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Best Top-Rated Pop up Canopies with Sides & without

Pop up Canopy with Leg weightsPop up canopies are the best way of providing temporary shelter in your yard for special occasions as well as protection for sporting events and social gatherings because of the easy setup.

There are lots of different brands of pop up canopy that are available to buy and in a wide range of colors and sizes.

These fast building shelters can be built in as little time as a couple of minutes.

They can also provide protection against wet and breezy weather to help ensure your event is a success.

We’ve reviewed 6 different sizes and brands of pop up canopy to help you buy the best outdoor shelter for your event.

Don’t worry, we have made this guide super simple, just follow the links on the page to select your favorite and read more about it.

Our Top Pick Pop up Canopies (Quick View)

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Eurmax 8×8 EZ Pop up Canopy Review (Roller Bag & 21 Colors)

Eurmax 8x8ft Pop up CanopyThe Eurmax range of canopies is one of the best selling and most trusted brands in the outdoor shelter industry, especially in the US.

This 8x8ft canopy is available in a range of 21 different colors which gives you a great chance of buying the exact color you wish to have for your event.

The footplates at the bottom of the frame legs provide a great amount of stability on hard and soft ground, which includes concrete, deck, and grassed surfaces.

Weighing in at 52lbs ensures that this EZ-up canopy is heavy-duty enough to hold up in wind whilst light enough to be transported around in the roller bag.

This canopy can be popped up in just a couple of minutes by 2 people and after use, you can pack it away with the canopy roof still attached to the frame.

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Pros and cons

  • 100% waterproof canopy
  • 99% UV ray protection
  • Easy lock and release frame
  • D rings for personalized banner
  • 1 year frame warranty

  • Not fireproof


3 height settings

Not only is this canopy extremely easy to build, but it also has 3 different height settings which provide great options for future uses and makes entering much easier.

The width and length of the gazebo are 8ft by 8ft and there are walk-in height settings of 6.4ft, 6.7ft, and 7ft.  This ensures that most people can enter the canopy without having to bow their heads to enter or when standing underneath.

In respect of the height settings above, the maximum height of the canopy (apex) when using each of the above settings is as follows, 9.8ft, 10.1ft, and 10.4ft.

Heat Sealed Seams

In certain areas of the roof section, there are stitching lines where the fabric has been sewn together.

Stitching lines are popular amongst all types of camping and outdoor gear as it’s where the fabric is connected together and the plastic sealed seams ensure full waterproof protection.

Heat sealing ensures rainwater cannot leak through the stitched section whilst strengthening the stitching and improving durability.

Feet with Screwholes

The frame legs have footplates that have 2 screw holes where you can push tent pegs through if you are anchoring your canopy on soft ground or alternatively it can be screwed down on a harder surface.

Personally, I wouldn’t screw the feet down as this pop-up canopy is for temporary use outdoors and not permanent.

Also, if it is breezy, screwing the feet down will help to stop the legs from shifting side to side, however, as the top section of the frame moves in the breeze, it could lead to the frame snapping as the feet are fixed in one place.

Should you insist on screwing it into deck then you must use the guy lines whenever possible.

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Pop up & EZ-Up Canopy Guide (F.A.Q’s)

So we do not bombard you with repeat information below we’ll quickly go over the common features about Pop up canopies and Ez-up’s here and then in the reviews below we’ll detail the specifics about each individual product.

Are Pop up Canopies Easy to Build?

Pop up canopies, also known as ‘E-Z Up’s, concertina gazebos and instant shelters’ are extremely quick and easy to build.

The majority of these products listed below simply require you and a friend to lift the frame legs off the ground and stretch out the frame.

Then, simply attach the canopy to the top section of the frame with the velcro straps and then extend the legs to your preferred height.

Then anchor your shelter with the guy ropes and tent pegs and place the leg weights around the base of the legs to help hold it down (please note: These items may not be included in all packages).

Bigger canopies are a little bit trickier to assemble but I can assure you, once you’ve built it the first time you won’t need the instructions a second time

Are Pop up Canopies Waterproof?

Pop up canopies range from being described as ‘water-resistant’, right up to ‘fully waterproof’ but these descriptions are often vague and sometimes misleading.

For example: Sometimes you’ll see a canopy roof material described as being 500D and fully waterproof and then on another website you’ll see the 500D but described as only ‘showerproof or water-resistant’.

The best way of buying a genuinely waterproof pop up canopy is to look for the material thickness (denier or gsm) and buy the highest number that you can find.

For example, most canopy roof material (including side panels & walls) will be described as 500D with a coating of PVC and generally, this level would be described as fully waterproof by the manufacturer.

Alternatively, and more common in Europe and the UK you’ll find the material of the canopies listed as gsm² or described as a hydrostatic head or water column.

