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Best Beach Tent Reviews – Easy to Transport, Wind Resistant & Decent Quality Beach Tents…

Holidaying at home is a popular choice amongst UK holidaymakers, and this year holidaying in the UK is set to break recent records… With so much beauty on our doorstep, why go abroad?

Vacations in the UK raise certain considerations and one of them is the equipment we need. We’ll be discussing the best beach tents and why beach shade is a must for any UK holiday.

The best beach tents must provide shade from UV, shelter on wet and windy days and provide privacy on packed beaches. The best beach tents must also be light to carry and fast to pop up.

We’ve chosen the 5 best beach tents on the market for you to consider buying and listed them in size order so you can find the right size beach tent to suit you and your family!

Best Beach Tent Comparison Table

Take a look at these good quality, UV and wind resistant beach tents

HTYG Pop-Up Beach Tent Review (Best Small Instant Beach Tent)

We’ll start with the smallest beach shelter that we’ll review today. The HTYG pop-up beach tent is perfect for smaller families, and it has a range of outstanding features that will definitely impress.

The UV protection that the tent offers is UV50+ which will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of UV rays. The instant pop-up feature is also great and hassle-free.

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There’s also a mesh lining on the front opening of this beach tent, which prevents bugs from getting in if you are sitting inside the tent and wanting to relax away from the sun for a bit.

This beach tent is lightweight and easily transported around. With a folded diameter of 50cm and a carry handle, there’s no excuse not to pack this every time you head for the beach.

A thin mesh line runs around the bottom of the tent allowing for better ventilation whilst also respecting your privacy so you have a place to relax away from prying eyes.


Instant Pop-Up Beach Tent

A pop-up beach shelter is always going to be convenient, but this one really is instant. Find a space on the beach, unfold it using the instructions provided and you have your tent for the day.

It couldn’t be simpler to erect the tent and should take less than a minute. Just make sure you have the space to open it away from others as it pops up so quickly, so you must be careful.

Wind Resistant Fabric

Not only is the fabric durable and designed to be tear-free, but the manufacturers have also made sure that the tent can withstand the wind too (something you might need on a UK beach).

The pack will come with four pegs to help anchor down the tent once it is up, and they have reinforced the pop up frame to prevent breakages in the wind, so you have extra peace of mind.

Multi-Purpose Beach Tent

The manufacturers actually market this tent as multiple different things, so that just means you have a tent that is appropriate for a variety of different scenarios, so you’ll get even more use out of it.

Obviously it has been designed for the beach, but they also suggest that you might want to use it as a fishing tent, a children’s play tent, or a place to relax for 1 to 2 people.

Suitable for Young Families

The reason we point this out is because of the smaller size, but also the high UV protection that this beach shelter offers, making it perfect for a small family with a young child.

There’s easily enough space for two adults and a younger child, so you could use this tent for your little one’s first trip to the beach and create special memories in a place you know you’re all protected from UV rays.

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Active Era Pop-Up Beach Tent Review (Best Fast-Building Beach Tent)

The Active Era beach tent can be popped up within seconds and taken down in a few minutes, making it an incredibly convenient bit of kit to take along with you to the beach.

It’s been specifically designed to be well ventilated, allowing good airflow around the tent thanks to the open front design and the mesh window at the rear of the tent.

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This tent comes with 4 ground pegs to secure the tent in place but also has sand pockets attached to the side of the tent which can be filled with sand for added stability against the wind.

A protective silver lining against UV rays gives this tent a UV protection of 50+ once again, providing a safe area to shelter from the sun’s UV rays during your time on the beach.

The travel bag for the tent has been specifically designed to allow for easy transportation, and it is once again lightweight, but also conveniently fits into a suitcase so you don’t forget to pack it for your trip.


Sand Pockets

Although we have already touched on this, it’s such a great feature that we wanted to delve into it a little deeper, because not a lot of pop up beach tents prioritize stability like Active Era do.

The sand pockets actually run the full length of the tent from the front to the rear, allowing for some serious extra weight to be added to keep the tent secure on the ground in higher winds.

Instructions On Side Of The Bag

Pop-up tents are great at instantly springing to life the moment you take them out of their carry bag, but people often struggle with the knack of taking them down again.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t need the printed instructions on the side of the bag, but for the first few runs Active Era really help you out by providing simple instructions and images to follow.

Great Ventilation

Anybody who has ever used a beach tent knows that one drawback of being shaded from the UV rays is that the tent can often become stuffy and uncomfortably warm to sit in.

Whilst you compromise on the privacy with the open front and the see through mesh window at the back, you get a tent that allows for great airflow and a cool space to relax away from the sun.

Great Place To Store Belongings

Whilst it isn’t secure in terms of being a tent that can be locked up for valuables, it is a great storage solution to keep things all in one place when you’re off enjoying the beach.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend leaving valuables in any beach tent, but if you have extra things you’ve brought along, they should fit comfortably inside this tent when you’re exploring.

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WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop-Up Beach Tent Review (Best 3 or 4 Person Beach Tent)

If you have a larger family or you’re just looking for a little more space, then this 3 and 4 person tent by WhiteFang is a great alternative to the previous two we have looked at so far.

With a larger tent, stability becomes even more important, but the manufacturers have thought of that too. It comes with steel stakes, sand stakes, tie-down ropes, and attached sandbags.

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There are three roll-up openings that act as windows for better airflow, but you can roll these down to create a more sheltered space for increased privacy, which is a great bonus.

