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Best Hanging & Floor Fans for Your Gazebo

A gazebo is a great way of enjoying our backyard space during warm weather, however, if you live in a state where summers can get really hot then you’re going to need to find a way to keep cool

Comfort Zone CZHV12B 12-inch High-Velocity 3-Speed Floor Fan with 180-Degree Tilt

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This is where I recommend buying a gazebo fan but the type you buy will essentially depend on which type of gazebo you own.

If you own a permanent outdoor gazebo such as a wooden, summerhouse or hardtop gazebo then you’re going to want to buy a decent hanging fan that can be connected to the ceiling.

Ceiling fans are normally more expensive than standalone floor fans but it’s so much easier just to press a button on the remote control or pull a cord to turn it on once it’s installed.

If you own a soft-top or instant canopy then you’ll want a temporary hanging gazebo fan with a hook or a portable floor fan.

These fans are much cheaper and have many alternative uses when it’s not being used inside your gazebo.

Best Gazebo Fan Weights, Speeds & Ratings

Take a look at our recommendations below or scroll further down where you’ll find helpful reviews.

Image Power Weight Speed Tilt Score Buy
GEEKAIRE Battery & Mains 13.3lbs 3 360° ratingratingratingratingrating
B-Air Electric 12lbs 3 360° ratingratingratingrating
Lasko 3 Prong UL Listed 75lbs 3 Vertical Tilt ratingratingratingratingrating
Opolar Batteries (Included) 1.3lbs 4 Yes ratingratingratingratingrating
Big Air Mains 28lbs 6 No ratingratingratingrating
Lasko Mains 7.5lbs 3 Yes ratingratingratingratingrating

GeekAire Rechargeable Outdoor Floor Fan with Metal Blades

GeekAire Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Floor Fan,16'' Portable 15600mAh Battery Operated Fan with Metal Blade for Garage Barn Gym Camp,3-24 h Run Time Cordless Industrial Fan,USB Output for Phone

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With the GeekAire floor fan, you get a smaller fan that still provides cool air to you and everyone in the room.

One of the biggest issues with fans is the amount of noise that makes.  This fan is able to cool you down while still maintaining a quiet level.

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery which means that you don’t have to buy batteries each time they run down.

Once your battery fan is charged and running it can also power up your cell phones and other accessories that have a USB port.

When you run the fan on the low setting it is very quiet and can run for approximately 24 hours, whilst the higher settings will drain the battery quicker, you can still expect 8-10 of runtime.

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Pros and cons

  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Affordable

  • Only tilts 180


Safety Grills

If you have children, safety grills are extremely important. Little ones are very curious which often leads to danger. Having safety grills ensures that your child can’t reach inside the fan and touch the spinning blades.

The grille can be removed which is great for when you are trying to remove the dust from the blades. Once you finish cleaning, reattach the safety grille and the fan is as good as new.

Quiet Vibration Free Performance

Often times fans make the floor vibrate while they are on. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but being able to have a quiet fan with no vibration makes the experience that much better.

Adjustable Vertical Tilt

Laying down on the couch or sitting in the chair shouldn’t mean you receive less air from the fan. With the vertical tilt, you can adjust the fan so it’s facing you if you are sitting on a chair or laying down.

Metal Fan Blades

Metal blades are much better than plastic blades and here’s why. It takes a lot for metal to become warm so they stay cool more often. With plastic, it doesn’t necessarily become warm but it’s not as cool as metal blades.

The colder the blades, the colder the air it blows out.

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B-Air Industrial & Outdoor Electric Floor Fan Review

Working in a big environment such as a warehouse can make it difficult for everyone to feel the fan.

B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan, 20"

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The B-Air fan was designed with that in mind as it can cool warehouses, offices, garages, and other large spaces.

While it can be great for a work environment, it’s also great to use at home too.

The white noise that this fan creates can actually help ‘light sleepers sleep better’ due to the constant and consistent level of noise that helps.

For example, have you ever been woken by footsteps of someone going to the bathroom during the night?

White noise can help mask those types of infrequent sounds which quite often wake up light sleepers.

This fan has 3-speed settings, a handle to help in moving it, and can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall.

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Pros and cons

  • Medium weight
  • Mountable
  • Sturdy
  • 360 rotation

  • Quite loud


Mounting System

While being able to rotate around is great for a fan, mounting it will allow the fan to cover a wider area. Placing it up on the wall can make it great for entrances to a building as customers will be greeted with a nice cool breeze.