For a good level of waterproofing, you should look for a fabric canopy with a rating of 190 gsm² or higher, hydrostatic head/water column of 1000mm or 500D denier with PVC coating.

How to winterize a Pop-up Canopy?

Simply put, you would not leave a pop-up canopy outdoors all year round.  Therefore, you do not winterize a pop-up canopy for outdoors, you simply take it down and bring it indoors.

To make sure it’s fit for purpose when you need it again in the spring it is best to ensure that the canopy material is dry when you pack it away and any leaves or dirt is gently wiped off.

How long do Pop up Gazebos/Canopies Last?

First of all, it’s always best to buy a heavy-duty gazebo/canopy because they are more durable which normally means they will last a lot longer than cheaply made ones.

You can normally expect between 2 and 5 years from a decent pop-up canopy but that all depends on how regular you use it, how well you look after it, and what types of weather it encounters.

The frame must be powder coated to help prevent rusting and even with this coating you need to try and prevent deep scratches that will remove the coating.

Deep scratches will remove the coating and expose the metal to oxygen and moisture which will then cause rusting unless you can apply your own spray coating reparation before rusting starts.

The waterproof coating that’s applied to canopy roof material will eventually weaken and let moisture through, but this is typical with all types of outdoor shelters and clothing.

The waterproofing can be weakened by lots of causes, such as sun bleaching, as well as leaves and dirt that may rot on top, chemicals that you may mistakenly use to try and clean it, and general wear and tear.

Canopy fabric can be repaired by using waterproof sprays that are designed specifically for outdoor camping fabrics.

ABCCANOPY 10×10 Pop up Tent Review with Wheeled Carry Bag

ABCCANOPY is another well-known popup canopy manufacturer that has a wide range of outdoor camping and leisure shelters that ooze quality and strength.

ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Shelter with Wheeled Carry Bag, Bonus 4 Canopy Sand Bags, 10x10 FT (New Blue)

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This 10x10ft canopy has the potential to host up to 10 people at a time and protect several tables and chairs with lots of room for your guests or customers to move around.

There are no sides included in this package which helps to keep the price much lower.

Without sides there is a much more open feel without anybody feeling closed in like canopies with side panels can often do.

There is no assembly required apart from attaching the waterproof canopy to the frame but this is only required on the very first use because you can leave it attached from then on.

To attach the canopy you simply use the velcro straps that are sewn to the canopy and tie them around the top of the frame, it really is extremely simple.

Once you’ve finished using the canopy you can place it into the wheeled bag that is provided.

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Pros and cons

  • Easy to build (concertina frame)
  • Ideal for lots of types of event
  • 20 different colors
  • 100% waterproof & 99% UV protection
  • 1-year after-sale protection
  • Inside corner reinforcement

  • No side panels included


Walk-in Height Settings

A great feature that this ABCCANOPY tent has is that 99% of people will not have to lower their head when they enter underneath the canopy.

With a range of a minimum of 89.3inches and a maximum of 97.2 inches, this means that you and your guests can walk freely in and out of the canopy.

It’s not until you’ve experienced a canopy with lower height settings do you truly appreciate this feature.

99% UV protection

The canopy with its UPF 50+ protection offers a high level of protection against UV rays.

However, I still recommend using sunblock as additional protection and just consider the UPF 50+ of the canopy as an added layer of protection, together with your sunblock.

Smooth push-button locking frame

This canopy has a really easy ‘push button’ locking system that makes clicking the parts into place extremely easy and much quicker.

This includes the setting up of the upper frame section and the leg height settings too.

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Crown Shades 10x10ft Instant Canopy Shelter with Sidewalls

This Crown canopy with sides is ideal for adding shade to your yard and for covering a hot tub or outdoor furniture, especially in hot weather conditions.

CROWN SHADES Patented 10ft x 10ft Instant Commercial Canopy with 4 Removable Zipper End Sidewalls and Plus Wheeled Storage Bag, White

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The sides all have corner zippers so you can lift the sides up if it gets a little warm inside and there are tiebacks should you want to roll up the sides fully and keep them up.

The height of the canopy at the apex (highest point) is plenty high enough so that no one will ever need to crouch and the total covered space provides 100 sq feet of protected coverage.

The sides are attached with velcro straps that are easily connected to the upper frame section which can be done before you fully raise the frame legs to the desired height.

This means that you don’t have to overreach to attach them and can be done comfortably by 1 person, even if they’re not very tall.

The canopy is water repellant and can resist light rain whilst also providing UPF 50+ UV sun protection which helps to slow the effect of UV on your skin.

It is still recommended that everyone should still use sunblock, especially if you have young children nearby.