The frame is alloy steel which provides extra stability and durability, meaning you know that your new tent can stand up against any stronger winds you might encounter on the beach.

The pop-up mechanism on this tent is slightly different to the others, but the innovative drawstring pop up feature is easy to set up and quick to take down when you need to.


Attractively Designed Beach Tent

Available in attractive mint green, this tent really is something to marvel at, and you’ll be the envy of other families on the beach when they see your pop up tent.

Privacy Is A Priority

Whenever you take little ones to the beach, it’s always best to have a change of clothes with you, and the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for a private place for them to change.

This beach tent has roll-up covers over the large windows, but the front opening can be zipped up to create a completely private space for you and your family.

Reinforced Frame For Extra Stability

The alloy steel frame is robust anyway, but with the extra additions of the windproof guy lines, sand and steel stakes, and heavy-duty sandbags, you can be sure that the tent is secure.

Wind on an open beach is always to be expected, so it’s good to see that WhiteFang has provided a tent that can stand up to those winds and still allow you to enjoy your time on the beach.

1 Year Warranty

Finding a pop-up beach tent that offers a 1 year warranty is a rare thing indeed, but it shows just how confident WhiteFang are in their product that they offer this warranty.

Pop-up beach tents are renowned for being flimsy structures that break easily, but this is clearly a misconception that does not apply to this tent as the manufacturers expect you to use it long term.

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Mountain Warehouse Large Beach Tent Review (Best UV Protection  Beach Tent)

This is the first beach tent we are reviewing that is not pop up, but that’s likely because of its size. Pop-up mechanisms work best on smaller tents, and this one is huge.

If you have a large family and you need a larger tent, then this is one you really ought to consider. It offers UV protection of UPF 40, so it still offers a significant amount of UV protection.

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Mountain Warehouse makes the frame using sturdy fibreglass poles that are strong yet flexible, so pitching the beach tent is easy to do and will stay put once it’s up.

Once again, it is easy to pack and take with you to the beach. Even though it isn’t a pop-up beach tent, it is still easily transportable and packs away into a convenient carry case.

This is also waterproof for light rain or a drizzle which is great if you’re heading to the beach and the weather turns unexpectedly. With such a large space you can easily shelter inside with your family.


Perfect For A Large Family

With dimensions of 2.7m x 1.2m x 1.2m, you can see how much space there is inside to accommodate a larger group or family, so it’s perfect for those who are holidaying with a large family.

So many beach tents are designed for smaller families to help protect small children from UV rays but it is still important for older children and adults to be shaded on the beach too.

Fibreglass Poles

If you don’t have a pop-up beach tent, then the next best thing has to be one that is constructed using fibreglass poles, because they are so convenient to use and quick to erect.

They are flexible, so bend easily into shape when you are trying to put the tent up and take it down but they’re also strong and stable against the wind when in place too.

Closes With A Zip

Again, privacy has been thought about here and the manufacturers know clearly that on a busy beach sometimes you require some privacy away from everybody else.

The zip closes off the front of the tent, providing you with a completely private area to change your clothes away from the view of others who are nearby which is a significant addition to this tent.

Great In Most Weather

The fibreglass poles provide a sturdy sun shelter against UV rays and wind which provides a safe place to seek shade when the sun is out and the UV rays are high and it is waterproof in light rain.

This just means that a change in weather will not ruin your family holiday and you can still enjoy your time at the beach whilst you wait for the sun to return again.

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ZOMAKE Large Beach Tent Review (Best Family Beach Tent)

At 2.4m x 1.35m x 1.3m, this tent is perfect for larger families and can easily accommodate adults, children, and pets, so it’s perfect for those holidaying in larger groups.

This ZOMAKE large beach tent offers protection against UV rays with UPF 50+ protection and mesh windows that can be covered up for even more protection against harmful UV rays.

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When you need increased airflow and ventilation though, simply uncover the windows and allow the cool breeze to flow through the tent, providing a relaxing space to unwind away from the heat of the sun.

The pack contains guy lines, sandbags, and plastic stakes to help secure the tent into the sand when you are on the beach, and even though it is large, it is incredibly stable, even in the wind.

Step-by-step instructions for setup have been sewn inside the carry bag in case you don’t know how to erect the tent, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll see how quick and easy it is to do.


Water-Resistant Fabric

The manufacturers are keen to point out that this tent is water-resistant meaning it can easily withstand a light downpour of rain if the weather should change whilst you’re at the beach.

It’s such a large sun shelter that there will easily be enough room for you and your family whilst you wait for the rain to stop before heading back out to have fun on the beach again.

Well Ventilated

Not only do the large mesh windows allow for better ventilation around the tent but they also provide a pleasant view of the surrounding area when you’re sheltering from the sun inside.

Just because you’re being safe inside the tent, doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun sights and beautiful views, and you can use the windows to get an almost panoramic view of your surroundings.

EasyUp Hub System

This tent is erected in less than a minute, with just one person setting up the tent thanks to the unique EasyUp Hub system that is used to erect the tent quickly and easily.

The simple drawstring mechanism makes for an easy setup that is simple for anybody to do, but the instructions are inside the carry bag should you forget or require further guidance too.

Large Space

It’s so large that you can easily fit deck chairs inside for more comfort at the beach, as well as a large group of people. The space is so large that it makes for a comfortable day at the beach.

It’s perfect for larger families, but also for smaller families who may require additional things to be brought to the beach, such as pushchairs, as it’s large enough to store bulky items too when you’re enjoying the sun.

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