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ABCCANOPY has an excellent reputation in the pop-up shelter industry for good quality, fully waterproof canopies, with replacement parts and accessories.

The 3 sizes available include 2.5×2.5m, 3x3m and the alternative 3.6×3.6m which differs from the other two as it has a vent in the roof section.

4 Best ABCCANOPY Gazebos in 2022

Extra strong & fully waterproof ABCCANOPY gazebos

ABCCANOPY 3.6x3.6m Pop Up Gazebo Commercial Gazebo With Roller Carry Bag,Bonus Weight Bags+Ropes&Stakes(Large Enough
Side Panels
Weight Bags
Storage Bag
ABCCANOPY 3.6x3.6m Pop Up Gazebo Commercial Gazebo With Roller Carry Bag,Bonus Weight Bags+Ropes&Stakes(Large Enough
Side Panels
Weight Bags
Storage Bag
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My ABC Gazebo Reviews

4 ABCCANOPY Gazebos with helpful reviews

ABCCANOPY Gazebo 3x3m Review with Sidewalls

This ABC Canopy is a well-made, strong and fully waterproof pop-up gazebo.

It’s ideal to use as a sheltered area for relaxing in the garden, to take camping, for commercial use, or maybe something else you have in mind.

ABCCANOPY Pop Up Gazebo With Side Panels
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This shelter can be quickly assembled by attaching the waterproof canopy to the frame, stretch out the concertina frame, then click the legs into 1 of the 3 height settings.

The gazebo has 3 full-length sides that attach with the velcro straps and there is an entrance that can be rolled up and tied back if required.

The guy ropes should be attached to anchor the canopy down whatever the weather.  They make a huge amount of difference to the stability and sturdiness of the frame.

Darker colours are better for camping as they hide dirt, whilst brighter colours are ideal for craft fairs, car boot sales, etc to help you stand out more.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • Fully waterproof 500D canopy roof section
  • Black rust-resistant concertina steel frame
  • 3 Full-length waterproof 210D sidewalls
  • 1 Full-length door section with tie-ups
  • 1 Heavy-duty storage bag
  • 4 Guy ropes & 4 tent pegs to help anchor down

ABC also provides spare parts.


Powder Coated Steel Concertina Frame

The coating prevents rusting and ensures the frame remains strong by preventing moisture and oxygen from attacking the framework and stops rusting.

The coating first starts off as finely ground resin and pigment that is sprayed onto the steel framework.

Charged particles then attach themselves to the frame and it is then moved into a curing oven where the coating then melts and sets onto the steel frame.

500D Canopy Material with PU Lining

The 500D represents the thickness of the fabric of the canopy.  

The ‘D’ stands for dernier and is more well known to people in the camping industry as most tents are described using this terminology.

The value of 500, is a more than adequate thickness for the canopy fabric and ensures it’s strong, durable and extends its longevity.

The PU Lining is a coating that has been applied to the outer layer of the fabric to make the fabric waterproof.  PU is a short version of Polyurethane.

This coating makes the fabric waterproof, easier to wipe clean, and more flexible.

Heat Sealed Seams

Heat-sealed seams add an extra layer of waterproof protection over the stitching and prevent water (rain) from seeping through during periods of wet weather.

The heat-sealed seams protect the stitching of the joints between different sections of the fabric and around zipped sections.

Hot and cold weather would normally put additional stress on stitching and cause it to weaken or undo, heat sealing prevents it from happening.

Why are the Sidewalls 250D & not 500D?

The sidewalls of this pop-up canopy are not as thick as the roof canopy.  This is not a problem as the most important section that needs to be waterproof is the canopy.

There is a lot more impact experienced on the canopy during heavy rainfall.

This is partly why the canopy has a much thicker weave than on the sides, plus, the slightly thinner sides also reduce the overall cost of the package.

Heavy Duty Storage Bag

Taking your ABCCANOPY gazebo to your preferred location, packing it away after use and storing it away is much easier with a waterproof storage bag.

Having a strong storage bag doesn’t seem important until you talk to someone that bought a gazebo without one being included.

ABCCANOPY Patio Gazebo 3.6×3.6m Review

This unique style of patio gazebo can be used just as you would a regular pop-up gazebo, it looks a bit different but is popped up in exactly the same way.

