can be used in any of the 4 upright and tilted positions or can be used in the other position which is completely laid flat.  Laying it flat for cushioned seating is perfect should you have lots of guests around for drinks.

Tempered Glass Table & Storage Cupboard

Between the two recliners, you have a storage cupboard which has a very handy tempered glass top that is ideal for placing your drinks on top of or for snacks and even a book.

Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular annealed glass.  Whilst annealed glass can shatter into longer jagged shards, tempered glass shatters into very small and relatively harmless pieces.

The cupboard is made from the same rattan material as the base which ensures its strength and also that it matches the recliners too.

Whilst the cupboard is fairly small, it is ideal for storing items to keep them out of the sun, such as; sun cream, cans of drinks, snacks and small electronic devices.

Basically, lots of small items can be simply stored away to keep things tidier.

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Outsunny 2 Seater Rattan Sun Lounger with Foot Stool

If you want a gorgeous lounger that you’re going to want to spend all kinds of time parked this summer it’s tough to beat the Outsunny Sun Lounger setup.

Outsunny 2 Seater Assembled Garden Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Sofa Sun Lounger Daybed with Fire Retardant Sponge - Black

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Very well made, with top-tier construction materials throughout, this is the kind of lounger that you’re going to be able to set up on your back porch or deck (or even out on the lawn) and rely on for years and years to come

The base material of this lounger is made out of a highly durable PE rattan material that is 100% waterproof and weatherproof.

It’s also easy to appreciate the fact that this material is highly UV resistant, meaning it’s going to hold its colour even when exposed to direct sunlight for days and days (years and years) on end – and it isn’t going to degrade the way that others that asked might have.

Combine that with the super plush 8 cm thick seat and base cushions that pair nicely with the 13 cm thick stool cushions (filled with comfort soft foam) and this has to be one of the best loungers money can buy right now.

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Super Stylish But Practical Design

One of the things that separate the Outsunny Sun Lounger from the rest of the pack has to be its unique and stylish design (a very modern, minimalist kind of look) that remains relatively compact while still comfortable enough to seat two easily.

A lot of other loungers out there chew up a lot of space in your yard or on your deck, but this isn’t ever going to eat up more real estate in your outdoor space than absolutely necessary.

The detached stool set up allows you to move things around to accommodate flow a little better and can even be used separately when you need a little more seating in your outdoor space.

Built-In Table Space

Another really cool feature of the Outsunny Sun Lounger is the included and built right in “popout” tabletops that swing up from the sides of this lounger.

Both sides of this lounger have these pop-up tabletops that are attached via a hydraulic piston system, helping them to stay in the upright position without any mechanical locks (keeping your drinks and snacks in place) but also allowing them to be lowered back into the fold-down position quickly and easily, too.

Secret Storage in Footstool

Okay, it may not really be “secret storage” but the fold-out storage compartment built into the bottom of the footstool offers an easy and discrete way to store outdoor blankets, outdoor dinnerware, and even outdoor toys or activities without cluttering up your backyard space.

This storage compartment slides right out and then slides back in pretty easily, making the best use of the available space underneath this footstool in a way that some of the other loungers out there really don’t capitalize on quite as much as they probably could.

All in all, it’s really not hard to see why the Outsunny Sun Lounger is such a popular piece of backyard furniture.
It’s well-made, stylish, and super comfortable and something you want to think about adding to your backyard for sure.

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Outsunny Rattan Folding Sun Lounger with Fire Resistant Cushion

For those who want a little luxury in their lives and want to lounge by the pool or on the patio in style, this folding sunlounger cum daybed is the perfect addition to your garden.

Outsunny Garden Patio Outdoor Pool Rattan Wicker Folding Sun Lounger Recliner Bed Chair with Cushion FIRE RESISTANT Sponge Already Assembled (Brown)

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Those warm summer days can be spent enjoying a cool drink or indulging in a good book whilst sitting in the lap of luxury.

One of the major concerns when it comes to rattan garden furniture is the impact that the unpredictable British weather can have on it.

But if you were worried about buying a product that may become damaged – think again.

The material from which this lounger is made is fully weatherproof and much thicker than that of its competitors. Leave the furniture outside for the entire year and never have to perform any maintenance.