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Pros and cons

  • Includes storage bag & sidewalls
  • Provides protection to 100 sq feet
  • Use with or without sidewalls
  • Push-button frame locking system
  • Simple to build
  • Powder coated rust-resistant frame
  • 3 different height settings

  • Simple to build but needs 2 people
  • Only 1 color available (white)


Lots of head space

The apex measures at a staggering 9 feet which ensures that the canopy feels very spacious and there will normally be at least 2/3 feet of head height above even the tallest of people.

The high apex makes the tent feel much less claustrophobic and helps to ensure the room doesn’t get too stuffy and prevent stale air.

Removable Zipper sidewalls

The zipper sidewalls can be used in any order you wish, whether that means just using 1 sidewall, 2, 3 or using all of them to provide full privacy.

Unfortunately, there are no windows on the side panels which means as it gets darker outdoors you may need a set of lights but these are available to buy on Amazon too.

The sides zip together too which helps to reduce the chill when it begins to get cooler later in the evening and helps to keep the temperature inside much warmer.

Easy to pop up

The popup canopy design is called ‘concertina’ and basically, the frame stretches out and then the legs are raised up and click into position.

The roof section is made up of interconnected struts that all connect in the center and all you do to raise the roof section is carefully push up the middle section and it clicks into place via the red button.

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ABCCANOPY 10×15 Pop up Canopy with Sides & Weight bags

This ABCCANOPY is suitable for lots of different types of events, however, due to its strength, durability, and ease of build, it can be relied upon for commercial events as well as leisure use too.

ABCCANOPY Canopy Tent Popup Canopy 10x15 Pop Up Canopies Commercial Tents Market stall with 6 Removable Sidewalls and Roller Bag Bonus 4 Weight Bags and 10ft Half Wall, Red

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There’s plenty to like about it and apart from being very sturdy and waterproof, it also comes with a half side which is ideal should you decide to use it for commercial purposes.

This ABC gazebo also has all the benefits of a pop-up canopy and can just as easily be used in your yard should you invite guests around for a party.

Popular uses include; a hot cover,  dry work area, tailgating, yard parties and is also often used as a market stall and bag storage for sports.

There are 18 different colors to choose from so finding a color to suit your preference should not be difficult.

Personally, I recommend that you think about the types of events you’ll be using it for when purchasing.

For example, camping or events where it could get dirty then I recommend choosing a darker color.

For weddings, christenings, and corporate events a lighter color, preferably white makes more sense.

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Pros and cons

  • Reliable & Reputable US company
  • Ideal for between 6-8 people
  • High strength fabric (canopy & sides)
  • Walls can be used in any order
  • Wheeled bag has rubber carry handle

  • None so far… (Will update)


Very easy to build

This canopy comes with a set of instructions that need to be read before popping it up and I always recommend having a trial setup before setting it up on event day.

It will take you approximately 5 minutes to set it up and then another 5 minutes (maybe slightly more) to hang the walls. It isn’t difficult but it probably takes longest to tie the velcro around the frame legs.

There are no parts to assemble as it comes in one piece (apart from walls) and just requires stretching the frame out and then raising the legs to the required height setting.

It will always take you longer during the first pitch but I am very confident that any future setup of this canopy will take you half the time.  Taking it down is easier and slightly quicker than building it.

Cross truss roof design

This pop-up canopy frame is what’s called ‘concertina style’ and as you’ll see in all the images on amazon, it stretches out from being folded up and then has the legs raised in the air.

The roof section is really sturdy as the top section of the frame has lots of struts that support the waterproof canopy that needs attaching (really easy).

As well as the frame legs, the cross truss design is just as important and you have no worries about the sheer strength of the roof section this popup canopy has.

Strong concertina frame

The steel concertina frame is very strong and has a powder coating to help protect against any rust and provides additional strength and durability.

Any frame that doesn’t have a powder coating will not last long but to be honest there are very few that don’t.  The coating provides the steel frame with a protective barrier from moisture and oxygen which are two components that are required to create rust.

Roller bag included

The roller bag is very important and makes it so much easier to store all the parts together in one place and helps to make transporting to your event so much easier.

The weight of this canopy is 91.1lbs which would be terrible to carry over your shoulder, therefore, the fact that the bag has wheels is a great asset and will make pulling it so much easier than carrying it.

Sandbags for stability

You will receive 4 twin sets of weight bags that are also known in the industry as sandbags.  Although they are called sandbags, you can fill them with a wide range of heavy materials to help anchor your canopy to the ground.

This ranges from rocks, dirt, sand, bottles filled with water and even snow can be used depending on where you live.

These bags are tied with velcro to the frame legs and sit on the ground and each set of bags can provide up to 16-18lbs of extra anchor weight.

