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Best Pop-up Canopy Tent Weights with Reviews

Canopy Weights to Anchor to Ground

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Are you looking at ways of holding down your pop-up canopy and preventing it from taking off during heavy winds?

Then check out my 6 products below that I have recommended and why.

But first, you need to know the shape of the frame legs of your canopy as this will determine what type of canopy weight to buy and will ensure that it works to its full potential.

There are 3 main types of canopy weights to buy for your frame’s legs, such as weight bags, fillable plastic containers and weight anchor plates.

Weight bags are a very popular choice as they’re easy to attach and can be filled with sand, rocks or dirt.

Then there are water weights and these are generally plastic containers that can be filled with liquids or solids such as dirt, rocks or snow, depending on where you are in the US.

There is normally a plastic screw included which connects the containers tightly to the leg of the frame without the need of any tools.

Finally, there are weight plates that can be placed on top of the feet or footplates of the frame legs.  These are normally cast-iron weights or cement encased in a hard plastic shell for protection and ease of use.

As I mentioned earlier, these weights aren’t perfect for every type of canopy so I’ll run you through which types of weights are more suitable for your canopy and why.

Recommended Canopy Weights to Buy

Here I’ve listed 6 types of canopy weights so if you’ve got an idea of what you want then just click a product to see the latest price on Amazon.  I’ve also listed the types of frame legs that these weights are suitable for in the image.

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To prevent me from repeating myself I’ve reviewed 3 of these canopy weights to give you an indication of what each type of weight bag or anchor does and the type of canopy frame leg they are most suitable for.

Best Anchor Weights for Canopy Footplate (Cast Iron or Cement)

This type of heavy anchor weight is suitable for canopies that have footplates or feet as they’re also referred by.

Should your canopy not have feet or footplates then this type of weight isn’t suitable for you because your canopy would just lift off the ground because there is nothing for the weights to sit on top of and anchor your canopy to the floor.

Recycled Iron Weights with Plastic Coating

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These weights are eco-friendly as they’re made up of recycled plastic on the outside and are filled with cement on the inside to add the extra weight.

They are used by slotting the weight through your frame leg and then allowing the weight to sit on the surface with your frame’s footplates firmly held underneath.

This set of cement weights are bought as a set of 4 and each individual weight weighs 10lbs (40lbs total).

A great feature of this product is the ‘male and female’ connectors which allow you to stack the weights on top of each other to add extra weight.

You can buy multiple packs because the interlocking connectors and the clever design allows you to stack them securely on top of each other.

In the image, you can see the female connectors as circular slots, and on the other side of the weight (not currently visible in the image) are the male pins that insert into the slots to create stability when stacking.

The frame leg of your canopy must be a maximum of 1 1/4 inches in diameter otherwise the slot to push the weight through the frame leg will be too narrow.

You’ll see these types of weights used for tailgating, market stalls, beach use, temporary aid stations and election or photo booths as they are a clean and tidy way of anchoring your canopy to hard or soft ground.

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Best Sand Bag Weights for a Pop-up Canopy Tent (55lbs Each)

Sandbag weights or weight bags as they’re also known because, in reality, you can fill them with other heavy objects as long as it can fit in the material bag are a popular choice to hold a canopy tent.

ABC Super Heavy Duty Sand Bags for Canopy

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At first glance, the material bags that hold the weight inside don’t look very big and potentially heavy enough to add enough weight to be effective.

However, each bag when stood upright stands at 17.7 inches high and can hold an incredible 55lbs per bag.

Should you decide to purchase this product, you will receive a pack of 4 weight bags and in total, you can potentially add up to 220lbs in extra anchor weight.

If you are holding an event where color co-ordination may matter then you’ll be please to know that there are 4 colors to choose from that includes green, orange, gray, and burgundy.

The bags have 2 very strong hook and loops attached to them that fasten the bags securely to the leg of your canopy to add much more stability and sturdiness to your shelter.

You can fill the bags with materials such as sand, dirt, small rocks (no sharp edges) to add weight but a clever method is also to fill large soda bottles with water and place that inside instead.

The water option will add 1kg of weight per liter of water used.  This method doesn’t add as much weight to the bags as using sand, dirt and rocks would but is much tidier and the water can be disposed of easily too.

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Best Water Weights for a Canopy Tent with Sides or Without Sides

Last but not least, these plastic water weights are actually my favorite set of canopy weights but are only suitable if you have a water supply from somewhere.

Plastic Water Weights for Canopy Tent

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To be honest you don’t have to use water because sand is very effective too and will add extra weight but as I mentioned above, water is more readily available generally.

Obviously, the choice is yours but if you fill them with sand then you’ll have to transport them with the sand inside.

Should you use water inside then you can transport them empty and fill them once you get to your destination.

The plastic containers stand at 20 inches high and are 4.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches long.

These plastic containers fasten tightly to the legs of your canopy tent via the strong velcro locking system.

Their versatility also means that if you position them on the inside of the canopy legs then you’ll have no problem attaching the sides of the canopy too.

All 4 containers have a built-in handle that is part of the plastic design and makes carrying them, whether empty or full, much easier.

When these plastic vessels are filled with water they will add an extra 88lbs (22lbs each) and sand will add 124lbs (36lbs each) to help hold down your canopy.

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