Not only is this a durable product but it is also super-comfy. It features a removal cushion which comes filled with a top-quality sponge for maximum comfort.

The 4cm thick sponge is fire retardant, giving you the confidence that safety is a priority for Outsunny and the curved design moulds to the contours of your body further adding to the immense comfort of this product.

If all of this isn’t enough, perhaps you will be swayed by the modern and stylish design of this piece of garden furniture that simply screams elegance.

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Foldable For Easy Storage

Whilst leaving this piece of furniture outside is a perfectly viable option thanks to the weatherproof materials used in manufacturing, you may wish to store the lounger away during the winter months.

Doing this couldn’t be any more simple due to the easy three-folding storage system that simply requires you to fold and go.

What’s more, this handy design means that the lounger can be easily transported should you wish to take it camping, to the beach or simply on a family picnic!

Superior Rattan Material

All too often, we are seeing substandard rattan products that don’t meet the requirements of heavy day-to-day use, but that is where the Outsunny outperforms!

The average size of rattan used in garden furniture is just 5mm whereas the Outsunny boasts a much thicker material at 8mm making this much more strong, sturdy and reliable – great if it is going to be used by the whole family.

Moreover, the weatherproof PE rattan is made to withstand rain, wind, snow and high temperature meaning that no matter how long it is left outdoors, it’s superior quality won’t be compromised.

Easy To Set Up

We know what it’s like – you’ve got your new piece of garden furniture and you simply cannot wait to kick back and get comfy. But wait, there’s a whole host of screws and instructions that make no sense.

This simply isn’t the case with the Outsunny lounger. You can take the product straight out of the box and start your afternoon of relaxation in the sun – absolutely no assembly is required.

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Outsunny Textilene Foldable Reclining Chair with Pillow

Over the summer months, many people take to their gardens for all of their daily activities – we eat outside, have friends over, take a dip in the pool or simply sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature.

But when we do not have a reliable and durable piece of garden furniture to chill out on, spending time outside becomes much less enjoyable.

That’s where this super-strong and sturdy patio sun lounger comes in handy.

Made from durable, powder-coated steel, the frame is sure to support whatever you may throw at it.

Additionally, the frame is completely weather resistant so it will not weaken if it is left exposed to the elements – a key factor in a quality piece of outdoor furniture.

Comfort doesn’t necessarily have to mean bringing a whole host of pillows and supports out into the garden – the Outsunny patio lounger comes pre-fitted with a pillow perfectly placed at head height for maximum relaxation.

That being said, it can be removed if you prefer. What’s more, with five reclining positions, you will always be able to find the perfect way to relax in this sun lounger.

Of course, style is important and being able to choose a garden recliner that matches your personality is paramount when shopping which is why we are so impressed with the great range of colour choices that Outsunny offer on this product.

The lounger comes in either black, grey, brown, white or blue giving you the freedom to be you!

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Breathable Fabric

Is there anything more frustrating that soaking up the sun (be sure to lather on the SPF) only to realise that you are breaking a sweat as a result of the fabric of your chair?

This is no longer an issue thanks to the fully breathable fabric of this product, allowing you to sunbathe in comfort without overheating.

Furthermore, should you begin to sweat a little, the material is completely water-resistant making it ideal for both this reason and if the heavens should open.

Easy To Assemble and Store

If you are keen to get straight outside and start enjoying relaxing in the sun, you’re unlikely to want to be spending hours putting together your new garden furniture. But this isn’t an issue with the patio lounger.

The product is super quick and easy to assemble – it simply folds out and can be folded back up when not in use.

This is great for storage purposes especially if you are short on space but it also makes this the ideal piece of furniture for popping in the caravan for those long summer weekends away.

5 Levels Of Comfort

There may be days where you want to recline back and have a snooze in the spring breeze.

In contrast, you may want to sit upright and chat with friends and family but whatever your personal preference, the Outsunny patio sun lounger has a position for you.

Featuring 5 levels of comfort, this is not only a comfortable chair but also one that is extremely versatile.

This feature might be of particular interest to those who struggle with back problems and need to find just the right position to fully enjoy their outdoor experience.

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