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Outsunny 2.7×2.7m Lightweight Canopy

Outsunny 2.7×2.7m Lightweight Canopy
Outsunny 2.7×2.7m Lightweight Canopy

Canopy without SidesThis old fashioned type of connecting pole gazebo is perfect for those of you that have a very low budget and you’re looking for a disposable, single-use gazebo without all the bells and whistles.

Your expectations need to be realistic and sensible considering the price.

Do not to expect it to be able to last for years to come and protect you against every monsoon going, it isn’t going to happen with this product.

What this Outsunny canopy can do is protect you and a few guests from the odd spot of rain as long as its nothing more than light drizzle and not for too long.

It can also be used to provide shade to grass, patio or other hard surfaces and has a set of tent pegs and guy ropes to help hold it down.

These anchors (pegs and ropes) MUST be used at all times as they provide a huge amount of extra support to the frame section and are the only preventative methods to ensure it isn’t totally destroyed if the wind picks up.

This canopy, provided you realise its limitations is actually a good buy if used sensibly

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Package Includes

Should you decide to purchase this canopy from Amazon then you will receive the following pieces of equipment.

  • Powder-coated steel connecting frame poles
  • Water-resistant PE Canopy roof
  • Durable PP connectors for poles
  • 4 x Guy ropes
  • 8 x Tent pegs
  • Full instructions
  • All necessary assembly parts

There are no leg weights or weight bags provided and personally I don’t recommend buying any because they will cost about the same as the canopy itself and secondly, they won’t make the roof section any stronger.

Pros and cons

  • Really low price
  • Can protect against UV rays
  • Ideal for sunny days
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can protect against very light rain

  • Do not use when breezy
  • Do not leave built overnight


Here’s a few things that we really like about it, followed by a few frequently asked questions further down.

Simple to connect together

This isn’t a pop-up gazebo and therefore, assembly is required to build this canopy, although, it is extremely simple to put together.  Instructions are provided but to be honest you’ll only need to read them once at the most.

Pegs & guy ropes included

As this canopy is very lightweight it requires something to ensure that it isn’t simply lifted off the ground even with a gentle breeze, therefore, the guy ropes and tent pegs come in really handy, especially at the price you’re paying.

Anti UV canopy

This canopy can offer protection against UV rays which makes it ideal to use to provide a shaded area in the spring and summer months.  It’s still advisable to wear sunblock to help ensure full UV protection whilst outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the canopy and frame windproof?

No, not at all.  This is a very low priced canopy that is intended to be used to provide shade during hot weather.  It will not hold up in anything more than a light breeze so caution is advised against using it when windy.

How much does it weigh?

The entire package when delivered to your door weighs a little over 5kg.  For a canopy, this is extremely lightweight and only reaffirms my advice against using it in bad weather conditions.

Does it come with a bag?

Unfortunately, for those of you that intend to get regular use out of it then it will mean storing it in the cardboard boxes that it comes in (2).  At this kind of price, you really can’t expect a bag to be thrown in too.

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