The Best Pop-up Gazebo Weights & Why…

Gazebo weights can be the difference between a successful event or disaster because should the wind strengthen then your gazebo could be blown over or away.

Choose from plastic containers, sandbags or cast iron anchors. Each is specifically designed for a certain type of frame or footplate.

Best Gazebo Weights in 2022

Round Legs




Crocodile Trading


Plastic Container

Cast Iron


Round Frame Legs


Fill With

Water or Sand


Weight Provided

8kg Each (Water)

13kg per weight

Release Date

22 May 2008

26 July 2015

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Cast iron anchor weights can only be used on gazebos that have footplates for them to rest on. They are extremely effective and suitable for gazebos with sides.

My Gazebo Weight Reviews

Best Plastic Water Weights Review

This set of leg weights are by ‘ECS Ltd’ who make the ‘Airwave’ gazebos.  You can fill these weights with sand or water and they will add an extra 12kg or 8kg of weight.

Should you use these on holiday, you can fill them with sand when you arrive at the beach or if you’re camping you could fill them with soil.

Airwave Leg Weights for Gazebo (Set of 4)


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These plastic leg weights have a large screw that you tighten by hand.  This will clamp together around the frame legs of your gazebo and you won’t need any tools.

These plastic containers are much larger than they look and can make it difficult to attach the sides properly on your gazebo because the plastic weights will stick out.


It’s best to choose these leg weights if you have a canopy that will be used without its sides

Best Cast Iron Gazebo Weights Review

These Crocodile Trading cast-iron weights are ideal for hard surfaces.  This type of anchor weight is only suitable for gazebos that have footplates or feet.

This type of anchor weight is suitable for round or square legs but each of the frame’s legs must have a footplate for them to sit on because that’s how they’re designed.

Crocodile Trading 2, 4 or 6 Cast Iron Weighted Feet


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The product slots through the frame of the leg and lies on top of the foot to prevent it from lifting off the ground.  You can screw these weights down or knock tent pegs through.

Please note that metal pegs and screws aren’t provided but can be bought separately from Amazon.

You can also buy multiple packs of these weights and stack them on top of each other via the male and female connectors…

Each weight will provide 13kgs of extra weight and are available in sets of 2, 4, and 6.

Realistically, these types of weights should only be used on strong pop-up gazebos because if the upper frame section is weak then your cheap gazebo will just snap.


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