3 Speed Settings

The different speed selections allow you to tune the fan to the right amount of air you need. Sometimes you don’t need the fan to be on full blast or maybe the first setting isn’t cutting it. The different levels will give you the cooling air you prefer.

Powerful Air Circulator

If the fan is going to cool down a warehouse, it has to be powerful enough for everyone to feel it. With the air circulators in this Firtana, everyone will be able to feel the air blowing from the fan.

Metal Frame

The use of metal as the frame makes the fan much more durable. If it was made of plastic it would be more fragile and more prone to scratches. No one likes to have to buy an object again because the previous object broke.

With the metal frame, it becomes much more difficult for this to break which in turn, saves you money and gives the fan a longer lifespan. If there is something we all want in an item, it’s durability and to have the item save us money.

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Lasko 18″ Very Powerful Industrial Oscillating Pedestal Patio Fan

Lasko 3135 30" Oscillating Industrial Fan

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Pedestal fans tend to get a bad rap as not being as powerful as floor fans.

While floor fans are very powerful, pedestal fans can get the job done efficiently but also are easier to move around.

That’s what you get with this Lasko pedestal fan. It’s very efficient at distributing air and is extremely safe.

With an adjustable height ranging from 64 to 92 inches, it is very versatile and can cover a wide area.

The fan itself consists of 30-inch blades that are controlled by 3-speed settings and can be turned on simply by pulling the pull cord attached.

The power cable has a 3 prong grounded plug and is UL listed.

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Pros and cons

  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt-back head
  • Safety plug
  • Metal fan blades

  • Not cheap…


Adjustable Height

Like in most pedestal fans, this fan allows you to adjust the height of the fan from 64-92 inches [163 cm-234 cm]. Adjustable height is good as you can cover a larger area but it’s also helpful for taller people as they will be able to feel the air better.

Safety Plug

Having an electronic plugged into a faulty outlet can cause serious damage to the device. The safety plug that comes with the fan prevents that. It’s called a BLUE PLUG which can detect a potentially hazardous electrical fault. If this is detected, the plug will cut off all electric current to the fan, keeping it safe from harm.

10-foot Cord

Shorter cords can be annoying since the device pretty much has to be right next to the wall at all times. Sure extension cords exist, but it would be easier if the cords were longer.

The 10-foot attached to the fan gets rid of this issue. The fan won’t have to sit next to the wall the entire time and will actually be able to reach people.

Vertical Tilt

Most pedestal fans don’t have to allow you to adjust the tilt vertically because the fan is already standing up. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to adjust the vertical tilt.

One great benefit to this is in the kitchen. Say you are cooking and there is a lot of smoke. With the vertical tilt, you can help prevent your smoke detector from going off by pointing it at the smoke detector and blow away any smoke near it.

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Opolar Camping Hanging Lantern with Hook and Quiet

OPOLAR 5000mAh Camping Lantern Clip On Fan with Hanging Hook, 4 Speeds Quiet Wind Personal Fan with 35 Hours Work Time for Tent, Hurricane Emergency, Battery Operated Desk Fan for Home & Office

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Going on a camping trip can be exciting. But in order to have a successful camping trip, you will need a few essential items such as food, water, tent, etc.

I would even say that the Opolar camping lantern is essential as it provides you with light and acts as a miniature fan.

The fan and light can be clamped or hung to materials or a frame with the strong clamping attachment or the simple fold-away hook system.

The clamp and hook make it ideal for hanging when camping or spending time outdoors, whilst the foldaway hook ensures this fan can be placed on a flat surface too.

On full power, this Opolar fan and light can run for approximately 4 hours whilst on the lowest setting you can run it for up to 24 hrs.

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Pros and cons

  • Provides light
  • Can be hanged or clipped on to objects
  • 35-hour battery charge
  • Rotatable

  • Can’t clamp on to objects thicker than 2 inches (5 cm)



When going camping, you will need light. Not only does this fan cool you off, but it also acts as a lantern by providing light. There are four built-in lights along with two brightness modes.

Hook and Clamp

Having both a hook and clamp makes it easier to hang up the fan but also gives you more options to place it. It can be placed onto your backpack, belt, or even hang it up in your car.

Long Battery Life

One charge can get you anywhere from 5-35 hours of battery life. This means that you can use the fan from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep and it will still be running.

