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Top-Rated Soft Top Gazebos with Metal Frame

Soft top gazebos are ideal for those of you that require a decent quality outdoor shelter that doesn’t cost a fortune but is much stronger than a pop-up canopy without the expense of a hardtop gazebo.

EliteShade 12x12 feet Sunbrella Titan Patio Outdoor Garden Backyard Gazebo with Ventilation and 5 Years Non-Fading,Rust

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So, here you have it, an outdoor patio gazebo that can keep your event dry and doesn’t cost a fortune that can be drilled into a deck or patio.

Some of these soft tops are concertina style which means that they have the traditional pop-up style frame which just needs stretching out, whilst the others need to be assembled and fixed together.

Both types of the above frame are strong and reliable.

Also, you’re going to experience bad weather at some point, this includes snow, hail, wind, and downpours, therefore, I recommend that you remove the canopy and sidewalls beforehand.

This will help them last longer and prevents you from having to buy new ones.

Abba Patio 10×10 Fully Enclosed Soft Top Gazebo with Bug Screens

This strong framed screened metal gazebo is perfect for backyard relaxation and equally as effective for commercial use as the canopy top is water-resistant and offers protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Abba Patio 10 x 10 Feet Gazebo Soft Top Fully Enclosed Garden Canopy with Mosquito Netting - Brown

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With a walk-in height of just less than 7ft, it caters for the majority of your guests or customers without them having to bend to enter inside.

This is a great feature as it clearly shows that plenty of thought and consideration has been put into buying a gazebo and your guests and customers will appreciate that.

The height at the apex of this product is 9.12ft, which creates a much more open environment without feeling claustrophobic and stuffy.

This gazebo needs to be assembled but is straightforward to build and requires only 2 people, one person holding the uprights and the other person tightening and connecting the parts.

Like so many of these types of gazebos, it has a vented rooftop which helps with stability in windy weather and can also help to improve air circulation in hot conditions.

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Pros and cons

  • High-quality Powder-coated frame
  • Has lots of possible uses
  • Straightforward to Build
  • Plenty of room for furniture
  • Screen to keep bugs out
  • Top vent for extra ventilation

  • Only available in brown


Can be left outdoors all year round

The frame of this soft top gazebo is strong enough to be left outdoors all year round and the powder coating will help to protect the metal frame from rust.

However, as you stop using the gazebo around fall time it is recommended that you remove the canopy section to prevent any tearing from snow or high winds.  I would remove the mosquito nets to prevent damage too.

Removing the canopy when not in use is the best option, even in the summer because the sun can cause bleaching of the color and make it fade but with that, it will make the material ‘less waterproof’ over time.

Can be bolted to a deck

If you decide to bolt it to the ground permanently, as mentioned above, you still need to remove the canopy in bad weather or before the snow arrives.  The feet have holes that allow for bolting to your deck or another hard surface.

Bolting a soft top gazebo to the ground will make this type of shelter much sturdier but alternatively, you can use a set of weights that would normally be more associated with pop up canopies.

Easy to build

Although this is a large shelter, it is relatively straightforward to build.  You will need 2 or 3 people to help assemble this product and it normally takes 2 to 3 hours to put it up.

There are instructions included with this product to help build it, although, as mentioned previously, it isn’t difficult.

Bug netting with tie backs

The bug nets are essential especially if you have trouble with mosquitos and other flying insects in your state.

This can become even more of a problem if you are using your new soft top gazebo late into the night and have heaters on the go or quite a number of guests.

Heat attracts mosquitos initially and as they get closer they will also sense CO2 given off by humans exhaling which indicates to them that there is a tasty meal nearby (blood).

The included bug nets will save you so much time not having to search the internet to try and buy some and then finding a set that fits correctly.

Double-vented roof canopy

The top of the canopy has a double-vented roof system that helps prevent inversion of the roof section in windy weather.

The vent also helps with the stability of the entire gazebo by adding an exit point for the wind to leave rather than the wind getting underneath the canopy and lifting the feet off the ground.

The roof canopy is made of UV treated polyester and this helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, although, it is still recommended that you apply sunblock as well.

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Suntime Hexagon Canopy Shade with Fire & Water Resistant Top

This Suntime outdoor patio shade is perfect for relaxing outside with the satisfaction that you are protected from light rain and the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

SUNTIME Outdoor Patio Hexagon Gazebo, Pop Up Instant Canopy, Garden Backyard Party Tent with Sidewalls(6.6' x 9.2'), Coffee Brown

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The fabric canopy is supported by a full-truss frame which provides a lot of additional strength and support to the upper section that helps during breezy and wet weather conditions.

This helps to prevent pooling in the roof section during heavy downpours.

The mesh screens all have a zipper to join then in the middle and can be zipped together to ensure that you have full protection against mosquitos and other bugs.

Inside there is enough room for a small patio table with chairs, alternatively, if you have an outdoor spa and it’s the right size then it’ll be perfect for this shelter.

It’s strongly recommended that after using this gazebo that you remove the roof section.  This is very easy to do and will help prevent it from being damaged by bad weather.

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Pros and cons

  • Ideal for commercial or recreational use
  • A strong push up full-truss roof section
  • Feet have stake holes for better stability
  • Ideal for sunshade and light rain
  • Includes wheeled carry bag

  • Not great in heavy downpours


Simple to set up

This Suntime gazebo is really easy to build.  To build, just ask a friend to help and firstly, spread all the equipment out on the ground.

Carefully, lift the pop up frame from the ground and walk backwards and stretch out to arm’s length.  Then extend the frame legs to the first height setting and place the fabric canopy over the top of the roof section.

Stretch out the frame fully by walking backwards with the frame legs raised from the ground.  Finally, push the roof section upward until you hear it click into place.

Check out this video which is a similar type of gazebo but essentially it’s the same process to build as it is this gazebo.

How to Build the Suntime Soft Top Gazbo

A video detailing how to build the Suntime soft top gazebo

Perfect temporary shelter

This Suntime soft top is perfect for hot sunny days in your backyard and will offer protection from UV rays and light rain.  The canopy will offer protection against rain but personally, I wouldn’t use it during downpours.

The frame can be left outside in your yard and will hold up just fine in bad weather as it’s strong and has a powder-coating to prevent rust and chipping.

If you leave the frame outside ensure that it’s staked down to provide better stability and sturdiness.

Waterproof wheeled bag

Included in the package is a wheeled carry bag which makes taking this canopy with you on vacation or to a park ideal and much easier to transport.

The carry bag keeps all parts together in one place to prevent items from being misplaced and the heavy-duty material ensures the bag is durable will last a long time to help protect the gazebo inside.

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