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Top-Rated Outsunny Polycarbonate Gazebos

Outsunny 3x3m Polycarbonate Hardtop Gazebo with Curtains and mesh nets

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Outsunny is well-known for its garden and patio furniture as well as its wide range of gazebos that can be found listed for sale on a variety of shopping platforms.

In this case, though, we’ll be focusing on their polycarbonate gazebos or most commonly referred to as ‘hardtop gazebos.

These types of gazebo are renowned for their solid rooftops, their strong uprights to ensure sturdiness and the ability to fix them into soft and hard surfaces.

Although a lot of these hardtops look similar (which they are) there are lots of different styles, features and lots of accessories that are included with some models and not with others.

If you like what you see so far then check out these 4 Outsunny hardtops below that are available on Amazon or go straight to my reviews further down.

Top-Rated Outsunny Patio & Garden Gazebos

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Outsunny 3x3m Hardtop Gazebo with Curtains & Mesh Nets

Outsunny 3x3m Polycarbonate Hardtop Gazebo with Curtains and mesh nets

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This Outsunny 3x3m polycarbonate gazebo is a relatively lightweight gazebo for one with such a reputation for strength and sturdiness.

The aluminium uprights are powder-coated to ensure that there is always 100% support to the roof section by preventing rust forming around the vertical supports.

This is paramount to the longevity of this type of product.

Further up, the roof section has polycarbonate panels which are held in place by an aluminium frame section.

The panels are good at letting natural light into the sheltered area whilst protecting against UV rays.

Any worries about the strength of polycarbonate panels are not necessary because compared to glass, polycarbonate is 10 times stronger than glass and will not shatter.  Very reassuring for those of you that were concerned.

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Polycarbonate roof panels

As mentioned previously, the roof panels are extremely strong, do not shatter and are x10 stronger than glass, however, there are many more benefits of polycarbonate panels.

Polycarbonate panels will provide UV protection to your guests that can help prevent skin damage but they will also provide shade for your outdoor garden furniture and prevent it from being bleached by the bright sunlight.

Includes curtains & bug nets

It’s all very well having protection against the sun and protection against wind and rain but one of the most annoying and biggest culprits of spoiling your event are mosquitos and other flying insects.

These types of creatures are normally attracted by either the heat from our body or the sweet smell from your drinks or snacks.  The mesh nets can be closed to prevent these types of bugs from entering and biting or at least upsetting a few people underneath.

The curtains are perfect for extra privacy especially in the evening as you turn the lights on and it illuminates your gazebo and attracts mosquitos but also nosey neighbours.

Walk-in Height

There’s nothing, or very little more annoying than having to keep ducking as you enter an outdoor shelter, especially if one of those time after a few drinks you forget… ouch!

The walk-in height is 2 metres which cater for the height of most people and if this becomes a problem then you may just need to become friends with smaller people, just kidding… 2-metre height is more than adequate for most.

Sturdy frame

Upon first inspection you will think to yourself, is this that strong?  Trust me, this gazebo is another animal once it’s built and installed properly in your designated area.

It can be a little tricky to assemble and the instructions aren’t fantastic but as the Outsunny brand of outdoor gazebos is so popular there are lots of assembly videos you can view on youtube.

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Outsunny 4.3×3.6m Permanent Outdoor Gazebo with Solid Roof

This much larger Outsunny gazebo is perfect for those of you with bigger families, large gardens and is ideal for hosting parties with lots of guests.

Outsunny 4.3 x 3.6m Patio Aluminium Gazebo Canopy Marquee Party Tent Hardtop Roof Garden Shelter w/Mesh & Side Walls

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Spanning an area of 15.48 sq metres it demands quite a lot of spare room in your garden, patio or hard-surfaced area.

This permanent gazebo is relatively straightforward to build, however, as you can imagine with so many large sections to connect you’re going to need the help of a couple of friends.

Once it’s assembled it is the centrepiece of any garden and will be a talked-about feature by all of your friends and family.

The entire gazebo can be left outdoors all year round with the roof left on, however, it might just pay you to remove the side curtains and mesh nets.

The sides and nets may become damaged in strong winds and heavy rain and as I said above, it’s worth taking them down and it’s very simple as they’re both on individual rails.

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Everything Included in the package

Unlike lots of other outdoor products, with this product, you will receive everything you need to have a first-class relaxation area.

You will receive tough and durable polycarbonate roof panels that will slot into an aluminium roof frame, 4 uprights that are powder-coated to maintain their strength and durability.

All the curtains and bug nets are included, together with the rails that they hang from and there are handy ties which enable you to tie them back and around the uprights in warm weather.

There are 8 stakes to anchor the gazebo securely into the ground to provide extra stability.

Polycarbonate Roof Panels

If you have doubts about the strength and longevity then I can quickly put that to rest…

Polycarbonate is 200 times more resistance to impact than glass is whilst it’s also much lighter which makes handling easier and places less pressure on the aluminium that holds it in place.

The polycarbonate panels are also great at providing consistent lighting as it can act as a sun shield in bright sunlight whilst also letting in plenty of natural light in duller conditions.  Polycarbonate also provides UV protection.

Dimensions of this Gazebo

Although I’ve mentioned just how large this gazebo is, another great feature is the total height and the height of the eaves.  The length is 4.3 metres and the width of the gazebo is 3.6 metres which provide 15.48 sq metres in total.

The walk-in height is 2.05m which is 7ft 1inches, therefore, it should mean that not a single one of your guests will have to duck underneath the sides to enter into the gazebo.

The highest point of the gazebo itself (apex) is 2.65 metres and the product weighs 52kg.

Easy to Clean Frame & Material

Should the gazebo or the curtains become dirty then both are relatively easy to clean.

The side curtains can be machine washed on a very cool wash and depending on the size of your machine I would personally wash 1 side at a time in the drum.

The frame itself can be wiped down with hot soapy water to remove any dirt or bird muck that may have soiled the framework.

Should you need to wash the roof panels it’s normally best to get a soft-bristled yard brush, some washing up liquid and a hosepipe.  Simply throw some warm soapy water onto the roof, gently rub the roof with the long soft brush and then hose down with fresh water until the soap has disappeared.

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