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Eurmax 10×20 Heavy-Duty Commercial Instant Canopy Review

This large canopy can be used for a variety of events, whether you own your own business, hold charity events or run a market stall (plus lots more of other uses).

Eurmax 10'x20' Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Canopies with Heavy Duty Roller Bag,Bonus 6 Sand Weights Bags (Red)

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Once you’ve popped it up, correctly attached all the sides, leg weights, and knocked the tent pegs into the ground you have a very sturdy and robust popup tent that will ensure you stand out from the others.

It is fully waterproof and therefore, will eliminate any concern about you have about your products, equipment, guests, or customers getting wet, even during very heavy rainfall.

The canopy can be assembled in as little 10 minutes with the help of a friend and all legs lock tightly.

The frame has a much needed protective coating to prevent rust and the canopy is 100% waterproof and heavy-duty.

There are 6 weight bags to help anchor the legs to the ground and add much more stability to the frame.

Below I’ll tell you even more about what it can do and other great features.

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Pros and cons

  • No tools required to build
  • Extremely sturdy when built
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Thumb lock release system
  • Oversized roller bag
  • A multitude of different uses
  • 19 different colors

  • Heavy product 110lbs (To be expected though)


Full-Truss Canopy section

This pop-up tent is a full truss design that adds a huge amount of strength and support to the roof and canopy section.  This strength can help improve the longevity of this product and will help it stand up to strong winds and heavy rain.

Resilient to Bad weather

As mentioned above, the full truss design, heavy-duty waterproof canopy fabric, and strong frame ensure that if you encounter bad weather, this canopy can stand up to it.

The ground stakes together with the 6 sandbags help to anchor the tent down and take the strain off the frame in bad weather.  You will receive a sandbag for each leg of the frame.

The sandbags are particularly good at stopping the frame legs from shifting side to side when windy which can often lead to snapping of the frame.

Easy to Build & Pack away

The frame is powder coated and is a concertina style that just needs stretching out and then the waterproof canopy is attached with the velcro ties.

The frame legs are then raised into place and locked via the push-button locking system which makes raising and lowering the legs really easy and without injury.

Once you have the canopy in place you can add the guy ropes and hammer the ground stakes down whilst trying to ensure the guy lines are positioned at a 45-degree angle for maximum effect.

To disassemble the canopy you simply reverse the above process above and it can all be placed inside the very strong wheeled bag for storage.  This product comes with very clear assembly instructions should you need them.

Good Quality Fabric

The material of the canopy is 500 denier which is a unit of measurement for tent and canopy fabrics and this level (500D) is more than adequate thickness for the longevity and effectiveness of the canopy top.

This fabric thickness together with a PU coating that is applied to the fabric provides an excellent level of waterproof protection.  The thickness of the fabric will also improve the overall durability of the canopy section.

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E-Z UP Sierra II 10×10 Lightweight Folding Frame Canopy

E-Z UP Sierra II, 12' by 12', Royal Blue

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This water-resistant EZ-UP canopy tent is perfect for protecting you and your event against sunshine and light showers.

Like its name EZ-UP suggests, it’s fast and simple to erect and can be constructed by just 1 person in under a minute.

Ideally, I always recommend it’s best that 2 people do it as you have to stretch out the concertina frame.

The legs are slanted which provides more strength to the roof section and there are 2 different height settings.

The frame is rust-resistant as it has been powder coated to help ensure that it lasts longer by not rusting and the steel gives a real feeling of strength.

This canopy comes with its very own roller bag that has a web handle to make transporting and storing it much easier and tidier.

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Pros and cons

  • Lightweight frame
  • Angled legs add strength
  • Water-resistant canopy material
  • Ideal for backyard events
  • Comes with carrying bag

  • Not suited to bad weather


Easy setup

This EZ-UP canopy is designed specifically for those of you that need a fast building shelter than can be quickly set up for instant use.  The frame is a concertina style which means it needs stretching out to build it and it is then folded up to pack away after use.

The frame legs have 2 height adjustment settings which make this a very versatile canopy to build and the 2 height settings mean you can lower it should the wind pick up.

Ideal for lots of uses

EZ-UP pop-up canopies are great for a wide range of purposes and owning a shelter built that can be ready in under a minute provides you with plenty of opportunities to use it for.

Popular uses include sun shelter for beach days with its UV protection, sporting events, charity events, your next tailgate event, picnics, and backyard parties.

Slanted Frame Legs

The legs of this canopy are slanted and this provides a real sense of extra strength and stability.  Obviously, with the outward slanting legs the bottom section is wider than the top section.

This means that the top section measures 10×10 ft and the bottom section measures 12 by 12 feet which provides the extra covered space that you want and need.  In total, you have 64ft sq of sheltered cover.

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