You need a long-lasting and reliable battery as having it die on you will leave you stranded in the dark.  Even better, it only takes 4 hours for it to be fully charged.

360 Rotation

You wouldn’t think that such a tiny fan can do a full spin but it can. Simply hang somewhere or place it on the floor and the room will start to cool down.

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Big Air Mains Powered Indoor/Outdoor Silver Fan with 6 Speeds

Big Air 72" Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan, 6 Speed with Remote, Silver

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The bigger the fan the more air it provides. This Big Air fan is a whopping 72 inches [183 cm]! It will cool down any building and any house.

You’ll often see these types of fans at restaurants who let customers eat outside. Having a few of these will give the customers an amazing experience.

This type of fan is ideal for covered patios with a solid roof where mains powered lighting can be safely fitted.

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Pros and cons

  • Excellent size
  • 6-speed levels
  • 9 blades
  • Reversible fan
  • Energy efficient

  • Will need a professional to install


Reversible Fan

Almost all ceiling fans you see only spin in one direction. Many people don’t realize this, but the direction the fan is spinning will determine how effective it is.

Counterclockwise helps cool the room down while clockwise redistributes warm air. Obviously, when you are hot, you don’t want to redistribute warm air as that will only make it worse.

Energy Efficient

The biggest problem with running appliances is that they make the bill go up. Since this is installed with an energy-saving dc motor, the fan will be 65% more efficient than normal ac fan motors.

This means that while the upfront cost of the fan and installation may seem like a lot, it will quickly pay for itself and save you money in the end.

6-speed levels

It’s great when fans give you a speed option. But most only give you three options and that’s not always enough. With six options, it’s a whole different story.

We all love having more options, so with 6-speed levels, you can adjust the fan more to your liking than traditional fans.

Remote Controlled

It’s becoming more and more common nowadays for fans to be turned on with a controller. The Big Air fan follows that same route and allows you to turn it on and change the speed levels with the push of a button.

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Lasko Cool Misting Floor Fan for Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Lasko U12104 High Velocity Pro Pivoting Utility Fan for Cooling, Ventilating, Exhausting and Drying at Home, Job Site and Work Shop, Dark Grey

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Many floor fans are very powerful and this floor fan is no different despite the small size.

It doesn’t matter how hot you are, this misting floor fan will quickly cool you and everyone in the entire room down.

The same thing applies outside. Working in the heat is not only tiresome but dangerous.

The Lasko floor fan fixes that by shooting powerful gust of air towards you that will keep you cool even during those hot summer days.

The fan arrives fully assembled is ready to go on arrival and it also has two handy 120V outlets to help power additional items.

Not only can this fan keep you cool outdoors it can also be used indoors to dry carpets, floors or clothes.

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Pros and cons

  • Powerful
  • Tiny
  • Dries carpet and floors
  • Can power other devices

  • Uses a ton of energy
  • A little loud


Handle for Easy Carrying

Handlebars make our lives much easier. Imagine picking up a bucket of water without the handle vs with the handle. If you’ve done this, you realize how much easier it is to carry a bucket of water with a handle.

While this fan isn’t that heavy as it only weighs 7.5 pounds [3.4 kg], having that handle attached to it will make it more convenient to move the fan around.

Dries Carpet, Floors, and Walls

Cleaning and decorating your home takes a long time. You have to wait for the water to dry and if you’re painting, you have to wait for the paint to dry. This can take hours which makes everything take much longer than it needs to be.

It’s not often that you hear that a fan helped someone save time but that’s what this fan is capable of. If you are cleaning or decorating your home, this fan will help everything dry much quicker which can save you hours of wait time.

Powers Other Devices

Probably the best thing about this fan is the two outlets on its side. Believe it or not, you can actually power/charge other devices by plugging them into the fan.

Some people may wonder why they would want to do that in the first place. Think about it. If you are relaxing near the fan but need to charge your phone and the only other outlet is further away from the fan, you won’t be able to get as much air.

With the two outlets on the side, you can hook up your phone and continue to use it while sitting by the fan.

Sprays Water

If you’ve never used a misting fan before, you are missing out. It does exactly what it sounds like, it sprays mist at you. You won’t be drenched in water from the mist, instead, you will cool down even quicker than you would with a traditional fan because of the water being sprayed at you.

This is the perfect feeling on a hot summer day. Feeling the cool water blown at you is equivalent to walking into a heated building while it’s cold outside.

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