ABCCANOPY 3.6x3.6m Pop Up Gazebo
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You’ll notice in the roof section it has a vented tier section and this is particularly ideal in very hot weather.

As heat rises the vent area allows the hot air to exit and allows fresh air inside to help keep the underside of the canopy cool and well ventilated.

You may think that just because the canopy doesn’t have sides it will be cool underneath as air can escape and enter sideways.

If you’ve ever owned a gazebo before you’ll know it can get warm under the canopy, even without any side panels on, this is where this product excels.

Accessories are included such as a wheeled carry bag, guy ropes, and pegs to hold the canopy down and weight bags to also help anchor the frame legs.


Fire Resistant & UV Protected Canopy

The canopy meets the CPAI-84 requirements.

This means the fabric is classed as fire resistant and this test is done by holding a flame against the fabric for 4 seconds and then measuring the burn length.

To pass the test the damage length must not exceed 255mm.  Although the fabric is fire-resistant keep all naked flames and hot appliances away from the gazebo.

The canopy has a silver coating on the underside which protects from 99% of UV rays that can be harmful to the skin, however, I still recommend wearing sun lotion.

3 Adjustable height positions

Whenever you invite guests around for a party or get together, there’s always someone that’s about 2 foot taller than everyone else.

The 3 height settings allow you to adjust the walk-in height from  6ft 7in, 7ft, and 7ft 3 inches.  This prevents most people from having to duck underneath.

Being able to lower the legs is ideal if the wind picks up and together with the vented roof, you have a very stable canopy to sit under anyway.

The apex of the canopy at the highest setting for the walk-in area is 12ft 2 inches.

Wind Vented

Heat can become trapped under the canopy making the air very warm. This is not an issue with this product thanks to the wind vent situated within the roof.

Hot air can escape and the air can circulate, leaving you with a cool environment to shelter from the sun. This is imperative in staying cool in warm weather.

The wind vent gives you the confidence that, even on particularly windy days, the canopy will not blow away, further increasing the stability of this gazebo.

Lots Of Included Accessories

When buying a gazebo, you want everything you need to be included in the price – if this sounds familiar, you won’t be disappointed.

The canopy comes with a wheeled bag for easy transportation making it ideal for taking away on holiday or loaning to a (trusted) friend.

You will also receive spare ropes and stakes – eight of each.  This means you have replacements or additional reinforcements should the weather worsen.

The product also comes with weight bags that are attached to the legs for even greater stability and security.

ABCCANOPY Gazebo Tent Review with Sidewalls

If you need a good, all-around canopy that can be easily erected and taken down but still offers superior durability, then this may be the way to go.

Thanks to the reinforced, powder-coated steel frame, you’ve got a gazebo that will repel rust as well as stand up to the elements.

ABCCANOPY Pop Up Gazebo With Sides and Door Panels
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This canopy can withstand quite a lot in terms of weather.  It also has additional ropes to give you extra strength without making it more difficult to put up.

The 500 denier wall can be attached to the canopy of other walls using zips and velcro so not only is this one strong but it is also super-versatile.

The striking red design is ideal for making a statement whilst the durable material keeps out rain and winds.

The 2.5 x 2.5 canopy has a wealth of uses making it ideal for domestic use – family gatherings, lounging in the garden, BBQs, or as a market stall or for an event.

What’s Included In The Package?

  • 1 x 2.5 x 2.5m canopy which is fully waterproof
  • 3 x 2.5m sidewalls
  • 1 x 2.5m door
  • 1 x wheeling bag
  • 4 x weight bags
  • 4 x stakes
  • 4 x ropes
  • 1 x 2.5 x 2.5m steel frame


Adjustable Walls And Door

If you’re buying this canopy for a variety of uses, each of these may require a different setup – one wall, two walls, three walls, and a door.

The combinations are certainly versatile giving you the freedom to adapt the canopy to your own needs.

Each of the side walls can be connected to one another using a zip system and the 210 denier material features a PU lining making it flexible and water-resistant.

Waterproof Canopy

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be and so having a waterproof canopy is a must.

This one boasts a canopy that is 100% waterproof thanks to its thick 500 denier polyester material which, just like the side walls is completely PU lined.

