The Best Gazebo Flooring & Why…

If you’re planning to use your gazebo a lot, it’s important to buy a good quality, hard-wearing floor but one that is also very comfortable underfoot!

We’ve put together the best flooring options currently on the market. What’s even better is that, no matter what your budget, there will be something for you.

Best Gazebo Floors in 2022

4 packs of gazebo flooring for inside or around your gazebo




Palm Springs

Crocodile Trading



0.6x0.6m (Each)







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Olpro OlTex Breathable Groundsheet Review

We’ll start with this impressively affordable option which comes in a variety of sizes giving you the confidence that you will be able to find the right fit for your gazebo.

If you’re looking for something that is lightweight, then this should definitely be your go-to option and what’s more, it’s breathable so helps protect the ground underneath.


OLPRO OLTex Breathable Groundsheet Awning Tent Carpet, Blue, 2.5m x 2.5m


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Quite often, a gazebo will be placed on the grass and this can be negatively impacted, even killed off altogether if a solid flooring is placed on top of it.

It’s no secret that when things are left outside for long periods of time, they’re prone to damp and ultimately, rot.

This isn’t pleasant and will leave you having to replace your equipment a lot more than is necessary.

That’s why we’d favour this one for its durability since it is completely rot-proof so ideal for long term use.  The flooring is easy to clean and above all, safe to use.

This is thanks to its flame-retardant design that will ensure that the safety of you and your guests remains the top priority.


Wide range of uses

Whilst this is an excellent product for use in a gazebo, Olpro has also kept in mind the diverse needs of its customers when crafting this product.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the flooring is able to be used in a variety of situations.

It is ideally suited to camping and caravanning trips and can be folded and easily stored away between uses, perfect for travelling.

This is a product that keeps on giving and you needn’t be worried about whether it is suitable for use on campsites as many club sites have given his product the go-ahead!

Durable and Rot Proof flooring

What’s the point in buying a gazebo floor that is going to succumb to the moisture and weather within a very short space of time?

You’d be replacing it more often than you’d be hosting garden parties, which can become somewhat costly.

This Olpro flooring is ideal for regular outdoor use thanks to its rot-proof design which means it can stand up to moisture and won’t deteriorate quickly.

Flame Retardant material

There is always a possibility of the gazebo flooring catching on fire – after all, we are exposing it to a lot of potential ignition sources.

Whether it be candles that are being used to set the scene, someone smoking a cigarette or a spark from the BBQ, the garden isn’t always the safest place.

That’s why it is essential to find garden products that will protect us and our property from harm or damage and the flame retardant design of this gazebo flooring is a bonus.

Different sizes available to buy

We know that gazebos come in all shapes and sizes and since this is a product that has such a versatile range of uses, it’s excellent news that it comes in a selection of sizes.

Starting off at just 2.5m x2.5m and going all the way up to 2.5m x6.5m you can see that Olpro has considered all gazebo types.

Furthermore, you needn’t worry that going up in size is going to mean breaking into your savings because at just a sniff over £34, the largest size is accessible to all budgets.

ComFy Mat Puzzle EVA Foam Tiles Review

No matter what your style or how you want your outdoor space to look, these ComFy Mat tiles will give you an excellent range of options where appearance is concerned.

They come in a selection of seven colours so that you can design your gazebo the way you want it! You could even mix and match.


ComFy Mat Puzzle Interlocking Mats


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But, of course, looking good is one thing but if the product doesn’t function well, a snazzy appearance means very little.

The good news is that these puzzle tiles are an exceptional choice for your outdoor flooring.

One of the more notable things about this product is that it has double-sided tape so that the piece won’t dislodge and move around, which helps prevent a potential safety risk.

If you’re someone who pays particular attention to the health of the planet, then you will be pleased to hear that this is a completely eco-friendly product that is free from any nasties.

This makes it perfect for use in homes that have pets and children.


Light & easy to move

Whilst this is a durable product that will offer good protection, it also benefits from having a lightweight design that can be freely moved around.

At certain times you may need to move your gazebo to a more shaded area in the height of summer. But this could mean moving a heavy and cumbersome floor.

The ComFy Mats provide a lightweight solution that can be moved easily.  The initial installation is a breeze and will require no more than one person to complete.

Choose Your Style

These tiles come in packs of four and this gives you the freedom to order the exact coverage that you need and it provides you an opportunity to show off your design skills.

You might choose to go for one solid colour for an elegant and sleek look or you might decide to mix it up and create a mosaic of different coloured tiles.

What’s more, thanks to that lightweight design we have already mentioned, you are free to change this as often as you like.

Superior Comfort

If you’re after a gazebo flooring solution that is going to feel like a little piece of heaven under your feet then this has got to be one of the best options.

The tiles are made from foam which offers an incredible amount of comfort and aside from being used as a floor for your gazebo, also boasts a number of other uses.

For example, it can be used in a gym or yoga studio as well as providing a safe and comfortable place for the kids to play.

For many people, relaxing in their gazebo requires wearing shoes – what with being outdoors, but this cushioned flooring will allow you to truly kick off your boots and relax in style.

Eco-Friendly material

There has never been a more important time to pay attention to eco-friendly products and the ComFy Mat has truly taken this into account during the manufacturing process.