The heat-pressed seams guarantee that no water will seep through the canopy, so no matter what you’re keeping under the canopy – no damage will occur.

The stress points where the canopy meets the frame have been further reinforced – when we say it’s waterproof, we mean it!

Strong, Rust Resistant Steel Frame

The durable frame of this canopy is made from powder-coated steel.

The steel has been treated to ensure the prevention of rust and other damage that could come as a result of being outside for long periods of time.

When frequently exposed to rain and wind, any untreated metal may begin to rust – you don’t need to be concerned about that with this product.

The frame has square legs which are proven to be much stronger than other types of legs, adding to the superior strength of this frame.

To further secure the frame, we see the use of nylon feet which are stable and sturdy.

Easy Transportation

Your options are truly endless when it comes to how you might use this canopy and with this wealth of options comes to a small dilemma – transportation.

This really is not an issue at all with this product due to how simple it is to move it from the garden to a sports event or the campsite to the marketplace.

This is primarily down to the super-lightweight design of the frame and canopy, which even considering it’s a durable material, weighs just over 25kg!

What’s more, the canopy comes with a wheeled bag meaning that you can easily take it wherever you need to go without any hassle.

ABCCANOPY Waterproof Gazebo 3x3m Review

If you need a reliable gazebo that is quick to build then a pop-up option is a great idea.  There aren’t many that can claim to be as heavy-duty as this one.

ABCCANOPY 3x3m Pop Up Gazebo With Sides
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If the cheerful blue design and windows weren’t enough to take your fancy, you’ll likely be impressed by the fact that the gazebo comes with a strong and durable powder-coated steel frame.

ABCCANOPY claims it to be 20% stronger than its closest competitor.

If you’d like to compare for yourself, you can check out our reviews of The Best Pop up Gazebos & Why…

As the weather is so unpredictable, it’s no secret that waterproofing is a key feature.  With this gazebo, you won’t be left out in the rain when the heavens open.

But you’re not only getting durability and shelter with this product because it also couldn’t be easier to put up.

Initially, the canopy and frame are separate but once you have built the product for the first time, it can then be stored away with the canopy left on the frame.

What’s Included In The Package?

  • 1 x 3 x 3m canopy
  • 1 x 3 x 3m frame
  • 3 x 3m sidewalls
  • 1 x 3m door
  • 4 x ropes
  • 4 x stakes
  • 1 x carrying bag



The first line of defence against water and other moisture is the PU-lined thick fabric from which the gazebo is made.

This would be more than enough to successfully create a waterproof interior, but ABC has gone above and beyond to bring you the best quality for your money.

The seams are all heat-sealed which ensures no water will penetrate through.

In addition, where the canopy meets the frame, extra reinforcement has been given to prevent any weakening and therefore, water from being able to enter.

Super-Strong Carrying Bag

We know how important it is to be able to store and transport your gazebo and without a carrying bag, this can prove to be an awkward and infuriating task.

This gazebo comes with an incredibly strong carrying bag which allows you to comfortably take the product wherever you need to be.

ABC is so confident in the durability of the handbag that they are advertising it to last as long as three years – that’s pretty impressive when you think of what it is carrying.

This bag doesn’t feature wheels for ease of transport, however, the lightweight design of the canopy and frame means that carrying the bag won’t be a laborious task.

Velcro And Zip Fastening

The walls and doors are secured using a method that makes use of two of the most popular fastening components where materials are concerned – zips and velcro.

The zip element of the system allows you to attach adjoining walls to one another to create a space that is enclosed, private, and sealed from the elements.

The velcro attaches the door and walls to the upper part of the product and thanks to its incredible strength, you can be confident that nothing will budge.

Sturdy Frame

If you don’t have a sturdy and reliable frame, there is little point in investing in a product of this type.

A substandard frame will leave your gazebo at risk of blowing over in the wind, buckling under its own weight or worse – potentially causing an injury.

The black powder-coated steel frame has been specially treated to withstand outdoor conditions and as a result, will not rust which means greater longevity.

The mold brackets which are crafted from nylon offer added strength and thanks to the sturdy legs, the canopy won’t topple.

There is the option to attach weighted bags to the legs for that little extra stability.  The downside is that weights are not included in this package.

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