They can claim to contain no harmful components such as latex, lead or phthalates making this one of the safest products on the market in terms of outdoor flooring.

Not only is it great for the planet but it also means that your pets and children will be free to play on the flooring without any concern for their health.

Palm Springs Outdoor Gazebo Flooring Review


This product is excellent if you are looking for something that you can just roll out.

The large, single piece of flooring will give excellent coverage and protection whilst providing you with a quick and easy flooring solution.


Palm Springs Outdoor 3x3m Party Tent/Gazebo Flooring


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Furthermore, the product comes in a range of sizes offering an anti-slip, protective surface for any size gazebo.

The mat is easy to clean and will resist mould and rot making it ideal for long-term outdoor use where it will be frequently exposed to the elements.

That being said, we would recommend giving it a spruce up from time to time to keep it in tip-top condition.

Whilst we do think this is great for the long-term, this is also an excellent choice for shorter-term use thanks to its quick application.

The manufacturer suggests rolling it up to take on your next camping adventure – and where travel is concerned, you couldn’t ask for a more lightweight and easy-to-transport floor.


UV Stabilized

We’ve all been there – we’ve brought a beautiful new garden product, laid it out ready for use and spent the summer enjoying ourselves.

However, when autumn comes and we are packing everything away, that product has now lost its colour and looks tired and worn.

This won’t be an issue with the Palm Springs mat thanks to the innovative addition of UV stabilisation.

Essentially, this means that no matter how frequently the flooring is exposed to the sun, it will repel its rays and retain its deep green colour.

Non-Slip Flooring

When you’re out in the garden there are a wealth of risks that could be simply solved.  One risk is walking on wet grass which could be a slip hazard.

It seems that Palm Springs has left nothing out when designing this product and have made this one non-slip so that your safety always comes first.

As it is placed on the ground, even if it is wet, you can feel confident that it won’t move.  This is even more of an advantage for those with children or the elderly.

Breathable And Rot Proof floor

When you’re leaving things outside, it stands to reason that they will be exposed to extremes in weather – nowhere more so than in the United Kingdom.

But this doesn’t mean that you should have to bring everything inside at the end of each day.

Thanks to the breathable design of this flooring, you won’t need to because it is completely breathable and rot proof.

What’s more, if any dirt or debris does make its way onto the surface of the mat, it can be easily wiped clean, making this a very low-maintenance product.

Easy To Store Away

When the summer months are over and you want to get the garden tidied ready for winter, it’s likely that you will want to store much of your garden equipment away.

This could not be easier than with this product. Simply fold it up and store it away.  It can be folded relatively small so that it doesn’t take up masses of space in the garden shed.

Furthermore, this makes an ideal solution for a tent floor and its easy-folding design means that taking it on an excursion is extremely doable.


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4m Multiple Length Club Warden Approved Flooring

We’re moving into the more expensive side of gazebo flooring with this option but it’s still relatively affordable at just over eighty quid.

That being said, you’re also getting a product that is durable and will more than meet your expectations, so it’s worth forking out that extra little bit of cash.


4m Wide, Multiple Lengths...Club Warden Approved 


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For varying costs, there is the option to downsize or go for a bigger version of the product but we find that the 4m will be sufficient for most gazebos.

One of the most notable things about this one is that it is campsite approved meaning that taking it on your holiday as an essential accessory won’t cause you a headache.

Furthermore, the versatile range of uses means that this could quickly become one of your go-to accessories for every occasion.

The carpet has been designed with everything in mind and its unique design will keep out moisture, worms, and insects.

It still provides you with excellent air circulation – you really are getting the best of both worlds.

If you need a product that is going to stand up to heavy-duty use and bounce back time and time again, this is the one to go for.


Breathable material

A major concern when using outdoor flooring on top of the grass is when you lift it up, you’re confronted with a patch of brown, dead and unsightly grass. Nobody wants this.

This is a superbly breathable product that will not harm the grass.

It allows air to circulate freely. For this reason, the mat is widely approved by campsites all over the country so you can take it with you wherever you go.

UV Stabilised

If you’ve parted with your hard-earned cash to get the best quality product you can find, you’re hardly likely going to want to replace it after a few weeks of use.

The sad truth is that many products of this type are susceptible to sun damage, leaving them looking washed out and unattractive.

This flooring will not fall victim to the sun thanks to the UV stabilisation which will repel the sun and leave you with flooring that constantly looks like new.


Not only is this a very attractive looking flooring option but it also offers supreme safety and one of the features that ensure this is that it is non-slip.

Place it on any ground – hard or soft, wet or dry and you can be confident that there won’t be any unwanted slipping or movement of the mat. This means no tips or nasty accidents.

Corner Holes for securing down

If you’re worried about high winds blowing the flooring away or perhaps continual walking over the mat might cause it to budge, you don’t need to be concerned.

It features four holes, one located on each corner so that the flooring can be secured to the ground.

It is worth keeping in mind that, whilst it does have this feature, you will need to buy your pegs separately but these can be picked up for next to nothing.

What’s more, securing it to the ground this way will further add to the safety of the flooring.

What about buying a fixed cover for an exterior wall?  It beats walking on wet or muddy grass!


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